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Many experts believe that predicting EED (estimated date of delivery) based on the conception is one of the most accurate options. Due to most women don’t know the day of their conception, the calculation of pregnancy due date is more commonly based on the first day of the last menstrual cycle.
Like in predicting the day of ovulation, the calculation of due date for pregnant women with regular period is also slightly easier than women with irregular menstrual cycle.
If you in doubt to the calculation with ‘280-days rule’, ultrasound test is usually recommended by doctor for more accurate result! Furthermore, in line with the age of your pregnancy, your doctor usually will also find some symptoms that point to the estimated date of your delivery. Chinese Birth Chart Calculator, an ancient method of baby gender prediction, is an entertaining way to foretell the sex of the unborn child before his or her virtual arrival.
As its name has noted, the ancient Chart is primarily used to guess the unborn baby’s gender before he or she is born. For the purpose of figuring out the gender of the unborn child, find out the mother’s lunar age at the time of conception first. When moving in both horizontal and vertical sides, the moms easily find the box indicating the predicted gender. The additional function of the Chinese Birth Chart that is worth mentioning alludes to the possibility of baby’s gender predetermination.
As the Chart is universally utilized and followed by the huge number of mothers, it is impossible to deny the insights from such the ancient tool. Overwatch Transhumanism "This Ugly Son of a Bitch" Ad Parodies Katie Price's Son Says C-Word on Live TV The Prolific Output of China's 50 Cent Party Snapchat's Dog Filter Game of Thrones: "Hold The Door" Eye Rolling Robert Downey Jr.
Birthday Scenario Game is a forum gaming and social media activity that involves matching up the month and date of one’s birthday in a calendar list of pre-assigned situations or scenarios. The original instance of Birthday Scenario Game was posted via webcomic blog Chibird[1] by Jacqueline on June 14th, 2011. Prior to the introduction of Birthday Scenario Game, the concept of word association games based on personal information has been previously explored through the No. About a month later, a text-only version of the game was submitted by Seventeen Answerology user mariella14 on July 13th, 2011.
In 2012, the Birthday Scenario Game continued to take strong hold on Tumblr[4] and DeviantART[6] and seeped into various imageboard and discussion communities, including the PetRPG Forums[8], Neoseeker Forums[9] and MLP Forums[10] among many others.
But unfortunately, there are a lot of women who don’t know exactly the day of their conception.

If you know exactly the day of your ovulation, you can just simply add 266 days (38 weeks) to the date of your ovulation. Just find the date of your last period (the first day of your last menstruation), and then you will find the estimated date of your delivery on the second line! The use of 280-days rule is effective and accurate enough for women with regular periods, but how accurate it is for women with irregular periods? But if you are not sure or don’t remember to the first day of your last period, your doctor may ask you to do an ultrasound test. Though the mentioned formula (280-days rule) is pretty accurate for women with regular periods, but there is still a margin of error. But at least, you and your partner know the estimated weeks when you should prepare yourself for your delivery! But if you pass more than 2 weeks of your due date, and there is still no any sign for delivery, your doctor may think that you now have postterm pregnancy or more familiar known as overdue pregnancy! Based on the Chinese calendar, the mother’s lunar age and month of conception are calculated to trace the correspondent box labeled by either letters or colors. According to the Chinese lunar calendar, ones should normally add 1 year to their Gregorian age to obtain the lunar age as wishes. For instance, the 26-year-old woman that is pregnant in January will end up with the box labeled by letter B (Boy), not G (Girl). As the effective preconception tool, the Chart helps a couple to plan for the ideal baby-making sex during some advantages months. However, do not adhere to the predicted outcomes seriously because none takes responsibility for the Chart’s level of accuracy. Similar to other birthday-related word games and survey memes, the Birthday Scenario Game has a particularly strong presence on Tumblr and Facebook. The list consisted of various phrases and pop culture references paired with 12 months and 31 days of the calendar year, with each month representing an action and each date representing a well-known fictional or non-fictional character.
Throughout the latter half of that year, the game quickly spread across a wide range of online communities, blogs and other websites, including social networking sites like Facebook[2] and Google Plus[3], microblogging platforms such as Tumblr[4] and Pinterest[5], as well as the digital art community DeviantART[6], where the meme spawned dozens of variations of the game that are designed for specific fandoms. Beginning as early as March 2012, Redditors[7] began sharing their matching results along with their reactions through the medium of rage comics.
But since there are many women who don’t know the exact day of their conception, the calculation based on the last menstrual cycle is more common choice.
Generally, most pregnancies (on average) take about 40 weeks or 280 days from the first day of a woman’s last menstrual period to the day of delivery.

For instance, if the first day of your last period is January-1st  2013 — then you will get your estimated due date about on October-8th 2013.
To utilize the Chart for ease and comfort, the moms-to-be have to keep eyes on the two essential elements of info namely the conception month and the Chinese age of the mother in which the baby is conceived. If you have an empty head about how to concert the Gregorian age into the Chinese one, it is encouraged to work with the Online Lunar Age Calculator for the quick conversion.
For instance, if you’re now 23 years old, the Chinese age of yours must be 24, in general. For example, if you are a 28-year-old woman and are craving for a baby Boy, it is stimulated to have sex ideally during the months of January, March, July, August, September, and October.
Sometimes, it is the matter of luck to grasp the accurate prediction and clues from the Chart.
According to the description, Jacqueline came up with the game based on an elementary school game she was introduced through a friend. And this interval is divided into 3 major trimesters, which each trimester typically consists of 3 months (particularly for the first and second trimester). Though there is no scientific roof proving the accuracy of the Chinese Birth Gender Chart, some individuals actually swear by it whereas the others use it for fun and relaxation during the first trimester. Thanks to the great assistance from the online sources, the mothers from all corners of the globe find it extremely easy to work with the Chart, funnily.
Besides, notice that the Chinese count the first 9 months spent in the wombs as the baby’s age! Take notice of this point so that you can select to conceive a boy or a girl before conception. Therefore, rest assured that you use the Chinese tool for entertainment purposes and never aim to devalue the baby’s arrival whether it is a BOY or a GIRL.
Did The Ancient Chinese Gender Chart Work For You?Among some existing means of baby's gender prediction, Chinese Gender Chart is highly searched and followed by many mamas-to-be across the world. With the easy navigation and vivid layout, the ancient Chinese Gender Chart aids the mamas-to-be in soothing their racing mind and feeling better via the new perspectives about the coming children. When Is The Best Time To Conceive A Baby Boy?Marriage without children sounds quite unnatural and less burning, right?

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