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As global trade expands and our world seems to shrink, the need to speak another language is becoming increasingly important.
We offer customised and flexible training plans for foreign and English Language courses in over 19 centres across the world.
We work alongside our sister company, Language Studies International, to provide English Language Courses and Foreign Language courses. We are committed to teaching different languages and making the learning process as simple and as effective as possible.
Intonation's Assistant Translation Manager Rachael Cox talks about helping the future stars of the industry at a Portsmouth University translation event organised by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting.
Did you miss the MNC opportunity because you could not converse in English with the Interviewer?
The Premium Semi-Intensive English program offers language instruction with an approach that integrates four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.
II Intermediate Courses develop learners' awareness of the relationship of grammar to meaning. III High Intermediate Courses enhance learners' ability to communicate with and understand English speakers. IV Advanced Courses further develop learners' fluency in speaking, reading, listening and speaking.
ELECTIVE ENGLISH COURSESElective courses are special classes designed to supplement and reinforce language acquisition.
Pronunciation and Accent Reduction I and II This course reinforces speaking and listening skills. Advanced Academic Grammar I & II This course is designed for advanced college- or professional-bound ESL students in need of an intensive grammar review.
Advanced Academic Listening and Speaking I & II With emphasis on listening and speaking, this course is will develop listening strategies, refine listening comprehension skills, and expand students vocabulary.
Intensive ESL for BusinessOur ESL for Business course is designed to prepare students to succeed in business and enlarge their knowledge of the business world.
Help:Use the Education UK search tool to find courses and scholarships at UK schools, colleges and universities. Each year, thousands of children and teenagers from around the world come to the United Kingdom for an English language course. You may want to do a short course during your holidays, or to help you prepare for school or university. In the UK, teachers try to make lessons as interactive and entertaining as possible – enjoying your lessons helps you learn more effectively. Don’t worry if you are shy about speaking the language – plenty of your classmates will feel the same! UK teachers and school staff working with young students must also pass a Disclosure and Barring Service check.
Although the UK is generally a safe place, it is important to look after yourself wherever you are in the world.
The UK is the top destination worldwide for English language study, with courses for all ages and abilities. The British Council is the United Kingdom's international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities.
Our English Language programs integrate the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The Intensive course consists of two hours of English as a second language and one hour of Intensive conversation a day. This course is considered by authorities a recreational course and does not qualify students to apply for the Student Visa (F-1), through our school or any other school under American Authority. For over 30 years, our English Language school in Washington, DCs has offered English Language Courses as a Foreign Language to international students.
At our English school, you will learn English effectively from all aspects of language learning needed for English fluency: speaking, reading, writing, listening, grammar, and pronunciation. TOEFL preparation course provides students with comprehensive training in all areas covered by this essential American university entrance examination.
Almond Vocational Link has many years of experience in providing English Language Training to our European Students who choose to come to Plymouth to learn English and gain work experience. The most popular choice for our students are English classes in small groups (up to 8 people) This option allows you to enjoy a personalised learning experience whilst benefiting from the informal and relaxed group approach. All of the English Language Courses will be delivered at City Business Park, Somerset Place, Stoke, Plymouth PL3 4BB. Students receive high-quality language tuition and cultural input relevant to the interesting and exciting guided visits on offer.

These courses are suitable for university students, who are non-native English speakers, wishing to further develop their English Language skills and explore the rich diversity of London through work in the classroom and guided educational visits. They are particularly suitable for students who have a specific interest in culture and communications or who study English Language as part of their degree. If you already have an IELTS, TOEFL or other English language qualification, please indicate this in your application. Once your application has been considered we will let you (and your university if necessary) know about any offer of a place on the course. If your application is successful, we will email you an offer of a place on the course, providing information about how to apply for accommodation and pay the course fees. University staff wishing to place groups of students on this course should contact the course Administrator. Students attending the course will normally have levels of English in the ranges shown below, but you don’t have to have a formal English language qualification to apply. Applicants without the above qualifications may still apply for the course and their English may be tested by the UCL Centre for Languages & International Education.
Students are provided with an overall average of 21 contact hours per week - including 13 hours and 50 minutes* UCL teaching contact hours per week combining language classes, classes on cultural themes, visit preparation and feedback sessions.
On afternoons when there are no visits as part of the course, participants may wish to visit suggested places of cultural interest; or time can be spent on personal study, using the many facilities available on the UCL campus - please note this is entirely optional.
Students will be expected to be prepared for the discussion skills class on the day after each visit. There will be many opportunities for you to practise and develop your English language skills, you will decide how much time you wish to spend on these extra activities each week.
Once we have confirmed you are suitable for the course we will send out a formal offer pack, including the details on how you can apply for accommodation. Full details of UCL accommodation options are available on the UCL Student Accommodation website. Central London private dormitory or hotel accommodation can be organised for students taking the Spring course, with fees ranging from ?173 - ?205 per week (including breakfast). As this course falls during the UCL academic year UCL student accommodation is typically fully booked. Course fees include the costs of all course tuition including course books and entry fees for trips which are part of the course.
Full refunds of course fees minus a ?100 administration charge will be made in the event of formal visa refusals where there is insufficient time for a second visa application and in cases of serious illness.
Local travel in London, approximately ?32.10 per week* Be sure to buy your Oyster card as soon as you arrive in London.
I learned various things not only academic English skills but also knowledge about history, linguistics and so on. We offer tailor-made training solutions to individuals and businesses and we are always available to discuss the most suitable course to meet your requirements. The specific courses under these programs also include the incorporation of pronunciation, vocabulary building and conversation activities using grammar in context.
They learn to construct simple to complex sentences and develop vocabulary skills to be able to participate in small group discussions.
They increase grammatical accuracy in writing and speaking and develop reading comprehension. They attain a high command of vocabulary words and idioms to help them participate in class discussions. Students with an advanced level of English proficiency have the option of choosing these courses to enhance their four skills and attain a higher level of English proficiency. Learners develop the ability to understand and use spoken English with good pronunciation and a more natural-sounding accent. It introduces students to fundamentals of business, structures of various types of businesses in the United States and Great Britain.
Extensive analyses and discussions of various topics follow viewings of films selected for their relevance to American culture and impact on American society.
Schools that teach children and teenagers must meet rigorous standards and undergo regular inspection by government bodies. This checks police files to make sure teachers have not been convicted of any crimes that would put children at risk. Before you travel to the UK, we recommend that you read the Creating confidence guide, which has lots of advice about staying safe in the UK.
The recommended time to complete this course is 26 weeks but this course can also be taken is sessions of 4 weeks at a time. The minimun hours of study required by USCIS is 18 hours per week in order to be considered a full time course and to maintain F-1 status while in the United States of America.

The 20 hours per week are subdivided into 10 hours of grammar, 5 hours of conversation and 5 hours of pronunciation. The 25 hours per week are subdivided into 10 hours of grammar, 10 hours of conversation and 5 hours of pronunciation. The 30 hours per week are subdivided into 10 hours of grammar, 10 hours of conversation and 10 hours of pronunciation. What makes our school different from many other schools is our unique and effective method of learning English developed by an internationally recognized linguist. Our Intensive Program is designed for students who want to progress rapidly and see immediate results.
Due to an increased demand and positive feedback we decided to expand our services to offer language training to those located in Plymouth permanently. When taking part, your tutor will asses the level of input you require and decide on the most suitable method for you.
Our teachers have many years of experience in helping adult learners to improve their English and boost their confidence. We thoroughly recommend this approach for those learners who require intensive language training and a more tailor made classes. Perfect if you are starting a Business related University course or are already a student and would like to increase your vocabulary.
We are very open to your suggestions about times and days you consider to be most convenient for you. It is an excellent opportunity for those who wish to experience student life at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. The form asks for details about your study of English and current university course; there is also a short writing exercise to help us assess your level of English. When you start the course, you will be tested and placed in a class according to your level of English.
You will probably have studied English for several years at school, and may be studying English as part of your university degree. In addition, students will need to work outside the classroom on a research project and prepare for their final presentation and report.
Learning and speaking a different language is an advantage within the commercial and business sectors and there is increasing pressure for employees to be able to speak to an employee in another country in their own language. Extra-curricular academic activities such as field trips to museums and historical sites, and film showings are provided to enhance and reinforce English proficiency. These courses help improve specific skills in preparation for greater career opportunities. Although the emphasis of the textbook is grammar, students will use the appropriate structures in speaking and writing exercises. Also, it consists of interesting topics in international business and discussion of authentic materials from a variety of articles and books about business.
Language skills are reinforced through the use of language in film, including idioms, phrasal verbs and twenty-first century vernacular. You will also be playing games, listening to the radio, watching films, chatting in groups, listening to songs and much more… all to improve your English skills.
Activities could include trips to visit beautiful old towns and castles, days out to the seaside, or parties and games in the evenings. At present we are in the process of research which is crucial in planning our English Language courses, so if you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Whether you want to focus on improving grammar, increasing your vocabulary or practicing the pronunciation we will help you in achieving your goal.
The group course creates many opportunities to practice your conversational skills and ability to seek information in the target language more efficiently.
Our Business in English courses are also suitable for those in employment who’d like to impress their colleagues and employer with a wide range of vocabulary.
Any other requests for refunds will be considered only in the event that the course is full and a replacement can be found to take the applicant's place on the course.
If you are coming to the USA partly for business or to take a vacation, then this course is for you!
Includes A-levels, International Baccalaureate, Scottish Highers, BTEC Firsts and Nationals Vocational and technical (e.g.
It includes the study of all English skills, but still allows you more free time to pursue your own personal schedule.

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