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Ball, a stand up comedian and long-time Apple fanboy.My relationship with Steve used to be such a happy one. He would create beautiful bits of electronic amazement and I would buy them, show them off and feel generally superior to my non-Apple friends and family.
That’s still mostly true but I’m starting to have my doubts.My life is pretty Apple-centric.
I used to categorically deny this but after watching Steve Jobs’ behavior and listening to myself defend it over the last couple of weeks, I’m starting to wonder.My first response to the iPhone 4’s problems was to ignore it.
When it didn’t I made the mistake of visiting some of my favorite Mac message boards to see what others had to say. By then the infamous emails from Steve were being posted.I still stuck up for Steve and Apple.

I’d been blaming all of this hoopla on Android fanboys run amok and telling everyone to calm down because Apple would surely fix it somehow. What?The final blow came this morning when I saw that Apple had deleted threads on their support forums that referred to the damning Consumer Reports review and its “do not buy” recommendation. I took particular offense to this because I own and operate a very large message board of my own.
In fact, I let people on my forum say things about me that would get them quickly banned if it were about someone else. It’s tempting to just make problems go away, but I think that Apple is becoming painfully aware that trying to control the conversation just makes it more hostile.The death grip issue is only an issue because Apple made it one.
Even when he did, I would deny it or justify it and defend my favorite company to the ends of the Earth.

However, I’m not so sure I’ll blindly give Cupertino the benefit of the doubt anymore.Or maybe I’ll just go to my bedroom, curl up, put my pillow over my head and cry it out.
I can always tell everyone that my iPhone has reception issues because it walked into a door.Bryan J.

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