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Teaching Concept: There are many stories in the Bible about important people and events such as the creation of the world and God sending his only son to save the world from sin, but sometimes we forget about the important women in the Bible and the roles they played in God's plan for the world. This lesson is taught using a series of pictures (or one picture) of five mothers and sentence cards that describe each mother.
The teacher or a student reads short paragraphs written from the Bible mother's perspective and the students try to guess who the paragraph is describing. In this lesson children learn what it means to love someone and how to express their love to their mothers. All of the above crafts and activities including a complete lesson is available to members on The Resource Room and as an instant download for $2.95. I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed all of the things you have on your site.

What you will need: Heavy Paper, crayons and markers, glue, dried leaves, straw or dry grass, pipe cleaner, and Exacto knife (Optional).
Connected to the Internet via Wifi this little dinosaur has unlimited power to grow and meet your child's educational needs and abilities. The children read the stories and then act out the story from the mother's perspective for their classmates. Many objects are used such as candy, a clock, a compass, a measuring tape and others, to represent different ways our mothers show us love. Prepare the silk flowers and leaves by pulling them off the stems and removing any plastic parts. In class children take turns picking one of the sentence cards, reading it and placing it under the appropriate picture.

These objects are also used in a memory game to review the lesson and to study the Bible verses that go with this lesson from 1 Cor. My children love to do hands on things and they have really been enjoying all of the things and learning from them. Cut a piece of brown pipe cleaner about 2 to 3 inches long and stick in through the hole to make it look like the bird is holding a worm.

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