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It won’t be long before your child or grandchild may be graduating from either high school or college.  Congratulations!  It is a special moment to be treasured. A personal letter expressing your thoughts at this once-in-a-lifetime event is certainly appropriate, no matter what type of gift you give.  Take some time to reflect on the years leading up to the graduation and write them down.  Don’t be afraid to be emotional – what better time than this to emote? Think electronics, iTunes, Bed Bath & Beyond (college-bound and new apartment setup), even Home Depot.

A special watch you have owned, a ring, or a book that has been passed down through your family can be a very powerful connection for a graduate that will take on another generation of importance. Whether it’s off to college or starting out, a handsome piece of quality luggage will probably replace a tattered canvas bag from summer camp! Hosting a family get-together following graduation (bring your camera) and then making a book of the photos is a very personal and sure to be appreciated idea.

Even if paying for the trip is too much for you, consider offering the airfare or hotel portion with a parent.

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