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In the articles in this section, you’ll get some simple but surprising insights into creating effective presentation slides. We spent years creating mission critical presentations for our clients, and teaching business presentation skills to senior managers and business owners.
Audience for a business presentation is very different from audience for any other type of presentation.
A BIG decision is the decision or action you want your audience to take as a result of your presentation. Before making a BIG decision, your audience takes a number of small decisions that lead to the BIG decision.
As you could see, each element supports the previous element and the overall purpose of every element in an effective presentation is to arrive at the BIG decision. Start your preparation by determining the BIG decision you want your audience to take, by the end of your presentation. Support each of the assertions with clear evidence in the form of data, diagrams and images. The purpose of the business presentation is to seek budget approval to buy a new machine that improves the production of widgets. We learnt that the purpose of a business presentation is to influence your audience to take a decision. To take a BIG decision, your audience needs to make a number of small decisions that lead to the BIG decision.
Thus, the four important words we learnt in this lesson are – BIG decision, small decisions, assertion and evidence.
Further to this article, you can get free presentation evaluation form to help you evaluate the strength of your presentation outline. You can also register for the 5-day Creative Presentations e-course – and learn 25 creative ways to represent your PowerPoint slides. Creating Citations Objective: Students will understand how to create a citation using MLA format.

Academic Paper Formats Academic research papers may be written in different formats depending on the type of paper being written.
In-Text Citations In the text of your paper, you should credit any work done by another person. Works Cited Page At the end of your paper, list all of the sources you used in a Works Cited page. Each type of source such as books, journal articles, newspapers, magazines, websites, and images require specific information to be cited correctly. Book Citation-How to Write These pieces are combined in a certain order with punctuation to create the book’s citation. Journal Article Citation A journal article citation contains different elements than a book.
These pieces are combined in a certain order with punctuation to create a journal citation. There are so many different types of sources that we can only show you a few examples here.
Automatic Citation Makers Automatic citation makers create your in-text citations and Works Cited page in the correct format.
Summing Up To acknowledge the sources you use in your academic research papers, you must use in- text citations in the body of your paper AND a list of Works Cited at the end. MLA Jeopardy Fun With Formatting Name That Source Interpreting In-Text Citations Partying Like it’s MLA 2009 P-Words 100 200 300 400 500. MLA Documentation Learn how to cite sources correctly, reduce the risk of plagiarism, and produce papers that will dazzle your instructors! Citation Styles MLA format used for research papers in history and literature APA format used for scientific papers Must follow format EXACTLY, including.
GIVING CREDIT TO OUTSIDE SOURCES Using the Modern Language Association (MLA) style to document a research paper.
We will show you how to use a simple slide-o-meter to evaluate your presentation and take a look at popular assertion-evidence model.

But before that, it is important to take a step back and understand the basic purpose of a slide in a business presentation. Unless these small decisions are in your favor, there is very little chance that the BIG decision will go your way. If you are a business presenter or trainer, you’ll find tons of useful information in the site. If the article is retrieved from an article database, it also needs to include the database information as shown below. M EET THE MLA At some point in history, a bunch of nerdy people got together and decided to make rules about punctuation, formatting. An annotated bibliography is required for all categories It should contain all sources that provided usable. The parameters are the result of our years of dedicated work in improving the effectiveness of business presentations. Unless you know what a slide is meant for, you won’t know how to measure its effectiveness. MLA – Modern Language Association In research writing, it is important to give credit to sources that the writer.
When writing research papers, there are rules to follow for documenting where you found your information and rules. Example: The writer should place the source information directly after the end of the paraphrase or quote by the source (Ratcliff 25). Make sure you carefully look at the citation created using these tools to verify the citation format is correct.

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