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Last Saturday I went to Ross to pick up some decorative novelties during which I caught a glimpse of America’s disposition; to be a “competitively elitist” (Solomon 525). NEXT POSTCircus Vargas As I was driving by the 78 freeway and saw a colossal round tent made out of a heavy-duty synthetic fabric, bordered by a mob of witticism addicts, I recognized one of America’s contradictions; consumerism. PREVIOUS POSTRise of the Cruisers During my exhausting excursion at the bicycle shop in Oceanside, I recognized one of the most pervasive contradictions in America; money can buy happiness. There are three criteria that need to be considered when choosing an outfit to impress a guy: you have to take into account the location and context of the outing, the outfit should say something about you and your look should be impeccable, but without showing that you’ve tried too hard, like someone just pulled you out of a box. If you go out, you should always consider the time and location to choose the right outfit. If you go to a cocktail bar, you can opt for a less elegant outfit in favor of a more daring one.
If you go to a movie, you can choose a more relaxed, but modern outfit: a pair of jeans with a delicate silk blouse and a pair of heels, for example. Get some inspiration from Miranda Kerr and pair your jeans with an airy tucked-in navy blouse and black flats. I'm starting this thread because it's an interesting topic that has grown out of (and kind of derailed) another thread. Although Ross is known for their off-price paraphernalia, Ross is also recognized for having a wide range of dresses; from a close fitting sheath dress, to a sleeveless sundress, to a long flowing coronation dress, up to a glamorous floor-length red carpet prom dress. The outfits you choose to wear everyday are very important, because they create an impression of you, everywhere you go.

A leather jacket, a pair of high-heeled boots and a dress with evening make-up will make you look irresistible. You can wear a daring neckline, or bare shoulders, but be careful to show only a little skin, you don’t want to fall into the vulgar side of things. If you like a romantic style, with pastel colors and floral prints, don’t choose a structured suit, just because the restaurant’s dress code demands it.
Look at yourself in the mirror, check every piece you wear and always try to create the illusion of an hourglass silhouette, by choosing the right clothes for your figure. Casual button-down shirts, jeans (worn by both partners and staff), lots of ankle boots, the occasional pair of 'architecty' sneakers. Mostly whatever we want sans a white V neck t-shirt which my boss thought was underwear when I came in on a Friday.
When I arrived at the store, I went straight to the ‘women’s dresses’ section to skim through the store’s new arrivals.
And who says that “looks don’t matter” should know that humans are built to notice appearances first, and that for someone to become interested in what’s “underneath it all” you need to pass the test of the first impression. Wear a powder colored dress and a pair of nude stilettos with a romantic curly hairstyle, like Jessica Stroup.
Don’t wear too many accessories, choose two that fit your personality and keep your look as natural as possible.
I have occasionally worn a sequined sweater or bright-colored pants without anyone looking askance.

Next to me is a pretty young lady and who as I’ve heard looking for a dress for her high school prom.
Since a lot of subtle messages are transmitted through your outfits, your every look must be flawless. Opt for an elegant dress, slightly low-cut paired with stiletto heels or for tight trousers paired with a silk blouse. She keeps on nagging her mom about getting her the dress that she wants and two other identical dresses to make sure that her classmates who shop at the same store won’t get a chance to have the same dress or as she said the “prettiest [dress] of them all.”As they continue to convince each other on whether to purchase the dresses or not, I realized how this driven girl suitably illustrates America’s inclination to compete for fame which results for the diminishment of our American value of egalitarianism.
Of course you still need to consider about what to wear for different occassions because what to wear to a concert is very different from what to wear to a summer beach.
Innately, prom is about “having the best night of your life” with your friends instead of “longing for a greater share of the pie [also known as fame]” (Solomon 525). Americans’ strive for fame and recognition because in reality it is what many of us try hard to achieve and by competing and winning over others we “bask [ourselves] alone in the glory” (Solomon 525).

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