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Emperor Xuan, even though he formally passed the throne to Emperor Jing, retained imperial powers, and there was no indication that the young Emperor Jing exercised any actual authority.
Prior to Weichi's rebellion, Yang Jian, apprehensive that Emperor Jing's granduncles Yuwen Zhao (a®‡?–‡?‹›) the Prince of Zhao, Yuwen Chun (a®‡?–‡c??) the Prince of Chen, Yuwen Sheng (a®‡?–‡c››) the Prince of Yue, Yuwen Da (a®‡?–‡e??) the Prince of Dai, and Yuwen You (a®‡?–‡e€?) the Prince of Teng, whom Emperor Xuan had sent to their fiefs, would resist him, summoned them to the capital Chang'an. King of Wu, Fu Chai, was the second son of King Helv of Wu in the Spring and Autumn Period.
He became emperor at the age of six, after his father Emperor Xuan formally passed the throne to him, but Emperor Xuan retained the imperial powers. In spring 579, Emperor Xuan created Yuwen Chan, then six-years-old, as the Prince of Lu -- echoing the title of Duke of Lu that both Emperors Wu and Xuan carried prior to their becoming emperor.
Soon, believing that the princes would act against him, he first executed Yuwen Xian (a®‡?–‡e?¤) the Prince of Bi (Emperor Xuan's cousin). However, he had all of close male clansmen of the duke -- all grandsons of Emperor Jing's great-grandfather Yuwen Tai -- put to death, as well as Emperor Jing's brothers Yuwen Kan (a®‡?–‡e?Z) the Duke of Lai and Yuwen Shu (a®‡?–‡e?“) the Duke of Yan.
After Emperor Xuan's death in 580, the official Yang Jian, the father of Emperor Xuan's wife Empress Yang Lihua, seized power as regent.

Yuwen Chan's mother Zhu Manyue was Yuwen Yun's concubine, who, on account of her low birth, was not made Yuwen Yun's wife. The general Weichi Jiong, believing that Yang's intentions were to seize the throne, rose in rebellion, and he was joined by Sima Xiaonan and Wang Qian (cZ‹e°¦). When Yuwen Zhao did subsequently carry out an attempted assassination of Yang, Yang had Yuwen Zhao and Yuwen Sheng put to death. About three months later, Emperor Wen had the Duke of Jie secretly assassinated as well, but pretended to be shocked and declared a mourning period, and then buried him with honors due an emperor. Yang soon defeated the general Weichi Jiong, who tried to resist him, and in 581 had the young Emperor Jing yield the throne to him, ending Northern Zhou and establishing Sui Dynasty. Rather, nine months after Yuwen Chan's birth, Yuwen Yun married Yang Lihua, the daughter of the general Yang Jian the Duke of Sui, as his wife and crown princess.
The central government forces, following Yang's orders under the command of the general Wei Xiaokuan, quickly defeated Weichi, forcing Weichi to commit suicide.
Yang soon had the young emperor, as well as other members of Northern Zhou's imperial Yuwen clan, put to death.

Emperor Jing's palace became known as Zhengyang Palace (?­?e??a®«), and he received the same complement of staff as his father Emperor Xuan. Around the new year 581, he had Emperor Jing create him the Prince of Sui and bestow the nine bestowments on him. On account of Sima Xiaonan's resistance of Yang Jian, Emperor Jing's wife Empress Sima was deposed.
Two months later, he had Emperor Jing yield the throne to him, ending Northern Zhou and establishing Sui Dynasty, with Yang taking the throne as its Emperor Wen.

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