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Image Details 90,687 views (10 from today) Uploaded Jan 03, 2010 at 01:48AM EST Origin Entry Slender Man Slender Man is a mythical creature often depicted as being tall and thin, wearing a black suit with a white shirt and necktie, and having a blank face.
My last post was a plea for help regarding a prospect for marriage -- that didn't work out because of his family's prejudice towards other nationalities. I feel hopeless in that I simply do not attract Muslim men, or Muslim men my family will approve of at least.
My parents claim to give me the right to choose my spouse as long as he is a "good Muslim, educated, of good family and good character" but maybe it's just become too hard to find that? Not to boast, but I have accomplished far in comparison to my peers, will graduate in the near future with two degrees (insha'Allah), chaste and cultured. Tagged as: looking for a husband, Muslim men, seeking marriage, single, where are the Muslim men? I have been looking for about 2 years now, and though I have attracted a number of non-muslim man, not been successful in the case of muslim men.
Lol, I am not mocking you at all, just thought my opening line would make you see that your attitude is part of the problem here.
As with anything, one has to make the effort in order to get the best and its the same with marriage. Not every Muslim man is cowardly, ill-mannered and disrespectful; but maybe every Muslim man you are attracting has been so.
You are fortunate that your parents are happy for you to marry a Muslim man from any culture, Alhumdulillah, that is refreshing to hear. May Allah grant us with both the good of this life and the next and may He protect us from the evil of this life and the next - Ameen. May Allah reward you for each and every good deeds you performed and for each good intention you have.
It could well be that since you are not juding these catholic men, you are being more relaxed and being yourself and this would be an attractive force to men.
Thus a good Muslim man will observe you and in all fairness, may be put off by the fact that you are attracting men. Sister I'm in the same boat as you, I want to get married to a good Muslim brother who will enlighten me and help me towards the path of righteousness.
I think because I'm mixed race every one presumes I'm not muslim even though my roots are Arab. Instead of allowing your family to introduce such men to you, look for a good man yourself. Also have you thought about the possibility of relocating internationally if your spouse resides in some other country or in the country where your parents are?
But SisterZ is absolutely right, come out of subcontinent and think globally ?? about good muslim man.
May Allah give you a good muslim husband earlier than earliest, who is good for you in this life and hereafter. Dear community members, it has come to my attention that on so many levels, Muslim women are not being able to find suitible Muslim men whom they consider well practicing.
I wrote over a month ago that I am in my 30s and want to get married but cannot find anyone.
Will pray for you sister - May Allah swt make it easy for u (and all those looking for a spouse.) Dear sis i dont mean to accuse u, but also just check ur intention. I pray that Allah swt helps u, the writer of the post, me and all those searchin to find the best spouse for them. This state of affairs has brought many tears to my eyes and extreme sadness and yet I find no solution to this issue that so may of our sisters are facing. All I shall say is, see this as a test, keep striving as a Muslimah and do not under any circumstances lose sight of the bigger picture. I pray Allah makes us strong enough to deal with all our situations in a way that is pleasing to Him(set), aameen.
I find it extremely frustrating when people say: this is a test and remember that God has a wonderful spouse waiting for you in Paradise.
I am just rambling, partly because I am very heartbroken because I never had a real advocate for my marriage goals. You CAN keep your iman strong, while recognizing that dua may sometimes bring miracles, and sometimes (oftentimes) not.
I have come to realize that I may have to be a martyr and live my life alone, hoping that if I one day get to Paradise all my desires and dreams will be realized there. I did not commit zina with my previous beloved, who was not muslim, but, I did cross some boundaries that I would never have crossed 5 or 10 years ago. All we can do is keep our chins up and pray to God that He brings us joy and happiness in the best possible form. Precious Star, Thank you for your insightful comments and for sharing part of your experiences. I am starting to seriously think about spending my life alone, but it makes me so sad that I often start crying. Getting back to Superman, before you scream Darkseid at me, I want to point out that I would consider Darkseid as much a villain of the Justice League as I would Superman specifically, which brings me to my next point. Next I’d like to disqualify Wonder Woman, I know I’ve already knocked off two of the DC trinity (hint hint) but if you have god-level powers and you’re nemesis is an archaeologist with cheetah powers? This Panel from AVX is extremely relevant to the argument that Spider-man has a great rouges gallery.
Maybe I am showing my age here but while Batman has great villains, I think that a big reason his get such recognition is the 60′s show. I like the fact that Superman’s greatest villain is a human (even if he is an extraordinary one).
Lex Luthor alone trumps most rogue’s galleries for me, especially when he is being written by Grant Morrison. I’ve had this argument a million times and Spider-man is hands down the winner Green Goblin is the ultimate villan he’s LEx Luthor and the Joker in one!!
So what you’re telling me is that Michael Bay is one of the greatest directors of all time because so many people went to see his films? Agreed, but Doom is more like a villain of the whole Marvel U who just happens to have a special connection to the FF, sort of like Superman and Darkseid. Batman (Joker, Two-Face, Penguin, Riddler, Scar-Face, Killer Croc, Clayface, Ras Al-Ghul, Mr. I KNOW you didn’t just list Sandman, Electro, and Shocker as examples of quality villains, did you?

I looked to other outlets to let out my pain and turn it into motivation and ambition as I usually do.
I clean and cook, but the former is a struggle to do on a daily basis as I study and work at the same time and live with my family (which make more of a mess than I can clean after during the weekdays). If a female makes it obvious she is looking, it is culturally frowned upon and will ruin my chances of marriage.
I have become resentful to the male race, however 100% heterosexual (for those who doubt, haha). However, I do not believe muslim men are choosy, they are respectful in their approach and feel asking a girl out if they are not completely sure is not ideal.
Maybe you are hoping that you will bump into Mr Right one day and all will click and your family will be happy too - he'll be God fearing, passionate about practising Islam, be charismatic, humble, intelligent, witty, mannerful, funny - the list is endless, lol.
Start with trying to 'change yourself' through your mind frame and your social activities, as at the moment you have a very negative view of our fellow male species and hence maybe secluding yourself from the right type of crowd without realising. Ask your parents to network with their family friends, they must have friends who have sons, or who know of so and so. Just make sure that before you start looking into any prospective, ask him if his parents are 100% OK with cross cultural marriages first. Concentrate on what impressions you create with people in particular Muslim men as that is your 'target audience', not catholic men. If you can let us know your Islamic understaning and your location, Insha Allahu, Allah shall make it easy.
I do fellow Islam, but unfortunately I don't wear the scarf and my prayers are not regular, but INSHALLAH YARAB It will.
Iv already had men ask for my hand in marriage, but it's because my mum is well known in the Arab community. May Allah make this task easier for us all and may He(swt) liberate the minds of our parents and families, aameen.
It pains me to watch as some of my older sisters in the community 27-32 are still single even though they are some of the most intelligent and well devoted sisters to Islam.
I want to marry but I lack the courage to take the steps despite a few people offering to look. There is some good in this for u, even though u cant see it yet, but InshaAllah He will reveal it to u eventually. Others do find the right individual but parents and families cause unnecessary hinderances and barriers based on cultural prejudices. The non muslim men you have met may be nice, but Islam permits muslim women to marry only muslim men. Everytime he makes a supplication for good for his brother, the angel appointed for this particular task says: `A meen!
Dear sisters, I can totally empathize with you as I feel lonely myself being single although I am a guy and much younger, in my early 20s. There are times when it’s great to see a hero beat down on some thugs and save the hapless civilian, but we all know that such tussles are beneath the abilities of the truly spectacular.
I know, I hate to do it, but I don’t want anyone to think they were just ignored, it’s better that I explain just why they don’t even merit a place in the discussion.
Magneto is one of my favorite villains in all of comics, but I’m just going to go ahead and declare that this discussion is about individual heroes and not teams.So isn’t Professor X the hero to Magento’s villain, you might ask? Well if you were paying attention I bet you could guess that Batman would make the shortlist.
The crazy thing about Spider-Man is that most of the heroes I’ve listed so far have a clear prime nemesis. Not only does the Flash have an excellent assortment of villains, but they’re freaking unionized! Participate in his plan for world domination by listening to the podcast Science… sort of. I’d give the edge to Batman just because they so perfectly represent different psychological aspects of Batman.
Most of their villains are both iconic and fun, and many of them have had great, interesting stories told about them.
Even if we have our own favourites, the Bat-Villians have broken into the mainstream like no other.
The acting of Cesar Romero, Frank Gorshin, Burgess Meredith, etc took those characters out of comics and almost make it hard to compare them to other characters.
I know there’s the knock that a lot of his villains were originally Spider-Man villains, but he really took them and made them his own. DC has one good villian in Darkseid, and the Jaoker is pretty great, but only really against Batman. Venom, Doc Ock, Lizard, Green Goblin and even Carnage (just bc kids think he looks cool) are household if you ask me. Basically, he’s fighting the worst of humanity turned into a glittering diamond of evil. Spidey’s are interesting, but the Batman rogues are as adaptable as him, and can easily flip from hilarious to terrifying, depending on the writer. Strange has a pretty awesome rogues gallery, battling the likes of Dormammu, Baron Mordo, Mephisto and Nightmare on a weekly basis. I feel that even though I barely ever turn that toward progressing in my Deen in terms of prayer, I believe Allah (SWT) is behind me and I contemplate about religion every day of my life. I do not wish to resort to online dating, as a lot of it is easy to conceal identities and leads to a lot of problems. He just needs to be educated and muslim (practicing), from a good family (and this is a very ambiguous term). No matter how innocent your aim is, unnecessary idle conversation or sharing personal opinions which is not allowed. I am making assumptions when I say this, but I am pretty sure that your family have never introduced anyone outside of the Indian subcontinent to you.
Dear sis, its better to be single and with ur deen then to be married to a man so far from his deen. Meetings (halal), marriage beaureus, knowing what to look for, having to have That convo with the bro (im pretty shy), change - all of these things scare me. There are good, practising Muslim girls around who even showed interest in me but cant marry because I am still a student. And if we can agree that a hero is, at least in part, measured by his villains, it then becomes necessary to determine who in comics has the best villains with which to fight.
I guess I just don’t consider Charles a proper superhero, maybe that says more about me than him, but that’s just how it is.

One is the magic equivalent of Superman augmented with a talking tiger and his villains are a parasite or a guy with the exact same powers as him.
They all acknowledge that they’re rotten, and decide to team up and call themselves “the Rogues.” Sure, it’s on the nose, but it’s also quite effective. So many different types of enemies and ones that are in direct conflict with the skills of the Green Lanterns.
Bullseye is one of the best villains ever, and he’s flanked by Kingpin, Typhoid Mary, the Owl, the Hand, Mister Fear, and great sometimes-friend-sometimes-foes like Punisher and Elektra. Count how many Jokers you see Oct 31, watch Nicholson or Ledger’s performance as the character or (re)read the Killing Joke and Death in the Family. Octopus, the Lizard, Morbius and even Swarm exist to show that Peter’s use of his power and his genius sets him apart from other people in similar circumstances. There are maniacs like Mad Hatter and the Ventriloquist to bruisers like Croc and more competent masterminds like Ra’s. I am becoming tempted by a few of these non-Muslim men, who are not ill-mannered or disrespectful, but have actually held themselves away from me because they do feel attraction but respect that we are of different religions -- which I stood ground and expressed that it will not work based on that criteria.
I'm a Muslim girl, aged 25, and I haven't had any proposals only because I'm slightly dark. I never though of marrying a non-Muslim, ever, it's just I feel that the perfect men come to me..
It is upsetting, and it seems as though we need to fix this problem in the present anf for the future.
Please pray that I overcome these InshaAllah - i dnt want to look back and regret leaving it. But we should never compromise on our principles as these define the character of the type of spouse we are looking for, such as piety and strong deen. We are nerds, people, if we don’t sort this out, well, there will be no consequences, but that’s hardly the point of a great nerd debate now is it? The other is a venerated hero in the Marvel universe who has one of the most poignant deaths yet to happen in 616, but who did he ever fight? Joker is the ultimate antithesis, and has been done in myriad ways all relevant commentary on the Dark Knight.
The other really cool thing about the Flash’s foes is the idea of legacy, which runs parallel to the hero, who also embraces the concept of passing the torch.
I’m sure I’ve discounted someone I shouldn’t have or completely ignored someone I should have venerated. I don't mind this, and being a Masters, I'm actually very busy these days to go any place to search for eligible men, and I have plenty of non-Muslims who fancy me. I will say a prayer that you find a religious husband who is kind and loving and see's marriage as a lifelong commitment for you. Your location is very important as well so someone can introduce Muslim brother or even sisters to you. Honestly, I have seen young Muslim guys be teased ever so slightly by non-Muslims who don't understand that Islam creates a special type of barrier between a man and a woman, and then you have youngsters fall for the "hot chick" rather than the good Muslim girl you eventually need. I also dont feel I have the maturity to marry yet) so be aware of ur intention an know that if ur purify it, shaytan wil try to change it.
Also protect urself from these guys - decent or not sis we are human and shaytaan will try to tempt both u and them. Set these two factors as the basic requirements of the type of spouse you want and this will provide you with a strong foundation. Yes, there is Lex Luthor, who is a fantastic foil for Supes, but this list is about having villains, not just villain.
Then there’s Two-Face who has the tantalizing possibility of redemption always just a coin flip away.
This is the kind of epic and over-arching themes that I think can really only occur in serialized storytelling, which is in and of itself for why Flash could have the best villains in comics.
This is what comments are for, just be nice lest you become my arch-nemesis in the process of telling me how dumb I am.
Why do Muslim men always want perfection in women, and yet we're not allowed to do the same (because we get older and lose our appeal)?
Apart from all this, you may actually meet a good Muslim brother in this halaal environment. My mum will never pressurise me into marrying anyone I don't want to, she's given me the choice he just has to be a Muslim from any background, but I do have standards to meet because my dad is a well respected working guy, it's going to be hard for me to bring home some one less. There’s also Braniac, but his portrayal is just too inconsistent to be considered one of the greats. You may have the knee-jerk reaction that Green Goblin deserves the spot, but is that really the case? Batman could be a prose hero and still make the list, Flash makes the list in part because of the medium in which we most readily read him. If you are focussed in the right way, you will naturally attract a good Muslim man inshaAllah.
I used to be a bad guy when I had those non-Muslim GFs in my life until Allah chose to give me the greatest gift one can ever get, Hidaya!
This is a diverse list of adversaries that all bring different challenges to Bruce’s plate and comment on his character in different ways. Now I would like to have practicing Muslima as my wife but all the prev girls in my life that I had attracted were either non-Muslims point blank or so far away from Islam being Muslims that you are better off alone. When I do find a few good Muslimas, their families and the traditional mindset of their guardians act as a barrier. For the records, I quit my haraam job a few months back to get back to studies in pursuit of a halaal job. Add that to the fact that Spider-Mans rogues gallery is just so expansive, from a guy with a rhino suit to a living vampire to an old man with wings. C'mon, anybody can sponsor an extra person at home anyways, whether he's currently in a job or not. It really is frustrating and the old gals do get back to you sometimes and its all the more frustrating as it is tempting to ward them off! So I would say, don't look for a "well-settled" guy, you would be overlooking a huge potential database.

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