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In this article, you will learn slide as visual aid and how it complements your role as a presenter.
There are several basic principles that should be carried out to create a good slide for PowerPoint presentation. Just asking yourself with these questions will help you creating an effective and efficient slide. Any combination should be okay as long as you create enough contrast between background and font.
In term of graphics or charts, there are numerous graphics that you can use to support your presentation such as bar, pie chart, line, or combination of those. For instance, bar chart is the most common and suitable graphic to explain growth for a certain time period. Diagram is very useful to explain the steps of a process and the relationship between them. Furthermore, you should pay attention on the transition between slides and how the text would appear on the screen.
Finally, I don’t recommend to use sound, unless, you are showing a video in the presentation.
About UsBest Presentation is aiming to give you practical tips on how to create a great presentation. Most presentations are prepared using powerpoint, which displays information in a concise layout using bullet points.
Powerpoint is a very popular tool for creating presentations as both text and graphical content can be generated easily and rapidly in this software. Before opening PowerPoint software and creating your slide, you need to understand what the role of a slide in a presentation is.
There are many other visual aids that you can use, such as flipchart, video, sample of product, and other things. If you follow these principles, your slide will function as a tool to aid your presentation. If you choose dark background, make sure to use light font color so it will be easier to read and vice versa. You have to pick the right graphic to have a great influence on the audience so they will understand easily the content of your presentation.

Therefore, the audience will understand effortlessly the most difficult part of the presentation. In this regard, I am more conservative and rather choose the simple transition such as Appear or Fade in PowerPoint. Many presentations look very unprofessional and might disturb the audience’s attention when every paragraph appears with the sound of gunfire, hand clapping, or camera shoot. Written in simple language, you’ll learn how to create amazing presentation in every occasion. We believe everyone can learn how to create a better presentation, deliver a great speech and show amazing visual slides. Also, various animation effects and visual aids are used to make the presentation interesting.
The various features in powerpoint slide shows along with the powerpoint presentation tips aid in making a high quality presentation. Your slide will not be the problem that could divert the audience’s attention from the presentation itself.
Your audience will get confused because they cannot see consistency and connection between slides. A good slide can summarize complex things into simple visualization which is not easy to be explained orally. The round shape of cake makes the audience easy to associate the portion of cake to make comparison. Try to select template without complex background that could take more space and attention in your presentation. Regarding to animation, motion image or image that changes frequently could distract the audience’s attention easily. Image should be relevant with the content and able to help the audience understand your explanation. Do not use different colors in every slide, because it will create distraction to your audience as well as it looks unprofessional. This is important, because the template background will show-up in every presentation slide from the beginning to the end. On the contrary, irrelevant image will distract audience’s attention as they have difficulty to associate the displayed image with the content of your presentation.

In certain condition animation could be useful to explain a complicated technique process in a way that the motion image will show how the process works. For example, if you explain a diagram which presents stages and you want the audience to see each stage, then you should use this kind of transition.
A good slide should be able to summarize the message to make the audience understand it easily. Avoid using transition that makes the text spinning around or moving sideways from left to right, the letter appears one by one along with the sound of gunfire and other exaggerating accessories.
Tools like bullets, arrows, widgets, and callouts should be used to direct reader attention towards the text. Additionally, using a slide, you can present a trend, comparison, and highlight key points that is more difficult to be explained by words.
Graphics like images, tables, charts, and diagrams help to exhibit information in an easy to remember format and showcase data systematically highlighting all the prime facts and figures. Numerical data can be displayed using various tables and diagrams like line, bar, pie, etc. Also, there is space for reference notes at the bottom of each slide to support the information displayed in a terse format.
Other great powerpoint presentation ideas are screen shots, images downloaded from the internet, music playing in the background, sound effects, etc.Powerpoint Presentation SlidePowerpoint is a powerful tool for presentations and after data has been displayed on the slides various animation effects can be given to it.
The images and text on a powerpoint presentation slide seldom remain static as the numerous animation effects like sparkle, grow, shrink, fly in, etc., are used to make them dynamic. There are also slide transition effects like fade-ins, fade-outs, wipes, blinds that come into effect when progressing from one slide to the next. However, do not use too many animation effects as they can be distracting and often take attention away from the subject matter that is the focus of the presentation.

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