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So I decided to create  some videos about the topic to see if I can make some money from Youtube, right now it is only monetized 3 ways – Adsense, Amazon, and Blog content. As you can see 1 video performed better, for certain searched keywords my video would be number one. One aspect I found is my video is ranked # one for the searched term and get hundreds of views a day.
As of right now this isn’t the best way to make money online, if you do not mind making videos that can continually climb daily and make small money then it is fine. I even told my friends to take a look at your blog and in fact your blog is already bookmarked on my computer. It seems like your post is saying to just keep focusing on the local marketing for me and forget about making big $ though youtube. Then I lie there wondering what the heck happened with all those cats and he starts snoring never to think of the cats again.
Many couples experience confusion and misunderstanding simply due to these types of issues in expressing one’s self verbally. Here is a test for you and your guy to take that will show your differences in communication. TIP: Set boundaries about how much you really want to know and how much you really want to divulge.
GuestJaneane Davis2 years 4 months agoThis post reminded me of all teh personality and other magazine tests my husband and I used to take year ago when we were newly married.
GuestDiane N - Philzendia2 years 4 months agoHubby and I definitely have different communication styles. I have several small niche sites and I wanted to try to take advantage of a trend I saw a couple months back and funny this trend still climbs slowly over time.

I even gave this task to my outsource team, hoping I can at least cover the cost of the time to do these youtube task and it didn’t pay out. The only benefit I can see with this is I will make money even if I stop making videos, even if it is $20+ a month. Maybe the people searching for what your video provides are fine with just the free content and never intend on buying anything or continuing to click around. It is for me because when it comes to communication, my husband and I are in totally different worlds. This can help you to understand each other’s styles and be more aware of how to improve future conversations. This exercise may prove that you provide too many details that are irrelevant to your guy (whether the people in the story looked good in what they were wearing, for example).
My husband and I are pretty good at communicating with one another, but I definitely give way more detail than I need to, lol. So to me there is money in Youtube, but not enough for me to continue to pursue this concept. As you can see my numbers are telling me this Youtube money isn’t worth the time for me to continue this mini project. These specific videos will continually make me money if I stop tomorrow (actually stopped 2 weeks ago), so that is one benefit I see. If you made 100 videos and still made $20 a month on each, I am sure you could enjoy the $2,000 a month for doing nothing. He uses the least amount of words possible and backs that up with the least amount of details. The types of details and the number of details will help you understand how the other person processes things.

And do you want to know every gory detail about his day at work when you really only have an hour to read before bed while he is jabbering on and on and on about his day? He teases me about my lengthy and detailed stories and says that I should just say it all in one simple sentence (like he does) haha. In 30 days I made 22.90 not even 1$ a day and not worth for the amount of views the video is receiving. Then you can dialog about how you both can change the way you deliver details in future conversations to create a more balanced understanding.
I added and linked up my Adsense account to the new youtube channel and waited for approval. After several days, I have been approved – the results are the same lots of views low earnings. As an example, we will be lying in bed (me reading my kindle and him reading the news on his phone)  and he will blurt out “Wow. You can start looking for sponsors By simply doing a short advisement with in your video, you can earn some extra cash on top of that. Of coz… you cant quit your full time job and live off of the money u make on youtube, unless u get at least 100k+ view per video.

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