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Living your life with no regrets is a very difficult goal, particularly when it comes to romance, love and relationships. Marriage is difficult enough without drugs and alcohol, but when you add substance abuse into the mix, it becomes almost impossible to survive.
It’s a good idea to periodically take an inventory of your relationship in order to see what’s working and what could use improvement. Hayley Quinn has devoted her life to discovering how relationships work best and has, as a consequence become a leading dating coach in the UK, an expert on relationship and dating matters. Over the years Hayley, has committed herself to the world of dating and relationship advice as a dating coach. However by studying this fascinating area of life, she ultimately overcame her troubled childhood and now believes that with the right advice and you providing the determination to change, most people can get a great return on their efforts in relationships and lead the life they want. So whether your goal is to create opportunities to meet the someone special, find that perfect partner who you feel you could be truly happy with, make your current relationship work as well as it can, raise your ability to choose who you want to be with, or just be happy in life generally…Hayley has the ideas and methods to help you achieve that. She is intensely practical too and promises to always be realistic about what you can achieve and to tailor everything she recommends to you and your exact personal circumstances. She has frequently featured on TV and in the media as a dating and relationships expert for Channel 4, Cosmopolitan, FHM and the Independent. Hayley is now our exclusive dating coach for Matchmakers, within the personal introductions arena and all clients receive an initial one to one consultation with Hayley and follow up recommendations in writing – this is an integral feature of our Matchmakers service which is fully inclusive in the price. Where you can meet your future partner….we bet she can tell you 3 places you would never have thought of!! How you can start to form real connections so that you enjoy social interactions much more. Allow people to understand that you’re attracted to them in a way that isn’t needy but avoids the ‘friend zone’. Turbo charge your whole life for holistic results (just thank Hayley if you get a raise as well as a few dates).

Sign up to Matchmakers today and we will put you in touch with Hayley on a complimentary basis. Many people deal with their pain (and fear of being alone) through getting involved with somebody else – often too soon. You understand your dating and relationship habits and patterns. Especially the unhelpful ones! You’ve learnt to listen to your gut feeling and to not ignore or rationalise red flags. You’re able to walk away when you realise something or somebody is not good for you. My most important healing process has been to take personal responsibility for what went wrong and stop blaming others.
The flipside is that taking responsibility means I have the power to create turnaround change, and so wonderful new possibilities start with me too. People would have a much easier time with relationships if they went into relationships with these guidelines. Thank you Candice – really appreciate your comment and yes, couldn’t agree more!
The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. I'm a relationship and dating coach specializing in breakups, divorce, and women's dating issues.
Nearly everyone has a sad story about someone they should’ve introduced themselves to, or asked for their phone number, or kissed, or proposed to, or kept from walking out the door. Rather than waiting until things break down, which usually leads to fighting and bruised feelings, it’s better to keep an eye on potential problems and catch them before they become too serious.
Hayley has also worked frequently internationally providing relationship and dating advice. Through exploring the patterns and solutions as to how dating works,  the attraction process, why some people become incredibly popular and why sometimes it doesn’t work out due to the most fundamental errors being made… she has risen to become one of the leading worldwide dating experts.

You don’t expect another person or a relationship to meet all your needs and make you happy – you’re doing a pretty good job of this yourself!
Of course, let them also take responsibility if they can, but if they do not, that is not my concern. I really like the way you illustrate practical tools for having a foundation of self-love and sense of self as readiness for partnership. I think many (if not most!) of us learn this through a lot of hurt and heartbreak eventually. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Whether you are the dumper or the dumpee, when something you thought had potential, when someone you thought was special, turns out not to be, it’s a blow to both the ego and your sense of optimism. Her life however wasn’t always as glitzy and successful as it is today and she frequently tells the story of growing up as a chubby, poor, geeky kid in rural England – certainly life hasn’t always been plain sailing or straight forward for Hayley.
They don’t make excuses and they take every opportunity to spend time with you and invest in you and a potential future together. Unravelling it all and setting them on a new path to finally have the lasting and fulfilling relationship and deep connection they want. And you don’t expect a new relationship to ‘rescue’ you from emotional or financial problems.

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