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Turban Head Band– With two strips of t-shirt material and no sewing you can make your own turban headband, it’s too easy not to give this one a go! Skirt– Recently, there has been a surge in popularity for re-using garments in different ways such as sweatshirts and cardigans for skirts, thankfully this also works for a summer wardrobe by reusing an old t-shirt. Tote Bags- Carry your new t-shirts back from the shops in your old t-shirt by making it into a tote bag! To stop this wasteful behaviour, DEFRA wants us to buy less often, buy better quality and take more care of our clothing. You can buy bracelet and necklace fastenings and beads in bulk very cheaply from markets and haberdasheries, or you could reuse some beads from old jewellery too?
Using contrasting colours or a wide variety of coloured and patterned t-shirts can create a great patch work effect. This can be transformed into an ultra stylish t-shirt dress with just a bit of cutting and sewing.
If you have a favourite t-shirt or your child has grown out of a t-shirt that could be a great garment to create a teddy with sentimental value.

This looks particularly good with floral or fun print t-shirts, but works just as well with plain colours. Nearly 74% of the two million tonnes of clothes bought in the UK each year end up in landfills. Blend orange with red and translucent polymer clay to create a coral colour, then form branches between your fingers. The other driver for XL clothing sales is the modern desire to wear loose clothing such as T-shirts that are not tucked in and hoodies that have drooped shoulders and can fit at least two tees underneath.
Meanwhile, the poor quality of the cheap fashion that is sold in cut price stores has destroyed the recycled textile industry.
On some of them, use a cocktail stick and push down into the ends of the clay to form an ‘arm’. Cheap imported fashion, like t-shirts for a pound, has removed any possibility of selling second-hand tees at charity shops.  And very little of the material that can’t be sold, can’t be recycled either less than 4% of the two million tonnes, around 13% is incinerated and the remainder is either sent abroad or buried in British landfill. Make short and long beads, and use the back of jewellery pliers to flatten the top and bottom of each one for a realistic look.Create 80 to 100 coral beads, then use a beading pin to make a hole two-thirds of the way up each one.

Add texture by placing them between two small irregularlyshaped rocks and gently pressing them together. Lay the clay on a papered baking sheet and bake according to the manufacturer’s instructions.Pour brown acrylic paint into a dish and apply it to the textured areas of the coral beads with a cotton wool pad. Wipe away the excess with a dampened pad, so the paint sits in the recesses.Cut a long length of beading wire and thread on a callotte and crimp. Attach a 5mm jump ring to either end of the necklace and a clasp to one end.Thread 20 mint clay beads and six coin pearls onto flat head pins.

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