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Pixie haircuts differ in style, some are too short yet others have a moderate length just like the one in the picture above. Use a heat protectant:- If you opt for the curling tool, you need to protect that fine hair with a heat protectant. This is another version of pixie haircuts, if you love super short haircuts, you should give a try to this trend.
Apply Dye:- You should choose a color which looks good on you, the best way of determining this is by testing with temporary hair dye, because you can easily wash it out. Just like you see the lady in the picture looking amazing with the hair style there is therefore no doubt that a lady with a square face shape will look as nice as the lady in the picture or even better.
Try a good hair conditioner and shampoo; most of you love adding conditioner to all your hair but your advised to only add conditioner to the ends of hair to avoid split ends.
Avoid excessive combing of your hair; this makes your hair break and adds split ends to it which makes it your look disorganized.
Use styling products; different people use different styling products therefore choose a styling product of your choice before you start styling your hair to make it easy for to style.
Blow dry hair; when drying your please ensure to use your finger to bring out the hair style well, combs will make the waves disappear so endeavor to use your fingers to blow dry.
Cut your hair; to make a similar look like that of the lady above you need to cut your hair so as to the ends look as nice as they do in the picture above. Avoid using combs; for this kind of hair style you only need to pass your fingers through the hair to make the waves appear they are in that picture.
Let your hair air dry; after washing your its not s must that you should use tools to dry it, you can also leave your to air dry this is advantageous in such a way that,  in the short run the tools make your look nice but in the long run the tools instead damage your hair. Use of shampoo; if you’re the kind that loves to wash your hair daily, you should always use a gentle shampoo.
Do not comb your hair when it’s wet; when styling your please make sure that it is thoroughly dry, combing your when it’s still wet is very dangerous to your hair.
Apply styling products; first of all this hair style rocks for those with naturally curly hair. Dry your hair; after adding the curl enhancer you can go ahead to dry your hair using a diffuser this makes your curls stand out well. Use a curling wand; if some bits of your hair haven’t curled out well use the curling wand to add curls to those bits of your hair that need more curls. Use a hair spray; after all this is done use a spray to make your hair look bright and shiny and to make the curls stay firm. Long and narrow face shapes look perfect with kind of hair style, because of the volume on the sides it will look very nice on the long faces since it makes your narrow face appear wider.
Use of hair conditioner;  use a hair conditioner that is not too heavy and not too light for fine curly hair. Do not wash your daily; washing your hair daily also makes the curls disappear slowly by slowly so you can choose days when you prefer to wash your hair so that you maintain the curls.
Always use a hair spray; the best way to care for curls is by spraying your hair on a daily basis because it makes the curls firm.
Cut your hair short; first of all, to get a look the one in the picture you to cut your hair short.
Apply styling products; when your about to style your hair always keep at the back of your mind that you should apply the product when your hair is still wet.
Detail the hair style with your fingers; since these waves are simple and spiky passing  your finger the hair will the best way be the best way to make your hair appear like the one in the picture.
Get rid of any tools; they will destroy your hair or if you must use heat protectors to prevent the damage that the heat produced by these tool s may cause to your hair.

Using hair treatment; adding a suitable hair treatment to your will absolutely make you proud of your own hair, adding treatment through out the night and you wash it out the next day is very good and advisable. Blow dry with a round brush; use the round brush during blow drying to add a bit of volume to the hair. Use a styling product; add a little styling product and pass your fingers through and you will be good to go. The hair style is good for those with round wide faces, the hair style will give you a beautiful and amazing look and is comfortable for the women at this age. Dry your hair carefully;  avoid wrapping your hair in a towel when it is still wet because this may cause strand s of hair t break off, and since wet hair is very delicate.
How to use the blow dry; for some people blow drying is seen as harmful but in actual sense it will only be harmful if used wrongly. Be careful on how to use styling products; styling products can be very harmful to you if applied directly on the scalp, if you must apply directly on the scalp do not do it daily. Apply a styling product on wet hair; it’s always advisable to apply the styling product on your on strands of your hair when your hair is still wet. Blow dry hair; use your fingers when b low drying your hair, for this hair style to appear the way it appears on the lady in the picture. Try using or applying dye; think about your skin color and apply dye that will match with your skin color. Use spray wax; this spray wax helps give even and controlled distribution of wax on your hair. Mind what you eat; the foods you eat have great effect on you hair, nails and skin therefore foods like essential fatty acids will keep your hair strong and prevent it from breaking easily. Use the right heat styling tool; in this you should use tool that have variable heat levels that is to say tools where by you can adjust the heat to the level you need. OLIXE MAGAZINE claims no credit for any images featured on this site unless otherwise noted.
Medium Length Hairstyles for Women Over 50 – Style your hair can say a lot about you.
The hairstyle you choose should flatter the shape of your face, the texture of your hair and, Yes, your personality as well. All this woman had shoulder length hair with layers that frame the face them without covering them. When you want to change, pull the hair back into a ponytail while leaving some lower layers provide a sophisticated look without having to do much.
As for the styling, You can pretty much wash, apply gel or mousse and then blows it with a hairdryer.
Medium Length Hairstyles for Women Over 40 – Medium length hair styles work best for every type of hair texture and facial cut. Beautiful Layered Hairstyles for Women Over 50 – Layered hairstyles for women is a very stylish hairstyles. Copyright © 2013 Natural Hair Care, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
Well, you don’t have to worry any more because on this list I have featured some of the best short haircuts for fine hair.
You can bleach your hair and get a similar color complex like the lady in the photo above, but you need to be sure that the color you have opted for suits your looks and skin color tone. However, to give that fine hair a volumized look, you need to wash it cold water, avoid using shower water which has chlorine, this is a strong chemical which will wipe out all natural oils from your hair. On the other hand, you wrap a towel over the head so that it absorbs the water and leave the hair moist but not wet.

Natural hair grows on a daily basis, so to keep that short level; you need to trim your hair at least twice in a month. Use the right shampoo to clean your hair and blow dry it so that it stays moist but not wet. Set the curling iron to a moderate temperature, if your hair gets dry during the curling process, sprinkle some little water over the hair and continue to roll the hair strands on the curling barrel. Apply this product to moist fine hair so that it gets a thick volume, because most of these hairstyles will look cute when you have a little bit of thickness. Only use a lot of conditioner on your hair if you have oily hair which rare for those with fine hair. Always ensure to comb your hair when it is dry, combing your hair when its still wet can cause serious damage to it. If you use a strong shampoo to wash your hair then you should avoid washing your hair daily because it makes your weak and will therefore break.
So after choosing which ever product you want to apply to your hair make sure to apply it when your hair is still wet. Therefore when blow drying your hair, keep the blow drier a distance away from your hair, this way your hair will be dry and safe.
You should therefore apply the styling products carefully on the strands of your hair if you apply them daily.
It’s always advisable to use temporary hair dye that is easy to wash out in case it does not look like you expected. Keeping these factors in mind will help you decide on a hairstyle that is flattering, easy to style and fun to wear. Most flattering hair styles are those with the coating and split up either on one side or in the middle. This hairstyle is rather simple because it requires nothing more than some mousse or hair gel is applied to the roots and round brush to lift when blow drying. Depending on whether your face is round, square, heart-shaped or long, you can have shorter layers or longer depending on what is most flattering for you. Even women with wavy or curly hair can wear a layered style without compromising the look of glamour. This type of hairstyle has a small diameter which makes it weak and easy to break, so make sure you treat it gently.
Think about women with long gray hair that looks like they are in the sixties or seventies, but actually only in their forties and fifties. With the use of studded beads or a ponytail holder or clip, Your up-do is nothing short of chic.
And for the more mature woman, offering imagination, youthful look without sacrificing the maturity or find a really inappropriate for your age. Check out my tips on how to improve fine hair.  To choose the best style, check out these glamorous short haircuts for fine hair below, and if none of these style grab your attention then check out my other collection of 7 Short Sassy Hairstyles! The last thing you want to do is choose a hair style that makes you look much older than you.
At the same time, you don’t want to choose a hair style that works better on younger generations. If you are a woman older than fifty with medium length hair, you are lucky enough to have a lot of options to choose from hairstyling.

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