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We have been users of online dating longer than we care to admit and, although it is not a particular source of pride, we have grown accustomed to it as part of life. Over 90 per cent of people are good looking if the only patch of skin you’re looking at is a forehead.
Is the only good picture of you the one where you’re feeding poor children in a third world country? While this may be a reasonable request realistically speaking, things aren’t starting off on the right foot if you have to spell it out for someone. Same goes for women who only mention The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and The Shopaholics books as favourites. A lot of people like to say that they are always travelling, and are never in one place for a long time.

Also, if you’re looking for a somewhat long term relationship, it doesn’t really make sense to even entertain a person who is clearly looking to fill their passport book with stamps to show anyone and everyone around them. It has even given us a surprisingly strong sense of who people are based on thumbnail-sized profile pictures on a website. It’s doubly deceiving when a guy has a beard (hiding a weak jaw, maybe) or a girl is hiding under a scarf (no chin at all?). We have seen long rants about exes and manifestos on how women should act, which – no thanks.
Thompson and Chuck Palahniuk are great, but would it kill you to list something in your interests that isn’t so male-oriented?
You definitely learn more about a person face to face, because not everyone can describe themselves succinctly via an online dating profile.

People who write about what they don’t want already sound like the type of negative person we don’t want to be around. Now, we are not against the concept of travel, but when it becomes a bragging right and leads to a picture of a person feeding morsels of food to a poor third world child, that laptop screen angle goes from 90 degrees to 0.

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