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Most PlayStation 4 owners are certainly enjoying their 500GB of hard drive that are included by default into their console.
Hardcore console players want to download and install lots of games on their PlayStation 4, not to mention that saves for each of these games can take up quite a lot of storage as well.
Nyko, a company specializing in accessories for gaming consoles, is currently showcasing a set of interesting accessories for PlayStation 4 at 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
As soon as the new HDD is slid into the Data Bank, an LED strip is supposed to illuminate while the console is accessing its memory. In other news, the Data Bank isn’t the only new accessory showcased by Nyko at CES 2015.
The Type Pad can be attached to the DualShock 4 controllers as well, so conversations with fellow players will be much easier now. Handheld Group, a leading manufacturer of rugged mobile computers, today announced a major upgrade to its popular Algiz 10X rugged computer.
The Algiz 10X is IP65-rated and meets stringent MIL-STD-810G military standards, which means it’s protected against dust, water, vibrations, drops and extreme temperatures. Like all of Handheld's rugged PDAs, smartphones and mobile computers, the Algiz 10X is specifically developed for field workers in industries such as geomatics, logistics, forestry, public transportation, utilities, construction, maintenance, mining, military and security. Germany-based SoftMaker Software GmbH started out in the late 1980s with a DOS word processor and font rendering engine. The PlanMaker spreadsheet is a relatively new addition to the SoftMaker family, this being its second version in production. Unicode support, which allows you to write documents in all Western, Central European and Baltic languages, as well as Russian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Contour wrap, which corrects the wrapping of text, even around rotated or irregularly shaped drawings.
While the list may seem large, there are only a few revolutionary improvements in it for current TextMaker 2002 users. I found ODT and SXW format compatibility to be as-advertised, or at least it seemed to work with all of the plain documents that I had on my computer. The new drawing functions are interesting, but I don't think anyone who is used to creating graphics with The GIMP, Photoshop, Pixel, CorelDRAW, or Paintshop Pro will feel compelled to abandon those programs when creating drawings for documents. TextMaker is designed to create format-heavy documents, and I think it's appropriately armed for that duty. One thing I have learned about spreadsheets over the years is that there is no standard use for them. While testing Softmaker Office 2006 for this review, I was asked to do a technical review of a book for a major publisher. Home desktop and business users, especially those who need optimal Microsoft Word file format compatibility on a variety of computing platforms. The Bad Less-than-stellar HD movie playback quality; HP's software continues to be a work-in-progress.
The Bottom Line It's a little shy on features, and we wouldn't recommend the HP w2007 for HD movie watching. Similar to its larger, 22-inch line mate, the 20-inch HP w2007 wide-screen LCD delivers high image quality and an attractive design, and with only a small price premium compared to other displays in its class. HP's monitor is fairly spare for its price, as far as features go, especially when you consider that you can get a lesser-known, less-stylized 22-inch wide-screen monitor for about the same price. For the most part, we were impressed with the HP w2007, at least as far as traditional computing tasks. Our only complaint with the w2007's image quality is its HD movie playback, particularly the color quality, which we found bland. HP's support of this display remains behind others in the industry, backing it with only one year of parts and labor coverage. An interesting Type Pad that can be used as a Bluetooth keyboard in apps and games will be launched in H1 2015 as well.
The Algiz 10X, a 10-inch tablet designed for field professionals, now features the new Windows 8 operating system and a much more powerful processor that speeds startup and operation, increases software compatibility and doubles processor performance.
The rugged computer now features the new Windows 8.1 Pro operating system (which is downgradeable to Windows 7 for maximum flexibility). Handheld and its partners worldwide deliver complete mobility solutions to businesses in industries such as geomatics, logistics, forestry, public transportation, utilities, construction, maintenance, mining, military and security. The TextMaker word processor and PlanMaker spreadsheet have been updated with new functionality, better compatibility with file formats from competing office suites, and better inter-program communication between both applications.

Both products later moved to Windows in the 1990s, and in the early 2000s began to support a wider array of computing platforms. It is to Excel what TextMaker is to Word -- a cheaper, appropriately-featured replacement with outstanding Excel file compatibility that works on multiple computing platforms, with a less restrictive license. Graphically it's similar with some small visual improvements, functionally it has not changed to the point that you need to re-learn its interface, and in all other ways you can do a drop-in replacement of TextMaker 2002 without any difficulties.
Most notable among the new additions is the expanded file format support, change tracking, and sidebar comments. I've come to expect good software from SoftMaker, and this significant upgrade to TextMaker 2002 was not a disappointment. I've never been able to use to reliably create heavily-formatted documents, so I didn't have any on hand to test with. PlanMaker can now be used for creating worksheets in all Western, Central European and Baltic languages, as well as Russian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Spreadsheets are not designed to do any one certain task, and are not geared toward any industry or profession.
In trying to open all of the above-mentioned test sheets at once, took more than a minute -- I thought it had crashed, and was about to kill its process before I saw the progress bar inch forward after more than 30 seconds of apparent inactivity. Since publishers tend to work exclusively with Word and WordPerfect file formats (with the exception of O'Reilly, which supports OpenDocument files), it's important to either use Microsoft Word or a program that has optimal compatibility with it. If the TextMaker and PlanMaker code is finely crafted -- and I suspect it is, because it has been ported to so many platforms -- then it shouldn't be too much of an effort to make it 64-bit clean. This is another reason why WordPerfect is still the king of word processors -- it has an outstanding grammar checking facility.
Personally I think most collaboration is best left to intranet-based Web applications, but right now if you need to work directly with heavily-formatted documents in a collaborative environment, your only choices are Microsoft Office and Google Docs and Spreadsheets. The $260 w2007 is a simpler model than HP's w2207, although both units offer HDCP compliance for watching protected HD content. Both share a stylish, glossy black bezel with gray plastic trim, as well as a conveniently designed stand that doubles as a keyboard dock. Of all the LCDs we've reviewed recently, it actually scored highest on our suite of image quality tests, besting several larger, more expensive displays. But because this is a relatively small screen for movie watching, and one whose native resolution won't support 1080p content, we're willing to bet that many of you in the market for a 20-inch LCD aren't too hung up on HD quality.
Windows 8.1 Pro offers enhanced features to help users easily connect to company networks, access one PC from another, encrypt data and more. Compared to the Algiz 10X’s previous processor, the N2930 more than doubles performance benchmarking, RAM support, number of cores and performance per watt.
Today, the TextMaker word processor has evolved into a multi-language, multi-platform professional document creation tool.
You can now change the brightness, contrast, and gamma correction of images directly inside TextMaker.
It just so happened that while I was testing TextMaker 2006, I was working on some book projects for publishers that prefer to work only with Microsoft Word documents. While all of the basic functions work, the spelling dictionary is terrible, there are embarrassingly few predefined paragraph styles to work with, and there is no grammar module to verify sentence structure and catch correctly spelled typos ("an" instead of "and," "of" instead of "off," etc.). A spreadsheet acts as a small, WYSIWYG-oriented database for tabular data, and as a graphing tool for the same, but I have seen spreadsheets used in production as address books, time sheets, expense forms, and invoices.
That page has been updated for more recent versions of PlanMaker, Excel, and, and can be found here. It's the best word processor and spreadsheet program you can get for the GNU and BSD platforms, and is the functional replacement for Microsoft Office on non-Windows PCs.
TextMaker already uses only one program instance per document, which is a step in the right direction (there's nothing worse for desktop organization than a program that needs to have a new instance for every open file you're working with), but since I regularly work with multiple documents, it would be a considerable advantage to me if I could switch documents with one mouse click rather than fishing them out of the Window menu. This is something that is struggling with at the moment, and Microsoft Office is just now addressing. I would like to see SoftMaker go the extra mile and license a dictionary like Corel did for WordPerfect. English grammar is not and, as far as I know, has never been taught thoroughly in American schools.
However, professional writers frequently need something with a little more octane, even if it costs more.
What we did like was the overall image quality of this display, which we found outstanding, and it's ultimately what saves the monitor.

The My Display software bundled with both displays still doesn't really function properly, but that's a minor ding against this otherwise polished LCD. We're glad that HP made the w2007 HDCP-compatible, but we consider that capability more of an added bonus in a display of this size. At least HP's Web site offers plenty of support resources, with drivers, downloadable manuals, and an online tech support chat feature.
It's stable, capable, and lightweight, but its crowning feature is still its superior file format compatibility with Microsoft Word.
Documents saved in the native Microsoft Office 2007 file format cannot be opened in TextMaker 2006 as of this writing. One of the projects I worked on was written and formatted in an unknown version of Word, then sent to me to make corrections and comments. Taking all of this into account, it's nearly impossible to test a spreadsheet for a review.
It does have support for a variety of plan text formats though, as well as StarBase, dBASE, DIF, and SYLK.
In another chapter file, all of my notes were not saved when I saved and closed the document, resulting in several hours of lost work (I thought it had been saving every time I hit ctrl-s, but apparently something wasn't working right).
Between SoftMaker Office and, I don't know how the less able, less stable, less user-friendly, and more expensive Microsoft Office can continue to dominate the market for much longer.
While it is possible to tile or cascade document windows, neither of those features is a replacement for tabbed views. People who work with large documents would undoubtedly see an improvement in performance, especially with background spell checking enabled. As a professional writer, I find it much easier to have all of my writing and reference tools in one program, rather than having to have an Internet connection to have full access to the resources I need. As a result, we have to learn English grammar backwards, either by forcing ourselves to read up on the rules and implement them properly, or by learning a foreign language that has a more rigid grammatical structure.
You can find less-expensive 20-inch wide-screen displays on the market, but few produce as sound an image, at least for general computing.
You can only tilt the screen up and down from between minus-5 to plus-25 degrees, rather than the w2207 that tilts, moves forward and back, and whose screen also rotates 90 degrees.
We're glad that it has HDCP compatibility, which lets you watch protected HD movies (even if the quality isn't the best we've seen, as outlined below). Otherwise its color, sharpness, DVD movie, and gaming scores weren't the highest we've ever seen, but collectively they were all good enough to make this a very strong all-around display. Obviously these test sheets are designed to show the flaws in and the strengths of PlanMaker at the same time, and won't necessarily apply to every situation. I continued with TextMaker 2006 instead, and not only was the notes view much improved and more like Word (along the margin with full note text shown), but it had none of the fundamental file problems that had.
Aside from that, having a 32-bit compatibility layer on a 64-bit operating system includes a lot of overhead. Even if you know all the rules and follow them, the grammar module still has a lot of value as a way of catching correctly spelled typographical errors (such as "an" instead of "a," or "see" instead of "sea").
These things combined in a cross-platform word processor would make it an indispensable tool for journalists and authors, and bring a more meaningful identity to TextMaker.
The w2007's limited range of motion is in keeping with its lower price, and we found we were happy enough with the adjustability it offers. We were once again let down, however, by HP's My Display software, which is essentially supposed to bring the features of the onscreen display to your desktop. This is unusual behavior for, and it's not something I'd seen before, but I don't usually work with Word files with embedded tables, graphics, and special formatting.
Still, if Excel compatibility on non-Windows platforms is important to you, PlanMaker 2006 appears to be the best choice.
We updated our Windows Vista desktop to the latest ATI graphics card drivers, made sure we had the latest version of My Display, and while the system itself recognized the HP w2007 monitor as such, HP's own My Display was unable to make the same connection. Furthermore, it made it easy for me to show changes that I made and comments that I added, and the publisher had no trouble reading the TextMaker-edited files in whatever version of Word he was using.

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