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La capacidad de eleccion es el resultado de la experiencia, del saber pensar y saber hacer.
La falta de experiencias vitales solidas, bien asumidas y asimiladas, hace muy dificil poder elegir. Asi, pues, en lugar de elegir, hay que aprender que es lo que hacen y dicen los demas, tratando de adaptarse a ese estilo aceptado por las mayorias. La razon es un instrumento del que dispone nuestra mente y la usa segun se le ha ensenado a hacerlo. La inteligencia es discernimiento; es conocer bien unas y otras opciones y poder escoger la mas aceptable segun la propia experiencia y el propio criterio. Por cada exito o fracaso hay una nueva experiencia siempre positiva que me permite acrecentar los aciertos y reducir los errores.
Las equivocaciones se pueden corregir en la mayoria de los casos; la invalidez de la mente y la voluntad suelen ser irreversibles.
Individual y colectivamente, cada cual en su sitio, cada pueblo en su pais, se ve coartado por una doble imposibilidad de elegir: la una por falta de discernimiento y la otra por falta de opciones validas. Hoy no se trata de decidirse entre lo mejor y lo peor, ni siquiera entre lo malo y lo menos malo, sino que debemos escoger lo que hay, aunque no se ajuste a nuestras necesidades, suenos o ideas. Como siempre, elegir, aprender a usar la inteligencia y discernir, poner cada cosa en su sitio y escoger con buen criterio. Reconocer que tenemos pocas opciones, no porque no haya otras, sino porque de alguna manera, la fuerza ha reducido las oportunidades. Que la carencia de posibilidades no sea una venda mas para los ojos ni una nueva trampa para la inteligencia y la voluntad. La mas dificil de las elecciones es, aunque no lo parezca, decidirse a crear nuevos cauces para volver a elegir, a experimentar, a vivir. Classroom Aid Site Content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The National Education Technology Plan, Transforming American Education: Learning Powered by Technology, calls for applying the advanced technologies used in our daily personal and professional lives to our entire education system to improve student learning, accelerate and scale up the adoption of effective practices, and use data and information for continuous improvement. The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (Smarter Balanced) and the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) issued guidance designed to inform schools and districts as they make annual instructional technology purchases. In March 2013, PARCC released the PARCC Capacity Planning Tool as part of the first phase of assessment administration guidance issued in preparation for the Spring 2014 Field Test and the school year 2014-2015 assessment. National Educational Technology Standards comes from International Society for Technology in Education ( ISTE) , see the updated release for students, teachers, and administrators, technology facilitators and leaders. The Office of Educational Technology is involved in a variety of projects and initiatives that leverage technology to improve teaching and learning and create opportunities for innovation.
Viewshare, a new application from the Library of Congress (LOC), provides a free platform for creating and customizing the presentation of digital data. TechSETS is a statewide educational technology service, administered by the San Diego County Office of Education, with funding from the California Department of Education.
The Technology Applications Teacher Network is a collaborative project between the twenty Texas Education Service Centers and the Texas Education Agency and is designed to provide Texas teachers with resources to implement the Technology Applications Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills in the K-12 classroom. Teacher Training Video provides free technology training videos for teachers, including learning ICT tools(very detail videos of how-to), tools for teaching other languages and resources for learning languages.
ClassTools has over 20 free web tools for teachers to create quizzes, diagrams, and educational games, you can host them on your own site free of charge (licensed under creative common). … plus no log in.
This article is translated to Serbo-Croatian language by Jovana Milutinovich from Web Geeks Resources.

I was looking for some free technology resources, thanks for an updated list of great tools and resources. Use the next page link or the submit button at the bottom of the page to move through the tutorial. The conclusion, or summary, is an essential part of the presentation, bringing together key topics and perhaps leaving a question for the audience to ponder or a challenge to rise to. Add your points quickly: for the moment, do not concern yourself with the look or whether images, tables or videos would be better. By editing just that master slide, only those slides of your presentation using that layout will change.
To crop a picture, select the picture then from the Format tab > Size group, select Crop. To crop a picture to a shape, select the picture then from the Format tab > Size group, select Crop to Shape then select the shape you want to crop to.
First make sure that the most recently viewed file is the pdf of the dental article, by selecting that file to view.
Computer monitors and printers resolve to different densities: some can pack in more pixels or dots per square inch than others. If an image has more pixels in it than the monitor or printer can display, the extra ones will be ignored. Once an image has reached its actual size, where one pixel is represented by one pixel, it cannot be increased in size any further, whilst retaining quality. You cannot 'add' content to an image by increasing its size: this will only blur and pixelate it.
You can change the dpi setting of your image without resizing or changing the resolution of the image.
Your image DPI has now been set to 300DPI, leaving the pixel dimensions of the image unchanged.
If you know the printed dimensions of your photo, you can go to the Image Size Calculator to do a quick calculation to see if your photo is of sufficient digital resolution. Insert a new slide at the end of your presentation, change the Slide Layout to a Blank slide and use the Shapes function to draw the following flow diagram. You may wish to create your own schematic diagram to illustrate your topic, rather than use an image from the internet which may require permission to use. Once you have created a schematic diagram, you can use it in PowerPoint as part of a presentation (you could also animate it), or copy it into Word. Use text boxes to hold text, or add text to shapes (except for lines and connectors): right click over the shape and choose Add text.
Draw the axon using a rectangle, oval and circle, then use the Combine tools to merge them. Draw one dendrite receptor, group the line and the curve together, and then copy and paste it to create multiple receptors. To add animations to several objects, select the objects to animate - they do not need to be grouped. To remove the transition, select None from the list of transitions, and make sure it is applied to all.
To find out the size of a PowerPoint presentation, go to File > Info and look at Properties in the right side of the screen. Siempre queda un rastro de inseguridad, de duda, de no haberse decantado por lo que realmente correspondia.

De ello se encargan los valores sociales imperantes, las normativas morales, las modas, las conveniencias, el prestigio, la aceptacion por parte de los demas o, al reves, el miedo al rechazo de los grupos constituidos. De modo que no siempre somos nosotros mismos los que razonamos sino el conjunto de imposiciones y conveniencias que citabamos antes. No sirve de nada echar la culpa a los demas, a las circunstancias, al destino o al mismisimo Dios cuando no nos atrevemos a ejercer nuestra voluntad y a rectificar con entereza cuando nos hemos equivocado. Y cada pueblo crece en la medida en que sus hombres son sabios, firmes en sus ideas y decididos en sus acciones. This web site contains resources to teach the six dedicated High School Technology Applications Courses (Digital Graphics, Animation, Desktop Publishing, Web Mastering, Multimedia, Video Technology and Computer Science). Founded in 1991 by filmmaker George Lucas and venture capitalist Steve Arnold, the Foundation celebrates and encourages innovation in K-12 schools.
It allows you to create slides, design content, use multimedia and animations, view the work in a range of ways, print it out and package it up to send to someone. Any changes you make to the Slide Master will automatically be applied to all slides in the presentation. The smaller the pixel or the more densely packed they are, the smaller the image will appear, because the pixels are closer to each other and therefore take up less space. A computer will allow this, but will fill in the gaps between the pixels by blurring, or pixelating, the image. Be aware that just because you can get to these images for free, doesn't mean that they are free to use. When you embed a video, the video sits inside the presentation and becomes part of it, whereas the video sits outside the presentation when you link to it. This is not a problem unless you are going to be emailing a copy or moving it from one place to another.
If you move the presentation and the linked video isn't moved with it or if the internet connection is broken, the video file will not work in your presentation. It is best to ensure that the video and presentation are both in the same folder, to avoid problems with the file playing. It’s a collaboration with the Federal Communications Commission and the National Telecommunications and Inofrmation Administration. It also contains resources to integrate the K-8 Technology Applications Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills into the content area classroom. Edutopia serves its Foundation’s non-profit mission to highlight what works in education through the creation of media featuring creative educators, parents and others who are making positive change. There are pros and cons of using both methods and the table below outlines the key points when considering which method to choose. Lo que importa, de momento, es saber que tenemos pocas salidas y el laberinto tiende a atraparnos.
Saberlo es una buena manera de empezar a pensar en la forma de salir, de elegir escapatorias, soluciones.

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