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How to respond: ?Many condoms have extra features to actually make sex better, and that you will both be better able to relax knowing you are safeguarding yourselves against STD?s and unintended pregnancy. Remind yourself that asking someone to use a condom shows that you have respect for yourself and for them, so refuse to have sex with someone who does not respect you or themselves enough to use protection. If this is so, then it may mean that you don?t trust him enough to ask him to use a condom.

Learn all of the ways a condom can protect both of you, so you can remind him (and yourself) of why you should use a condom every time you have sexual intercourse. If it will make you feel more prepared, rehearse them; then, you can be ready to challenge him if he gives you an excuse for not wanting to wear a condom.
Using condoms every time you have sex offers the best protection from catching an STD, including HIV .

If a man says that he is ?too large? to fit into a condom, open one up, put your hands together (like you?re clapping), roll the condom over your hands, then spread them apart about 12 inches wide ? ask him if he is bigger than that!

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