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Before his hand would land on her, Emma Tessler was already silencing the alarm bells going off in her head. It wasA Y Combinator's Demo Day in 2014, and Tessler's co-founder Lauren Kay had pitched their startup, The Dating Ring, to a crowded room full of venture capitalists. They thought it had gone great: Their app could take on the dating industry by doing the work of matching for you, instead of the constant swiping left and right, messaging and then hopefully a date. Tessler, the company's co-founder and COO, approached an investor whom she had met earlier in the day. The incident underscores the kind of thorny situations that many women in Silicon Valley's booming tech industry face.
Tessler and Kay, for example, are speaking to Business Insider and also published blog posts detailing their journey fundraising as females. Tessler, Kay and another founder Katie Bambino took a couple days to decide what to do before ultimately writing back to turn down the money. That decision was not easy and led to a lot of self-doubt and worries that they may have deprived the young company of important momentum. After Demo Day, Kay took on the majority of fundraising work as CEO and started lining up calls with investors. Kay has a few specific examples of being treated differently during the fundraising process:A VC's who invited her to events as personal invites, investors who described her as "beautiful" with "beautiful" cofounders. To be clear, Kay and Tessler do not blame their inability to raise more money on their gender. The co-founders are speaking publicly about it now because their company is stable andA getting by on cash flow with no plans to raise again in the near future.A Not all female founders can speak out about what they face though, and it's a business decision that Tessler knows not everyone can make.
You might alienate potential investors while your company is too fragile to stand on its own, or getA backlash from some members of the tech community itself, who continue to debate whether this is a problem at all.
It was a whirlwind courtship for hip-hop star Bow Wow and Love & Hip-Hopa€™s Erica Mena and now the two are engaged to be married. The Instagram photo shows Ericaa€™s manicured fingers next to Bow Wowa€™s tattooed forearm and wrist.
According to reports, the couple first met when Mena stopped by 106 & Park where Bow Wow serves as a host.
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Students develop a basic knowledge of dendrochronology using the specially designed simulated tree cores in this engaging kit.
By analyzing rings found in cross sections of trees, a team of researchers has found new evidence that the climate is hotter today than it was in the so-called medieval warming period, a discovery that some scientists say rebuts a key argument of global warming skeptics. A study of D’Arrigo’s has been getting a lot of attention recently because it was cited in the new assessment report issued by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. She reconstructed temperatures from the past 1250 years and found that temperatures are, on average, 0.7 degrees Celsius higher now than during the medieval warming period. D’Arrigo’s study has become a key piece of evidence countering assertions by those who argue that the current warming trend is not caused by emissions from burning carbon-based fuels, but is merely part of a natural cycle that was exceeded 1,000 years ago. Other tree ring scientists agree that the evidence shows temperatures are warmer now than in medieval times and say humans are responsible. Still, not all researchers are convinced that tree rings can accurately reconstruct temperatures during the medieval warming period. Loehle also stated that the current warming is not more pronounced than in the past, and that “the medieval warming period was either comparable to today or a hair warmer.” According to Loehle, tree rings can be used to track climate change only if there is a way to confirm the results, such as with weather records or other kinds of studies that track climate.
Dendrochronology, or examining tree rings as a method for scientific dating, is one way scientists track changes in the climate.
Scientists have also examined changes in solar radiation and the atmosphere in the past using carbon dating on tree rings. In her study, D’Arrigo compared rings from multiple trees to garner information about climate history. All comments are moderated, your comment will not appear on the site until it has been approved.
The idea that anyone can get an accurate temperature reading of the past from tree rings is ridiculous. Recent Comments“The meat industry is probably the most heavily tax subsidized industry of all.
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He was also from New York so he suggested that they go out for drinks when they were both back in the city. That's an opportunity to talk to an investor more,'" Tessler said in an interview with Business Insider. But his one-handed hug had landed his hand on the side of her breast a€” right as he offered $50,000 to invest in Dating Ring.

People she confided in had the same "that's messed-up" reaction, but she facedA doubt and fears of over-reacting, she said.
The three said they were being strategic about which investors they were choosing to partner with. The company raised only $455,000 in March and May 2014, and haven't raised any money since. Many companies with female founders also crash and burn not because of sexist actions, but because of bad ideas, bad execution, bad luck, or any of the other factors that can sink a company.
After all, they can't change the fact that they are female, so they couldn't change anything about the amount they raised.
Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Moss, posted a photo to his Instagram account of the diamond-encrusted ring he presented to his girlfriend of six months. Your students will learn the important effects of climate on living things as they unravel secrets about the age and history of trees.
She concluded, through studying samples of trees collected in 66 locations in North American and Europe, that current temperatures are warmer than at any time over the previous millennium – even the so-called “medieval warming” of the Tenth through Fourteenth Centuries.
In a 2004 study published in Nature, Sami Solanki and researchers from the Max-Planck-Institute in Germany reconstructed sunspots from the past 11,000 years using carbon 14 dating on tree rings. Temperatures that are too high, including night time temperatures, may slow or stop growth.
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While walking a red carpet at the BET Awards in Atlanta Saturday, Mena was asked if the two were an official couple. They will also be asked to estimate the climate of a particular year in the distant past by carefully studying a tree's annual rings. They have clear and physical reasons… and we can say with a great deal of confidence, as the IPPC did say, that the particular combination of conditions that we are seeing now cannot be explained in terms of natural variability,” said Malcolm Hughes, a nationally prominent tree ring specialist at the University of Arizona.
Then the growth will fade.” He went on to say that because of this, the studies are qualitative and are difficult to add up. Is there any possible to give solution for this climatic condition using this tree ring structure?

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