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As a freelancer, you may already have a steady stream of clients and jobs that keep you busy. There is a prescribed finesse to emailing your subscribers with offers and this finesse will also depend on your trade.
Through the wonders of Google Analytics, it is easy to find out who your potential customers are, where they are located geographically, and what keywords they are typing in to find your website. You can also learn a lot about your potential customers by encouraging comments on your website’s pages or blog. You can offer your website audience a chance to join and participate in a free or paid forum where you might (or might not) offer even more back-end products like ebooks, online courses, etc. Along the same line as the forum, a website allows you to offer a free or paid job board for your audience. Maybe you don’t have many products to sell at the moment- but a colleague of yours, who has no website, does.
As a freelancer, you can’t afford to be shy, and your website gives you a ready outlet for you to announce your greatness. If you already have a social media presence, you might wonder what more a professional freelance website can add to your business. If cost is a factor, consider that most hosting sites like GoDaddy or HostGator charge just $10-$15 each month for website hosting. I've Tried That was started in 2007 to help protect consumers from falling victim to online scams. Standard Eclipse Properties view follows now selection in the Bug Explorer view and shows properties for selected element(s). Properties view shows also bug pattern descriptions for selected bug patterns and bug counts summary for selected elements in Bug Explorer view. Last used grouping, ordering and filtering are remembered and restored after the Eclipse startup.
Reporting bugs during analysis was refactored, which improves FindBugs plugin performance, especially during multi-project build. Note: if you have a multi-core workstation, you can select multiple Java projects and run FindBugs analysis in parallel. FindBugs will use all available cores to run analysis in parallel, which works very well for big workspaces with many projects. You can jump from the Package Explorer directly to the related bugs in Bug Explorer by selecting interesting Java element and opening Show In menu.

Eclipse Properties view follows selection in the Bug Explorer view and shows properties for selected element(s).
Filters configured in the Bug Explorer view are remembered automatically and applied each time view is opened again.
Bug Filter Configuration dialog allows to configure ALL available bug pattern types and included bug patterns. FindBugs preference page has three tabs which control different aspects of FindBugs plugin behavior. For example, if project contains Swing UI code, catching cross site scripting issues does not make much sense, so it is ok to disable CrossSiteScripting detector, etc. Second tab allows to customize bug reporter settings for all analyzed classes in the project. In the future FindBugs Eclipse plugin might have more convenient way to define and configure filters rules from the UI. In this day and age, people are going online and checking out businesses, products and other people. Adding a website to your advertising repertoire expands your sphere of influence and creates a virtual business card for you.
Most savvy website owners sell absolutely nothing on their actual websites yet somehow still make money online. Using this information, you can better focus on those potential sales leads and referrals rather than shouting your message where it’s not being heard. If you choose to go the paid route, you can make quite a bit of cash just from the job board itself. By using your website as a platform to promote this colleague’s products, the both of you can make additional sales and gain new customers.
For example, as a freelance graphic artist, you could announce your presence at an upcoming conference and mention that you will be featuring many examples of your work to interested parties. However, social media sites don’t really allow you to showcase your talents like a website does.
We've written hundreds of articles, received millions of page views, and have stopped a countless amount of money from falling into the wrong hands. FindBugs is a project of The University of Maryland, but I'm also contributing to its Eclipse plugin, so I've decided to put here some quick info's. Thus, you probably see no reason to waste your time and money setting up your own professional website.

And more importantly for you, such online behavior can be quite lucrative if you take advantage of it. This is especially useful when you’re overwhelmed by inquiries or unable, due to time constraints, to spend an hour with every potential client. Also, you can set up your comments to collect the names and emails of your commentators, giving you an easy way to contact these visitors.
Using her website’s email newsletter, Carol is also able to offer an occasional forum freebie and thus entice potential customers to sign up. Other businesses may wish to offer a discounted online coupon for their services once the customer fills out a form requesting a given service. Because my website and blog both serve as my own personal PR agent, bringing potential clients directly to me when I’m looking my best.
As a musician, you can easily use your website as an announcement page for your concerts and appearances. Even big-name professional social networking platforms like LinkedIn don’t give you the option of listing your graphics, podcasts, videos, articles, etc. Alternately, for a more national or even international crowd, you may wish to send three to four educational no-sell emails leading up to a final email that offers more of the same high quality information through a paid-for product like your own ebook or e-course. Even if your job board is free to peruse, you can still make money from it by offering related back-end products such as career coaching, resume writing services, etc. If even major corporations create and publish press releases, why can’t you generate your own press releases and publish them on your website?
Everything else that you need for your website is free, from publishing platforms like WordPress to keyword tools from Google.
You might even wish to collaborate with some of your audience members and offer them a cut of your profits if they help out with various client services and back-end products.
And of course, you can’t exactly start a paid forum or job board through such sites either. If you want additional design or programming help, you can get pretty much anything you want for just a few dollars from microjob sites like Fiverr. In this way, you and your colleagues can now offer quite a number of useful features to those clients who sign up.

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