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There are a variety of ways of creating your PowerPoint presentation, and one of them is to start from scratch. If you want to sacrifice flexibility for speed, you may prefer instead to create a presentation using a template. And if you’re looking to get started making your own PowerPoint or SlideShare presentation, why not learn from the best of the best?
Click here to download 20 examples of top-notch PowerPoint presentations and get tips for creating one of your own!
Mary Meeker’s report on the latest internet trends is one of the most hotly anticipated data reports of the year. Most marketers are looking to grow … but sometimes they can get stuck making incremental improvements. Even though Upworthy’s got a bad rap for creating clickbait headlines, their lessons on going viral are incredible interesting. Not to toot our own horn, but this presentation has been one of our most successful SlideShares, so we wanted to share it with you. This presentation is inspirational from a design perspective — we especially love the color scheme. Learning from mistakes is a crucial part to growing in your professional and personal lives. Once you start designing presentations, it’s easy to fall back on tried-and-true layouts, photos, fonts, and colors. Besides having some great takeaways for any inbound marketer, I love how this presentation successfully uses Creative Commons images in almost every slide.

When they’re first getting started, many startups and agile teams talk about creating a minimal viable product — using the smallest amount of resources to produce something that’s good enough to begin testing. This SlideShare challenges the MVP concept in favor for creating something that people love. If you’re graduating from school or making a career change and looking to get into marketing, it can feel tough to actually get started.
If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. In the SlideShare presentation below, Mark Johnstone outlines a better way to brainstorm ideas that will help build your business. Definitely take a second to flip through the presentation, as you’ll learn a great lesson while also soaking up a great piece of SlideShare content. Using complementary colors (colors opposite each other on the color wheel) can be overwhelming at times, but because Soap Presentations uses them with lots of white space in the background, the colors draw your attention to the content of the slides.
I also love how this presentation is very concise and minimal, as it helps communicate a fairly advanced topic in an easy-to-understand way. The whole black-and-white color scheme really makes the salmon accent color pop — and the SlideShare creatively combines these elements for different slide layouts.
Most of us are concerned with keeping up with the latest and greatest changes … but have you ever taken a minute to step back in time?
While keeping everything consistent can be good for branding or for shipping a deck quickly, it can also prevent people from noticing the awesome new content you’ve put together. Check it out — it has lessons even for those of us who aren’t building technology every day.

When you’re creating mobile-optimized content, you need to know how people actually use their phones — and the presentation below will you a great overview of consumer behavior.
The reason his slides are so straightforward is because of the way he’s laid them out. He shares some tried-and-true tips for creating awesome presentations that rack up tons of views. This SlideShare outlines some core lessons successful entrepreneurs have learned by making mistakes. The quick presentation below shows you a few different ways you can design the same slide — all depending on what you want it to accomplish. It’s thoughtful, funny, and a great SlideShare to keep in your back pocket for a rainy day.
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