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To answer that question the first step is to know if the existing demographic target of your business can be reached by having a Facebook Fan Page and second, if a secondary demographic you want to gain can be accomplish by creating a new Facebook Fan Page. Creating a Facebook Fan Page is simple, usually consisting on one step, maybe two if you are new to Facebook and need to create an account. After you create your Fan Page you will need to create a new account or add this page to your Facebook account.
By our choosing this Page was created to be Private first, once completed it can be made Public. Programs like MS Publisher can be used; but, they will not give you professional results and lack many features.
Landing pages are where prospects go to download your content offer; whether it's a guide, ebook, white paper, what have you.
Every quality website should have landing pages built in that help convert a visitor into a lead by capturing an email address or other contact information in exchange for a free product, free content, media or subscription to newsletters. Once you have converted a visitor into a lead via your landing page, you want to put a thank you page in front of them that lets them know there is an opportunity for them to immediately continue their relationship with your business.
In essence, you have just made a transaction, and you need to let them know that you are interested in doing further business with them. While thank you pages aren't all that difficult to create, there are specific settings you have to plug into your landing page creation tools to make them function as you intend. Go through and test by filling out the landing page, making sure the free offer is delivered and confirming that the thank you page appears.
Test any forms and links that you include on the thank you page to make sure that it functions as you intend it to.
Send it to an outside source as a final check to make sure that the landing pages, thank you pages and forms function on computers outside your company's server. Keep up to date on the latest Inbound Marketing techniques and ideas by getting new blog posts delivered to your email inbox for FREE! Tutorialzine is a site dedicated to bringing you the coolest web development tutorials and resources.
When starting work on a new website idea, the first thing you probably do is to acquire the domain name and set up some sort of a coming soon page (remember those construction site gif animations?
This is why, today we are creating a stylish coming soon page, using PHP, MySQL and jQuery. In the body section, we define the main markup – basically two headings, a form, and a div container with three images, used by the slider. To make this page as simple as possible, the PHP code that handles the form submission, is located at the top of the document.
If the form was submitted via AJAX (we can tell if this is so by checking for the X_REQUESTED_WITH header) we output the responses as JSON, otherwise we assign them to the $msg variable that is later printed to the page.
As we are using the MySQLi extension, after we insert the email in the coming_soon_emails table (it contains only an email column and a timestamp) we need to check the affected rows property. As we are using the Nivo Slider plugin, a lot of the work has been done for us, and we can move our attention to handling the form submission and AJAX responses.

Although Im usually against having a "coming soon" page because of various personal and usabilty reasons.
When I saw the image that you have at the top of this post, I thought the glowing light from the blue bar was going to move back and forth like Knight Rider, haha. At present, they're very simple but we are working on releasing a number of themes and giving the ability for people to customise them themselves. When you download the source files and change the connect.php info and enter the table, the form does not display a thank you message nor does it enter the data into the database.
I tried the code, but anything i input an email to the subscription form i get a message saying email already exist in the database. I have been able to fix the issue with the email already exist thing, I had to create a table in the database i used for the page which is coming_soon_emails .
The source code and techniques, covered in our articles, are free to use in your personal and commercial projects.
Facebook Fan Pages are indexed by external search engines like Google, increasing your business internet footprint. Please leave your comments describing your experience following this tutorial and I will update to make it even more helpful. If your budget is limited when it comes to software, you can use a free open source software like GIMP to help make your cover.Color Management and ImagesTo make sure that the printer can match the colors you see on your monitor, make sure you set the color mode of your cover file CMYK.
They are then redirected to a thank you page, which is a professional way to show your visitors, leads and customers how much you value their relationship with you. The thank you page is the final step of a landing page and it can accomplish many things for your business. A thank you page is much more than a typical "thank you come again" message that pops up on the screen.
You can actually include forms that will reconvert the new lead further down your sales funnel. Putting a form on a thank you page is a quick way for the visitor to continue their experience with you. You can encourage visitors to take further actions from thank you pages by including links to some of your most valuable content, to your social media accounts or links directly to other landing pages.
It will allow you to collect visitors’ emails and store them in a simple database table.
You can potentially merge these two files into one to requests, but it would be an overkill in this case.
To make it easier to modify and include into an existing design, some of the rules are prefixed with the #page selector, which limits the effect of the rules only to the specified elements – CSS namespacing.
Something that is worth noting, is probably the negative text-indent technique, which is used extensively to display a background image and hide the contents of the element. This also makes it easier to handle situations in which JavaScript is not available, and the form is submitted in the normal way (notice that in the HTML step the action attribute of the form is empty – it will be submitted to the same page). The email column is defined as a primary key, and the insert will fail on a duplicate email address.

You can extend it with an arbitrary amount of slides, and maybe improve its SEO by adding a paragraph or two about each slide.
You can later just pop into phpMyAdmin and export a friendly CSV file, ready for import in your favorite email marketing application.
By connecting your website and your Fan Page together there is a better possibility to increase visitors and gain more subscribers and fans.
With a monthly estimate of over 115 million US visitors is a market that you might not be want to ignore. The name of the Page should be an exact match of the business, product, band or individual it represents.
Thank you pages don't need to be complicated, but they do make a positive difference in the impression you leave with the visitors of your Site.
Here are some tips on creating an effective thank you page that makes your prospects feel good and further leads them down the sales funnel.
If someone signs up for one free offer from a landing page, they are present and interested - this is called a "hot lead." Take this very seriously and make them another offer and allow them to sign up for another free product or service right from the thank you page. You can even use it as a marketing channel and let people subscribe to your launch newsletter.
On the presentation side, it features a slick slideshow with the help of the Nivo Slider plugin.
After it comes the nivo slider js include file, and lastly our own script.js, which is discussed in detail in the last section of this tutorial. A gotcha of this method, when applied to submit buttons, is that you need to force the text into uppercase with text-transform, otherwise it would not work in older versions of IE.
As the handler returns a boolean false value, the form will not get submitted, instead we are sending an AJAX post request back to the same page and get either a successful response, or an error, which gets outputted as the value of the email input box. I usually do just so I can take a first look at the Page before everyone else (not that everyone is just waiting for me to release it) but sometimes it might take me some time to actually finish all the settings for the Page.
Any lower will cause your cover to pixelate when printed.Cover BleedWhen any image, color or any content on your cover needs to go to the edge of the cover you need to extend it past the trim (cover) edge.
The process insures that the element goes all the way to the cover edge without leaving any white border. Download cover templates here.Making a “print ready” PDFWhen your cover is done, it’s time to make it ready for the printer. Some printers many accept native files, but the only to guarantee that the printer will print exactly what you see on the monitor, is to send them your layout in PDF format.Remember when making your PDF, that all of the cover elements must be made into one single file, that includes the front cover, back cover and spine .

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