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Dating violence, like domestic violence, is a pattern of controlling, and abusive behaviors of one person over another within a romantic relationship.
If there’s one thing Glee has (probably unintentionally) gotten right about high school, it’s the whirlwind romances, unrequited crushes, and homecoming hook-ups that leave dizzy onlookers in desperate need of some Dramamine. This is by no means meant to be a comprehensive encyclopedia of every musical misfit who's ever made googly eyes at the captain of the football team—I had to eat, sleep, and shower at some point, you know? The Glee Wiki was heavily relied upon during the making of this graphic, as some of those crushes literally lasted for a single episode. This is missing a lot of connections and not that easy to read, but a fun idea to do non the less. Maybe I'm looking at it wrong, but shouldn't there be a yellow line between Finn and Kurt as well?
Yeeeah, a lot of the relationships are actually probably too complicated to be summed up as "broken up" because that kind of implies an ACTUAL relationship, and especially with like, Santana, a lot of her "break ups" are with beards who only dated each other to hide their sexualities.
Who Is Becky G Dating Right Now?Becky G's current boyfriend is Austin Mahone.Becky G Dating HistoryBecky G has had 1 public relationship dating back to 2014.

Interracial relations are a beautiful thing, but for some people it can be a difficult thing to accept, especially for some parents. Today’s generation is more accepting than when our parents and grandparents were growing up. Funny though, if the chart was expanded to the whole school, Britanny's banged lines would spread like a spider-web as she has said that she has at least made out with a majority of the school. When I hear stories from individuals (and remember personal experiences) about parents that just won’t accept interracial relationships I knew I had to write about it. It is helpful for interracial couples to prepare for spoken and unspoken stereotypes they will encounter on a daily basis. I particularly love the line "But you know how those Glee kids are, all raging hormones and negligible self-control." So very, very true. It saddens me to hear comments like, “it seems like all the other races are taking all of our men”, or, “why can’t they date their own kind”. Chances are most parents are closed minded, so talking to a sibling or a best friend about it first. If you have no siblings to talk to or they don’t agree, you will have to just be stronger in your position.

Concerns, anxieties, and fears need to be addressed fairly early in interracial relationships.
On the positive note I’ve heard, “It’s good to see two different races together because we are equal”.
You don’t want your family to think you are only dating this person as a form of rebellion. As much criticism as I get, a relationship with someone of a different race doesn’t define me.
The fact of the matter is there are people in society that are just not accepting of others based on the color of their skin and their background. Most likely we tell our friends that we are in an interracial relationship before our parents. Through interracial relationships, we find love and happiness and more beautiful generations of children to follow.

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