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If you consider Zuma's Revenge father to the more recent Zuma Blitz, then meet the grand pappy of all that is Zuma: Um, Zuma.
And since the original Zuma is the foundation for all games of its ilk, we're sure it still holds up.
So, why not just take advantage of the fact that PopCap has this knowledge and get a free game out of it? Many people have heard of Quetzalcoatl’s legend and his countless treasures, hidden in one of 20 ancient Aztec temples. As a courageous treasure hunter, you decide to set off for a dangerous adventure through the jungle to seek out the treasury.
Zuma Deluxe 2013 latest version is an extremely simple, and it has to be said, extremely addictive puzzle game.
As the stone frog idol of the ancient Zuma Deluxe 2013, you must unearth 13 legendary temples.

And it can be yours for absolutely free, if you sign up for PopCap's free email newsletter. According to the promotion page, "there are big doings at PopCap," and the company can't wait to tell us about them. But since this post mentions the words "Zuma" and "free" multiple times, we're sure you've already hit up Google. It even got someone like me who avoids puzzles online game like the plague, glued to the pc version computer.
The frog spits out different colored balls that destroy other balls whirling around the frog on their way to the center to access a sacred golden skull. Fire balls to make sets of three, but be quick or you are history in this action-puzzler set to tribal tunes. It’s your job in Zuma Deluxe 2013 pc version to make sure that the online game frog spits out enough balls to destroy the balls that are aiming towards the golden skull before you get there.

When three balls or more are lined up in a row, if you hit anyone of those balls with a ball of the same color, the balls disappear and you earn points online game. It’s deceptively addictive once online game you get going, and quite therapeutic as you watch the balls gradually get blown away.
Zuma Deluxe 2013 latest version features 3D accelerated graphics online game and effects, explore new realms in adventure mode, test your skills in gauntlet mode, and explore 13 temples. You can sometimes change the color of the ball you are gong to spit by clicking the right mouse button – hit the left button to fire.
PST, all you need to do to get the original Zuma (on PC or Mac) for zilch is provide PopCap with your email address.

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