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The user experience is all over the place, every search result is different, some profiles have photos, some don’t, some photos are hidden, some profiles are inactive, very confusing.
They should consider rolling that out as a billing feature.In what particular circumstances would someone want to see search results across religious sites like JDate and Christian Mingle?Why can’t I filter results by site? That can’t be right, can it?There are 25 women in Boston who use the word restaurant in their profile? Something is seriously wrong with the search algorithm.Search results are spotty, the lack of simple geographic filtering is a big problem.

Women who mention biking in New Jersey show up before women in the Boston area.Search results don’t display photos! Hello user interface person, did they let you into any meetings?I click on one more text result and am greeted with a mini-version of the profile of a woman with a great smile. I can see her photo, but then we have the signup page below her profile and the alert “You have exceeded the visitor search limit. Spark spent zero time differentiating the user experience ad marketing copy for each constituency.

Click and pray.Why doesn’t spark give you the option to create an account on Facelink?Why did they bother to create a separate standalone site?

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