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All right fellas, as promised, here are are some fun ice breakers that you can use to spice up your interactions.
I’ve gotta go, I left my underwear out to dry and girls have been stealing them lately. What are some funny conversation starters or smooth pick up lines that you have used or heard used with success? If you enjoyed this article, be the first to receive our top 'hottest' content (it's free). Some of them are quite situation specific but there are a few gems that you can use right out the box. I hesitate to call these smooth pick up lines because the idea is that a pick up line indicates an ulterior motive… to pick up. Rather, the best way to flirt with women is to have no ulterior motive, to be fun playful and attentive to other people enjoying themselves.

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Then you both stand there awkwardly, since you've just started -- and finished -- the entire conversation.
Avoid these dead-end exchanges by being positive, open and interested in the other person and by using conversation-starters that lend themselves to more than just one-word responses. This shows you are interested in what she has to say and gives her an opening to respond with more than the usual "Fine, thanks" to the standard "How are you?" This routine question is often regarded as just being polite and tends to result in the conversation ending before it really starts. An inquiry about something important to the other person, such as her family or new job, on the other hand, allows for an open-ended response and can lead into a real conversation. Talk about the latest student council meeting, the new professor in English class or a party you both attended.
Perhaps you're both in the same club at school or your boyfriends play on the same soccer team.

Such connections provide an obvious topic of conversation and at least a casual bond, even though you may not think you have much else in common. View Article Stay Fashionably on Trend This Season Explore a range of beautiful hues with the year’s must-have colors.
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