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I had read somewhere that there is actually a scientific reason behind the cleaning of houses before Diwali. I, being terrified of crackers, would just just burn the sparklers and be happy while my dad and brother would burst the more scary crackers. Generally we would always get sweets from the market during Diwali, but I remember when I was in class (grade) 7th-8th I decided that Diwali I will make all the sweets that guests coming to our home get treated to. I had the pleasure of sharing this recipe on The Society a few days back and you can check the post out there as well.
Whether you choose to make this for your family or as gifts for your friends on Diwali or just to have as a post workout treat (yup, these would be perfect for that too) these date truffles are great. Known as the festivals of lights, Diwali celebrations generally last 5 days, with Indians all over the world celebrating it in their own special way.

Since Diwali is celebrated somewhere between mid-October to mid-November, right after monsoons end, the cleaning makes sure all the germs and infestation that monsoons brought with them get eradicated with the whitewashing, and other pre Diwali cleaning activities. As we grew up and realized how terrifying the noise is for animals (we had a dog who had the toughest time during Diwali), besides the air pollution that crackers cause, we stopped bursting crackers altogether. So I made sugar donuts, a chocolate marble barfi and some melting moment cookies, the recipe for which I from a Singaporean cookbook my mom had. They are also high energy and nutritious with iron and minerals rich dates, antioxidants from cocoa and the many benefits of nuts. Swap the nuts used below for either hazelnuts, pecans, or peanuts and the recipe would work just as well. You could also change the soaking liquid by adding lemon zest or orange zest instead of the cream cheese oil I added. In fact a lot of Hindu traditions that we follow blindly these days are backed with a very logical reasoning that we are not aware of.

Just to continue a little tradition we celebrate Diwali now by lighting a sparkler or two, and maybe an anar for fun. As far as I remember everything was delicious or at least my parents made me believe it was.
I never helped my mom in the kitchen with anything but I did have these bouts where I would decide I want to cook  or bake something, and since these were rare occasions they somehow always turned out pretty good. This year we will not be celebrating Diwali by distributing sweets since we lost our grandmother in May and its our way of paying respect to her departed soul.

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