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A¬†What a girl wants are better looks, and what a girl needs is money, Christina Aguilera has both. She doesn’t look good either way, she always has and still does look done up like a dogs dinner. You can’t just be blonde, is has to be bleached blonde with highlights in 3 colors to give it a 3D look. We normal mortals will never look like them on stage or in film, and when a paparazzo then makes a snapshot they look sick. I would appreciate much more to see actors having the backbone to be(and the studios and producers to show) themselves more naturally. Unless stated otherwise in the description above, all items are in at least excellent condition - so please read our descriptions carefully. Out dated song reference aside,the former Mouseketeer turned Grammy Award winning pop superstar and current host of The Voice has had a career that has run the spectrum from huge commercial success to huge personal failure and back around again.
You can’t have normal eyes, you need artificial eyelashes glued on to make them look bigger.

Poor girl; all she had to do was leave her beautiful, young face alone and be herself and embrace her beauty!
The nose cannot have character but must be symmetrical, the boobs have to be big, but my God they HAVE to defy gravity and movement. She was a bright-eyed beautiful blonde with blue eyes with natural breasts that was proportioned to her body frame. Looking at pictures from before she hit it big, it looks like she had a nose job (rhinoplasty) to take her nose from wide at the tip, to thin all the way down. She looked like a little tan bronzed goddess barbie doll now she looks like some old washed up Marylin Monroe wannabe! And let’s not mention that every star, be it singer or actor, has his hair styled and layers of make-up applied, even when they film a scene where they fall out of bed or step out of a swimming pool… But why? As she got older and more famous, she made the next logical (by celebrity logic at least) step and got a breast augmentation, and appears to have gotten at least one more since (although her pregnancy could have helped her most recent growth). Her boobs appear so large they look like they’re going to fall out of her black dress.

Again, the most recent change could be from weight gain, but her breasts seemed to not lose any mass when she dropped her baby weight, so they’re more than likely the results of a second surgery (which left her with a tell-tale armpit scar). She also may have had Botox injections in her lips in recent years, as they seem even more plump and full than before. Finally, we have her shockingly fast loss of baby weight after her recent pregnancy, which led many to assume she had liposuction. This is the hardest to be sure of, because it’s just as likely that she used her fortune to get the best personal trainer in the business, than that she used to it buy the best surgeon. How much work Christina Aguilera has had done is probably going to remain a mystery, but one thing is for sure, she’s visited a plastic surgeon at least once.

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