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If you had to give an example of a Chinese show that got introduced in Australia and went to No. Australian TV channel SBS 2 imported the show in 2013, and it soon went viral but without any obvious reason. Last year, SBS2 not only increased from one to three episodes per week, but also put the show on at prime time.
The male contestants on If You Are the One often end up with a€?failed to get a date,a€? after getting very direct, harsh comments from female contestants, all on TV. So the straightforward style of If You Are the One breaks the hypocritical veil of Australian dating culture, saying the words they wouldn’t dare to, which they find both cruel and cool.
Dating variety show If You Are The One has been a hit both in mainland China and also popular internationally with a wide following on streaming websites. The show is popular because its participants would make very candid and oftentimes politically incorrect statements. One female participant became infamous overnight after she said that she would rather cry in a BMW than laugh while riding on the back of a bicycle. To document even more of these quotable quotes, Tumblr account Commemorative Fashion Shoes has been collating and subtitling some of the funnier and more interesting comments made during the show.
When Meng Fei was told the show he hosts was popular in Australia, he thought it was a lie. Twenty-four women return to If You Are the One night after night to size up male candidates, who appear individually.
Meng Fei (left) and Dong Yan, with portraits of Wu Zhengzhen, on Chinese dating show If You Are the One in 2012. This week, SBS will air an Australian special with Australian Mandarin speakers looking for love.
Benjamin McMahon, from Melbourne, and Feng Guo, from Sydney, met at a taping of If You Are The One in Nanjing last month. Wu Zhengzhen, former contestant on Chinese dating show If You Are the One who now lives in Melbourne. Keeping up with the subtitles on screen and the rapid pace of Twitter comments can be challenging, but both say live-tweeting is a big part of the appeal. When a favoured female contestant finds a partner, it's often a bittersweet moment for regular viewers, who will miss her presence on the show.
It didn't work out with the Canadian candidate, and the couple agreed to donate the money from the trip they won to a children's charity. Meng Fei says six to seven months is the longest time a female contestant will spend on the show.
Potential contestants must be willing to bare it all, from break-up histories and dating criteria, to their potential partnera€™s income expectations and favourite body partsSome suitors try to win the women over with alternative methods, such as 'preparing special and mysterious love teas,' to entice the women to take them home. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
As I stepped into the small cramped elevator with a pound of make-up on my face, beads of sweat trickling down my forehead, and my heart racing like I was sitting front row at a Justin Bieber concert…it started! At the time, I was a student at the Johns Hopkins-Nanjing Center in Nanjing, China studying International Affairs. In addition, being on stage at times was extremely intimidating and nerve-racking since there is a live studio audience but it’s not taped live. I want to let you in on a little secret… 99.9% of people can’t find true love off this show within a 1-hour segment. Jiang Yu told me after the show that if I lost some weight, I’d look exactly like Wilbur Pan. Every single person who comes up to me after watching the show comments on “How skinny I am in person as opposed to when I’m on TV”.
I have no regrets about doing this show and felt that it was an extremely humbling experience.
What I love about haters is that they are gonna hate you no matter what… There are probably gonna be a good percentage of people who will hate on this article as well.
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I was doing a show and Jiang Yu was a special guest, afterwards we shared a taxi and I asked her about you, and how everything was with you two… its funny that I work in TV yet still believe that TV is real.

My mate and I watched the episode where you took Jiang Yu away, who was our favourite girl, so on one hand we were extremely jealous, but on the other hand you made us proud (we’re also ABCs). Is it true that after you appeared on the show, you actually contacted your alma mater’s (UCLA) newspaper and asked them to write an article about yourself winning the show? What’s wiht all da fucken CHINKS that are fucken stealing all of our jobs here in America?
Why da fuq are there so many chinks, and many chinks now are getting american or should I say, amellican citizenship and they are taking over the computer and auto industries. They can’t blend in, they’re visible minorities who will always be chinks even if they are citizens and they smell real funky, like peee-yew!
I have friends that tell me this show is fake, yeah it probably is, but there have been contestants who are genuine. This provides a window into modern China’s psyche and through it you have a taste of what young Chinese people are thinking of and chasing after.
The Chinese dating program If You Are the One has an audience of more than 30 million at home, but is watched mostly by expats on Mandarin-language TV stations in other countries.
The men, through pre-recorded videos and on-stage banter, try to convince the women of their worthiness. It's not the first time: If You Are the One shot its first Australian specials in 2011, and has filmed specials in Britain, France, the US and Canada.
Stevens' favourite is Wu Yu, notorious for pulling no punches, while Tennant nominates Wu Zhengzeng, known on Twitter as "golden hand" for her habit of wearing one gold glove. But Wu is now married to a previous candidate, Dong Yan, who had gone on the show to woo her after following her Weibo; the "Mr Right" she had missed the first time. Does he ever form attachments to the girls when they are there for so long, as the audience does?
Alas, no 16-year-old boy with golden locks came dancing around the stage to serenade me and all the other 12-year-old girls. Originally, I had met with one of the producers from the Jiangsu TV network for another show similar to “Choose Your Own Adventure”, where they were looking for foreigners with stories or dreams the TV show could make into reality.
However, what I’ve come to realize is that one is hated for the same reasons why one is loved. It’s nice to hear someone from the states speak so honestly about one’s experience!
I think being ABC you would have had even more pressure to represent and you would have faced harder questions from the girls. So many chink programmers in silicon valley a white man can’t even set his foot in the office these days. My wife and I have been wondering how many of the contestants end up in a relationship with the girl they leave the stage with, and this post pretty much answers it. It aired here in 2008 and flopped, but has since been produced in more than 20 countries around the world. Sometimes, it's dislike at first sight: "Your belt is struggling to hold in your stomach," is a typical earthy response from the women. The casting is done carefully, and viewers build attachments to the women's distinct personalities; many are quirky and witty.
They have a child and now live in Melbourne, where they are working on a TV show for her Chinese blog. When the producer also asked me to apply to be on a contestant for “Fei Cheng Wu Rao”, I didn’t even know what the show was or what I’d be getting myself into. Also, if your Chinese is horrendous or if you’re unable to think on your toes, or just socially awkward on stage… I’m sorry, folks… But there is no rewinding, do-overs, or anything of that nature.
Like a lot of ABCs who grew up in the States, our parents speak to us in Chinese and we respond in English.
They take one good look at my face and assume that my English is not as good as the Swiss-German with blonde hair and blues eyes.
High school girls would secretly take photos of me and chatter among their friends in the restaurant.
I had the best-case scenario and am truly grateful for the experience that was Fei Cheng Wu Rao. At the end, people not only need the courage but also know what they’re up against, and you did both.

College campuses are filled with fucken yellow skinned, dog eating, scum of the earth Chinks. They steal whitey like me’s jobs and chinks overpopulate and come to every country in the world and then bring their opium, their rice, their Toyotas, and their horrible, nasty sweet and sour pork.
They only bring bad and don’t bring good and they ate all of the dogs in my neighborhood to the point where everybody in my neighborhood began raising cats intead of dogs!
I get your whole carpe diem mentality with this being a once in a lifetime opportunity but I don’t like the fact that being on the show was your main reason for going, and not meeting a girl.
Hence, a working understanding of the language but in terms of adequately expressing myself in an intelligent manner besides ordering what I want to eat and saying “bu yao”… The show was a nice platform to showcase my Chinese and to give ABCs I feel a bit more street cred. Here are some of my favorite comments that people have written about me and Jiang Yu on the show.
So why da fuq are there so many of these little barstards and how da fuq are they coming into this country? While I don’t know the true statistics of successful relationships post FCWR, MengFei did say that FCWR is simply an opportunity for a beginning, the contestants themselves need to work very hard on the relationship, just like any.
I started to get intimidated by the difficulty of the questions asked by the girls and how intense certain girls would be in terms of grilling male contestants. A lot of my close friends who I regularly talk to in Chinese would give me shit along the way by saying, “Why did your Chinese suck so much on the show?” Perhaps I was nervous. Though, an ABC competing on this show has an overall edge since we have the best of both worlds.
I thought we banned them from coming here ever since they fuqqed up the railroads when they came here.
Most Chinese girls around me they respect themselves, likes reading books, they prefer a good educated man, with wisdom. With that said and not trying to single you out, I felt you went on the show not prepared to make the necessary commitments to keep a girl. So with that in mind, I was more focused on my studies and finding a job after graduation than being a reality TV dating show contestant. For a lot of the female contestants on these shows, their biggest worry is that you’re a flight risk. As I watched previous episodes and saw men get torn apart, I had my reservations about continuing on. If they see that you have a vanilla face, most times the question is: “What about your family back home?
It’s extremely difficult to make it to the end, get your dream girl and win a free trip to Hawaii, so in that regard I consider myself extremely lucky. For example, I recently interviewed with a big company and was immediately asked if I was a contestant on the show so to my surprise, my experience has been pretty helpful in interviews. A lot of people who are spectators of the show come up to me and always ask me “how my girlfriend is doing?” and if we went to Hawaii? I didn’t want to look back and say I had a chance to appear on a Chinese dating show but was too chicken shit to do it.
I consider myself a fairly confident individual but the thought of getting chewed out on national television would shake the most confident of men. Women in China do not want to invest themselves in a relationship with a “laowai” who is a flight risk more so than an ABC.
As a rule, I try to seize every opportunity that comes my way and take advantage of unique opportunities that present themselves to me. Also, I don’t think the show wants to promote the idea that white guys can come on this show and easily take away Chinese women.
If you’ve noticed, Caucasian men do go far on this show but they are oftentimes cut at the very end for numerous reasons such as, “I’m sorry. I felt very fortunate to be in the position that I was since a lot of guys have tried numerous times to be on the show and failed. I felt like it was one of those “once in a lifetime opportunities” that you would regret later down the line if you didn’t seize it.

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