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Description Date fruit production yields several crop residues, including date palm leaves (fronds), leaf petioles, racemes (without the dates) and pedicels. Date pedicels can be found at farm level and on processing sites, where they may be of environmental concern if not used as feed. Date leaves are found in the plantations as a result of annual pruning (Medjekal et al., 2011). Date palm leaves can be harvested at senescence and chopped to 2-5 cm length before being fed to animals (Arhab et al., 2006). It is possible to make leaf silage after chopping the fronds and mixing them with urea, or with urea and a carbohydrate-rich material such as molasses, citrus pulp or beet pulp (Ziaei et al., 2009). Nutritional aspectsNutritional attributes Date palm crop residues are all low-protein, high fibre by-products, mostly suitable for ruminants as a source of fibre.
The composition of date pedicels is very similar to that of wheat straw: about 4% DM of crude protein and 34% DM of crude fibre. Dates are fumigated to kill insects, often with methyl bromide (CH3Br) (Glasner et al., 2002).
In organic date palm production, carbon dioxide is used instead of methyl bromide (Glasner et al., 2002). Ruminants The nutritive value of date palm crop residues has been extensively studied due to their widespread availability in the countries where date production is important.
In lactating dairy cows fed on high-concentrate diets, date palm leaves can be used instead of cereal straw as a buffer to prevent acidosis. Date pedicels are similar to straw and should be used in the same way in ruminants (Arbouche et al., 2008).
Van Dyke is best known for his roles in Mary Poppins and Bye Bye Birdie as well as The Dick Van Dyke Show and Diagnosis: Murder. The ending of Person of Interest’s third season promised us a war between its two artificial intelligence surveillance systems: The Machine and Samaritan. At times, “YHWH” felt like POI’s most low-key finale and, at the same time, its busiest, as it also dealt with the street-level war between Elias and the Brotherhood and Control’s attempts to foil a plot called “The Correction” in addition to the Samaritan vs.
With Elias and the Brotherhood seemingly handled, Reese heads off to join Finch and Root in their quest to find and save The Machine. Eventually, Reese regroups with Finch and Root at an electrical substation hidden in residential Brooklyn—thus, The Machine reveals its location to its maker and acolytes. This theme—prioritizing people over protocol—also appears in Control’s story line, as she chooses Agent Devin Grice (Nick Tarabay) to help her figure out what “The Correction” is because he let Shaw go several months back. It is the Machine’s love of people, or at least the ones who work and protect it, that separates it from Samaritan. In a confrontation with Control, Greer explains that Samaritan has spent the past year observing humanity and has compiled a list of corrections that need to be made. As the season closes, we see Reese, Root, and Finch, with the Machine’s core data downloaded and safely stored inside a briefcase on the retreat. These by-products are usually distributed to animals during winter, though they can also be used year round (Genin et al., 2004).
They are used traditionally as a complementary feeding source by oasis dwellers (Medjekal et al., 2011). While some dates are sold branched (on the pedicels), others are sold after removal of the branches. Silage can also be made from chopped stems or fronds (45%) mixed with cull dates (35%), wheat bran and urea (Khorchani et al., 2004).
Pedicels chopped to 2-5 cm length and treated with urea have a higher nitrogen content (stable during storage) and a higher nutritive value.
There is a long tradition of using cull dates and date pits to feed animals, and the crop residues serve as raw materials to create household items, furniture and building materials (El-Mously, 2001). These variations can probably be explained by the stage of maturity (young leaves harvested green or after the onset of senescence).

Both the energy and protein values of these by-products are low, generally comparable to that of cereal straw (Arbouche et al., 2008). Pedicels are more or less comparable to fronds, but actual results depend probably on the precise nature of the materials offered to (and eaten by) the animals. The industrial use of the date palm residues: an eloquent example of sustainable development. Charming, fun, and the carpet-cleaning king of Nevada, Dutch is also the estranged brother of Tag (recurring guest star Jerry Van Dyke). His appearance on The Middle will mark one of the rare times the Van Dyke brothers will be together on TV again. Proclaiming “The Elias era is over—new world order,” Dominic demands that Reese hook him up with the same protection he gave Elias. At the end of last week’s episode, The Machine revealed its location to Samaritan in order to save Finch and Root. The Machine has been hiding in the power grid, and it brought its followers here for them to save it by downloading just enough of its core data for it to be rebuilt further down the line. She also makes an argument, based on Samaritan’s actions, to ditch it and start using The Machine again. The Machine’s aloofness is explained by its respect for free will; it believes people have a right to choose and only intervenes when necessary.
The discarded pedicels are then used in animal feeding in the same manner as straw (Arbouche et al., 2008). Urea-treated pedicels can be stored for a year under black plastic sheets or a mixture of clay and chopped straw (Arbouche et al., 2008). There are also differences in feeding value between whole leaves or those with the midrib and petioles removed.
Other pesticides are used, including carbamates and organophosphates, which may leave residues (Khan et al., 2001). When 4 kg of senescent date palm leaves were offered daily to dairy cows during a 196-day study, voluntary intake of the leaves ranged from 2 to 3 kg DM according to season (Bahman et al., 1993). However, urea-treated ensiled date palm fronds, supplemented by a concentrate made of local by-products, was shown to support only the maintenance requirements of growing sheep and very low weight gain over 120 days (Mahgoub et al., 2007). Study of chemical treatment effect on chemical composition and in vitro digestibility for dried date palm frond. Nutritive value assessment of some desert by-products by gas production and rumen fermentation in vitro. Old rivalries are sparked when the brothers reunite and attempt to put their differences behind them after so many years.
The war has been both philosophical and physical; however, Person of Interest has always been more interested in the former.
As it unfolds, you wonder and worry if the show will be able to bring some much-desired closure to all of its plot threads. As Finch and Root handle the downloading, Reese, again assisted by The Machine, takes out all of the Samaritan operatives who have converged on their location.
Date palm leaves contain high levels of phenols and condensed tannins (Arhab et al., 2006).
Date by-products from south-east Algeria: effects of treatment with urea and the mode of storage on their chemical composition and digestibility. Valorisation des sous-produits du palmier dattier en vue de leur utilisation en alimentation du betail. With Harold on-board for a meet, Dominic tells his men to kill Harper and Elias; however, that’s when The Machine grants Reese the benefits of God mode and helps him take out the entire room. It believes humans are inherently greedy and self-destructive, and thus require a firm hand to guide them. Not necessarily, but it was thought-provoking and opens up a world of possibilities for the show next season.

Feeding lactating dairy cows with NaOH-treated and ensiled date palm leaves at 30 or 40% of the diet (based on wheat offals, poultry manure and a concentrate) resulted in lower milk yields than when the cows were fed alfalfa hay and concentrate. Nutritive value of date palm leaves and Aristida pungens estimated by chemical, in vitro and in situ methods.
Estimation du tonnage et valeur alimentaire des sous-produits du palmier dattier chez les ovins. Feeding value and in vitro digestibility of date-palm leaves supplemented with different supplementary energy.
Dominic tries to flee, but Fusco shows up with the cavalry and arrests both Elias and Dominic.
Finch and Root travel across the city to collect the items they need to save it (including some RAM and a compression algorithm from returning POI Caleb, played by Bones’ Luke Kleintan); Finch is pleasantly surprised by the fact that The Machine has rewritten its code to enable it to intervene in situations and assist them whenever it sees fit. Its goal is not to change human nature, but to change the reality in which it is exhibited, and that’s what happens tonight as we finally learn what “The Correction” is.
Elias has spent the past two episodes monologuing, so his quick and no-fuss death isn’t too surprising. Series composer Ramin Djawadi’s ever-present score definitely holds the episode together and enhances the dramatic tension.
Yes, the setup was there, but since his introduction, Elias has been one of the show’s strongest recurring characters, so it’s a shame to see him go. The performance of dairy cows offered drinking water of low or high salinity in a hot arid climate. Use of date palm leaves in high concentrate diets for lactating Friesian and Holstein cows.
Pesticide residue analysis of date palm fruits by gas chromatography mass spectrophotometry. If you think I have lost my way, then maybe I should die.” It’s a very poignant moment between father and progeny. Voluntary intake and in vivo digestibility of different date-palm fractions by Murciano-Granadina (Capra hircus).
For some time now, Finch has had his doubts as to how much his Machine cared about people, specifically Finch and his associates. For one, Control starts it off believing she has the upperhand, but that sense of security is eventually rendered false. Moreover, what does New York City’s crime world look like without Elias and the Brotherhood at its head? Apparent digestibility of discarded and date pits together with other agricultural by-products. Effects of feeding ensiled date palm fronds and a by-product concentrate on performance and meat quality of Omani sheep.
These concerns bubble to the surface in tonight’s episode as he describes his creation as being “cryptic and withholding” on its best days and “borderline homicidal” on its worst. Greer describes himself as an idealist and presents all of this as his attempt to save the world. However, The Machine’s violation of its protocols to save Team Machine reaffirms Finch’s belief in his work. Doing bad things for the good of the world… it’s all very evil comic book mastermind-esque.
Nutrition and feeding strategies of sheep and goats under harsh climates (Strategies de nutrition et d'alimentation des ovins et caprins en climats rigoureux).

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