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If you tell others about my work, please only link back to my blog, but don’t copy my patterns to your site. Once your slipper reaches the length to fit a women, then take the ends of the last round, and slip stitch across to close it for the heel.
If the season is really chilly at outside then how will you protect your toes from getting cold?
You can wear these shows in office and on cold home floors as well, outdoor use is not recommended. If there is high intensity of cold then give toes a great coverage by crocheting some slippers in best fitted size. Mostly crochet shoes patterns are made without soles and are just confined to interior use only, if you want them as all rounder shoes then add some leather soles to them as given in this crochet inspiration.
Kids are mostly become the victim of cold-weather due to their unexpected escapism to outdoor without any weather-protective costume or accessories. Combine some navy blue and chocolaty strands of yarn through some artful crochet stitches to make this amusing footwear.
If you are sorting out some no-brainer and uncomplicated crocheting projects then why not give your skills a tremendous start by crocheting this shoes pattern.
Crocheting is held much helpful for winters as you can you can produce many winter warmer products out of it. We have also introduced a great variety of crochet shawls, free crochet scarf pattern and much more.
Thanks for your comment, Please tell which pattern you want, I’ll find that pattern for you. I was looking for crochet slipper patterns and thought: What better place to look for them than on Pinterest! This crochet slipper pattern include button straps, texture stitches and single or double soles. This free crochet slipper pattern makes these cute flat slippers with embellishments on the front.

November 13, 2012 By: Tamara Kelly26 Comments Subscribe to the Free Weekly Newsletter A while back I put together a roundup of Booties for Babies, but with the holidays coming, ’tis the season for crochet slippers for all! Bonus Pattern #21: Simple Chunky Cable Crochet Slippers, here on Moogly: Now you can make slippers from a Moogly pattern! Be sure to check out and like the moogly Facebook page to get the latest updates, links, sneak peeks, and more! If you really want something soft, light weight and luxurious for your feet along with protection against deadly blast of cold-weather then explore these 10 DIY free patterns for crochet slipper boots which are really guy-friendly and gift-worthy in designs.
We have crocheted the slipper boot patterns, kids crochet slippers, crochet slipper with high knees and some really arresting designs with straps. Just let your hands and finger tweaked for creative type of crocheting and make these crochet footwear copied with your own lovely styles of crochet stitches. Crochet patterns are not only useful as a great winter warmer but also go for subtle and fashionable manifestations.
Try this creative crochet pattern of shows which qualifies all the protective and stylish requirements of popular crochet shoes.
This pair of shoes has also been crocheted through some bulky weights of white yarn and make a completely lush and elfin statement of footwear. Just stay attached to get some more hidden ideas of crocheting and some free and gorgeous styles of crochet stitches with their hilarious combinations.
Make slippers from this crochet slipper pattern for kids and different women’s sizes. I’ve rounded up the cutest, coziest, and warmest slippers for men, women, teens and kids – and each and every one of these twenty crochet patterns is free! The Nana Slippers, Monster Eyes, Slipper Boots, and Seaspray Slippers can be made in any size at all! To get the patterns for the slippers in this roundup, just click on the name of each pattern that your interested in – the blue text means it’s a link to the pattern!
I don’t know of anything specifically, but I think a shaggy boucle type yarn would work.

There are lots of patterns on Ravelry – you might find what you’re looking for there!
You will need to use measuring tape to help you with this pattern and the women’s foot available if the shoe size is a different size. Just look at them to broad your vision about crocheting and to get some fashionable crochet statements. Crochet stuff and patterns are highly customizable you can change the hue preferably and can add desired value thickness to them by using more strands of yarn.  These crochet pattern will surely change your thinking about crocheting and your will find some new ways to stitch the yarn here. Try these coolest crochet shoe patterns with spring and winter outfits and dresser just to feel and look great. Crochet products and crafts are really soft and light weight so your kids can run fast by wearing them. Get these crochet slippers with high knees to make great compliments to winter dresses and outfits and this would also serve as a great warmer to warm your toes.
You can just wear them as socks and their funky looks and comfy boot interiors will force you to not take them off all the day long. So there’s no excuse to have cold feet this winter – and 20 great reasons to have toasty warm ones!
Materials required for this crochet slipper pattern includes 60 gr DK weight yarn, 3.35mm (D) hook and 2 buttons. And if you’re worried about them being too slippery on hardwood or tile, check out these 7 Great Ways to Make Slippers Non Slip! Please try clicking on the name of the pattern underneath the picture of the pattern you want.

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