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I want to make an argument for limiting the role of the Israeli state in maintaining Jewish institutions. In the last of our highlights, Aryeh Tepper introduces the jazz-fueled piyyut of the New Jerusalem Orchestra; first published June 17, 2010. Since our first bike ride in 2000, we have become one of the largest funders of the Jewish environmental movement. We invite you to learn about the organizations we support and support us in our work to create a healthier and more sustainable world for all.
Every year Hazon allocates a portion of of the funds raised through our bike rides to grantee organizations.
A portion of the proceeds from the New York Ride supports small projects and organizations that are building a healthier and more sustainable Jewish community. With the help of local funders, Hazon provides small grants to support Jewish, Outdoor, Food and Environmental Education projects in the Denver and Boulder areas. Hazon works with a number of partner organizations with whom we participate in shared programming. Urban Adamah is a three-month residential leadership-training program for young adults that integrates urban organic farming, social justice work and progressive Jewish living and learning.
Wilderness Torah reconnects communities to the ancient, earth-based Jewish heritage, sparking transformative Jewish experiences that build community and strengthen Jewish identity.
They envision creating a thriving Bay Area center for earth-based Judaism, a land base that functions as a community center, permaculture village, and a permanent home for local programs and work educating and training people from across the Jewish world. Romemu is a progressive, fully egalitarian community committed to tikkun olam, or social action, and to service that flows from an identification with the sacredness of all life. The premier environmental school in the Middle East, attracting Israelis, Palestinians, Jordanians, and Americans.
Rooted in the Jewish vision of creating a more environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually connected world, Eden Village Camp is dedicated to providing campers with an incredible summer experience while empowering them to promote a vibrant, sustainable future for themselves, their communities, and our planet.
A leading advocate for environmental change in Israel, the Heschel Center educates Israeli leadership in cutting edge sustainability techniques. TJL engages youth in the exploration of Jewish values, identity, and community through the combination of photography and more traditional text-based learning.
From the platform of our urban farm, Ekar applies the practices of ancient traditions, customs and teachings to engage our community in the solutions to many contemporary issues. The Green World Campaign has been cited by OnEarth, the magazine of the Natural Resources Defense Council, for its bold agenda: Turn degraded lands green again. Hazon is the anchor tenant in a residency center for second-stage Jewish non-profit organizations. Hazon works with this coalition to establish a unified and powerful Jewish social justice movement.
Hazon gathers with other environmentally driven organizations to further partnerships across the field. Hazon is also lucky to have what might be called "friends organizations," or organizations with which we share a mutually beneficial relationship – sharing ideas, resources and cross promotion, or simply organizations that we love working with. Shared Earth: A matchmaking service between those with land, and those who want to farm or garden. Honey Bee Jewish: A beekeeper, environmental educator, and performance artist who specializes in Nature Theater performances that integrate original songs, folk legends and characters to foster fascination with the honeybee, and with natural and cultural traditions. Hazon's award winning food blog, "The Jew and the Carrot," is now published in conjunction with The Jewish Daily Forward.

The JWMG aims to inform and inspire the Jewish community worldwide through publications, websites, events, custom publishing and programs. Ultimately, whatever your feelings about intermarriage, this kvelling over Mezvinsky is like the TMZ of wedding announcements. He's the co-author of "The Big Book of Jewish Conspiracies", the Humor Editor of Heeb Magazine, and a watcher of TV. Ok well yes, I guess you are right, I mean I really do not understand why some jews condem intermarriage. I asked my dad about Washington HS… He just told me that is not a nice neighbourhood… So great that you are from Mke! Subscribe to Heeb Subscribe to our newsletter to get fresh Heeb stories and events in your inbox! I do so, however, as one who wishes to see an expansion of the influence of traditional Judaism in the Israeli public square. We have given away over $700,000 to more than 100 organizations and projects in grants from our bike rides and through work with community partners. Most of these grantees are up-and-coming environmental organizations that are able to do a great deal of good with a small grant. Fellows operate an organic farm and educational center in Berkeley, CA, while interning with community-based social justice organizations addressing issues at the intersection of poverty, food security and environmental stewardship.
Unabashedly eclectic, they engage in body practices like yoga, infuse traditional liturgy with the energy of ecstatic chant, and ground our practice with meditation and contemplation.
Ekar Farm has engaged 1,000 community volunteers in growing 25,000 pounds of urban organic vegetables and has donated 90% of these vegetables (20,00 lbs) to Jewish Family Service and hunger relief organization, feeding 2,500 people a month during their harvest season. They receive donations of second- hand bikes, fix them together at their workshop, and then donate them to refugees.
By quantifying this resource on an interactive map, we hope to facilitate intimate connections between people, food, and the natural organisms growing in our neighborhoods. Smarter than most funny people, funnier than most smart people, he lives on the Lower East Side with his wife and two sons.
We are like any other jewish family, actually my mom has a phd in hebrew studies and she speaks hebrew and my dad doesnt. My dad is from Milwaukee and my mom from Mexico city and the jewish in Mexico are so orthodox…I thought you were saying a little bit like the jews should only marry jews, and I mean XXI century!
I also think they should not wear clothes that mix wool and linen, or eat porkchops, or watch saturday morning cartoons (on Saturday morning–Sunday is fine).
Hazon enjoys a number of different types of relationships with organizations in the community. The Urban Adamah curriculum is designed to equip fellows with the tools to become agents of positive change in their own lives and in their communities. Engaging Jewish, faith-based, and secular organizations, individuals, and families, Pearlstone Retreat Center serves all ages and backgrounds throughout Baltimore, the Chesapeake region, and beyond. By attending the workshop and helping to fix their own bike, all beneficiaries get actively involved in the process as much as possible. And we work closely with partners and cohort organizations to advance the conversation around Jewish environmental sustainability including launching Makom Hadash in 2010, a shared space for second-stage Jewish non-profits in Manhattan.
Twelve Urban Adamah fellows are selected to participate each season, spring, summer and fall. This enables them to learn basic bike maintenance and form long-term supportive relationships.

Create holistic ways to work for the health of our shared biosphere and the harmony of our global village. I am living in Mexico city right now and the jewish community here is so orthodox and stupid I think.
Based in Oakland, fellows have participated in the Golden Gate Ride and the Food Conference. Jewish law rescues man from unrealistic dreams, replacing them with dreams that are viable.Blowing the Whistle Moshe Simon-Shoshan, Torah Musings. According to respected Orthodox rabbis, the prohibition against reporting Jewish suspects to secular authorities rarely applies in the modern Western world. Hiding before God Jonathan Sacks, Algemeiner. Mezvinsky did was something that people do every day of the week, except that the bride in question is Chelsea Clinton. Educators reaching out to young secular Israelis in the hope of introducing them to the Talmud have discovered a willing audience.Kindertransport Remembered Lucy Ward, Telegraph. This year, Britain marks the 75th anniversary of a mass evacuation of Jewish children from Nazi-occupied Europe.Renaissance in Budapest Andrew Connelly, Helene Bienvenu, Christian Science Monitor. The anti-Semitic demagoguery peddled by Hungary's fascist Jobbik party has prompted fresh Jewish cultural and political engagement.Wednesday, May 29Bordering on Collapse Dore Gold, Israel Hayom.
As a result of the Syrian civil war, Middle East borders that have lasted since the Sykes-Picot agreement of 1916 are on the verge of erasure—and the vultures are already circling.Are the Settlements Illegal? The Geneva Convention provides no clear determination as to who has rights of sovereignty over the West Bank.Matchmaker, Matchmaker Jodi Rudoren, New York Times. A new artificial-intelligence system, capable of 4.5 trillion calculations per second, is reconstructing 100,000 fragments from the Cairo Genizah.
Accepting contemporary biblical scholarship amounts to "rejecting the attitude toward the Torah held by every Jew until Spinoza and every traditional Jew since."The Two Sauls Clive Sinclair, Times Literary Supplement. Like his biblical namesake, Saul Bellow became a monster in his dotage, according to his son's memoir.
Anti-Semitic attacks in France are becoming deadlier and more frequent, but the French public remains indifferent.Waiting for Abbas Ehud Olmert, The Tower. I proposed a compromise on sovereignty over the Temple Mount." (Interview by Avi Issacharoff)Kafka on Trial Susanne Klingenstein, Weekly Standard. Two new books show how, and how not, to approach the work of Franz Kafka, now that there is little original left to say.Lending Limits Gil Student, Torah Musings. A new law forbidding coed schools marks the latest victory in the terrorist organization’s campaign to impose its writ on all of Gaza’s institutions.Hizballah Reeling? Based on casualty reports from its own media, Hizballah is losing both young fighters and seasoned commanders in the Syrian civil war.Lone Survivor Marc Pitzke, Spiegel. Refused entry into Palestine in 1942, set adrift by Turkey in the Black Sea, the Struma was torpedoed by a Soviet submarine, killing all 800 of its Jewish passengers—except one.No Master Builder Michael Sorkin, Nation. A new book resurrects the notion that Nazi architect Albert Speer’s work has artistic merit.

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