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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to share some fun ideas that will help you keep a happy and healthy marriage.
Paint your popsicle sticks 3 different colors to organize them into categories based on cost. Once you paint your sticks you will take you permanent marker and write date night ideas on them based on the cost value associated with the date. Add some ribbon to the outside of your jar and add a tag with directions on the back so your spouse knows how the “Date Night Jar” works. So we’ve talked about the reasons to keep dating your spouse, and why we haven’t given up on pursuing our relationship…now for some CHEAP ideas to keep things fresh. When Brad and I get the opportunity to enjoy some time out of the house or a night in while the boys are sleeping, we keep it simple and inexpensive.
We like to scope out Deal Chicken or Groupon for places we wouldn’t normally eat or for activities.

Nick and I have an awesome projector that we take outside and use on the side of the house. As the mama of quadruplet boys, Jen enjoys sharing the adventures, joys, challenges, and bloopers in parenting multiples. If you have any questions regarding the content of this post, please contact the author directly. Sign up to receive exclusive content and FREE printables directly to your inbox and never miss a thing. We send EXCLUSIVE content and FREE printables directly to your inbox that no one else has access to! Challenge each other in a game of Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Sorry, or other board game favorite.
For our next date we got on Deal Chicken: paid $11 ($22 value) for a round of mini golf and 13 tokens (15 balls per token) for the batting cages.

We pop in a movie, invite some friends, cuddle up on a blanket and have a starlit date night! Hopefully 4tunate will be a blessing to your heart and home, as you are an encouragement to mine. Isaac is energetic, joyful, encouraging, and is an excellent listener (even when he’s not the one being spoken to). Today, I am sharing my version of a Date Night Jar and fun ways to keep your marriage or relationship exciting!

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