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Job search engine Simply Hired has integrated with Facebook to help job seekers discover new, more relevant positions via their social network. Users who log in to Simply Hired with their Facebook accounts can now search for jobs at their friends' companies and send private messages to inquire about openings on the site.
SimplyHired also pulls profile data about current and previous work titles, location and interests (including companies users "Like") to make more personalized job recommendations. The integration helps Simply Hired move a step closer to the services provided by LinkedIn, which helps users organize and leverage their professional networks to make connections and obtain referrals while job hunting, among other things. In its current state, Facebook is not optimally designed for professional networking; the site does not offer a job board nor does its search engine help users easily identify individuals based on workplace.
Menopause Mondays, Shmirshky, Think Inside the Box, The Pursuit of Hormone Happiness, Erlick, PM&M Sumo Free, FF, and all other logos are trademarks of Menopause Mondays. CORNELIUS – Fred Kirchner sees a brighter future for Lake Norman communities as baby boomers entering their golden years continue to arrive in the area. He relocated from New Jersey to the Lake Norman area in 1995, choosing the area primarily for its milder weather and lower cost of living.
He saw an opportunity to make it easier for retirees, especially those who are new to the area, to make new friends.
Membership in any of the clubs is open to men ages 55 and up who have retired and have spare time they can dedicate to club meetings and activities.

The club has grown to include more than 480 members, most living in Mooresville, some on the shores of Lake Norman.
After relocating to Cornelius several years ago, he soon realized the traffic snarls he’d face driving up to Mooresville for Golden Boys get-togethers.
Although the Southenders are open to retirees from anywhere in the region, most members live in communities at the southern end of Lake Norman. With Golden Boys membership growing so large so quickly, Kirchner and his fellow club members decided to cap membership in the Southenders at 150. Groups form within the club, bringing together members who share a common interest in reading, biking, golf or going out to lunch or dinner.
Although these social clubs don’t typically sponsor community projects, they do offer members a venue where they can share common concerns and develop and conduct such projects outside of the club environment. Kirchner said members have participated in Habitat for Humanity projects and greeted troops passing through local airports. Southender Ken Spatz, a retired food broker, coordinated a community garden project across the street from Acropolis in April. Southender Jim McLean, a skilled woodworker who retired from the worlds of public education and retail, supervised construction on the project.
Snowman "Praise Jesus" Coloring PagePrintable Version This is a free printable snowman that say's "Praise Jesus" and "Jesus washed all my sins as white as snow!" on the front of it.

However, Facebook has a great deal of valuable data about users' connections, data that SimplyHired can effectively leverage to help users find relevant jobs and obtain referrals for those jobs. Can Simply Hired use Facebook data to effectively replicate some of the functionality of LinkedIn? Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. By integrating with Facebook, Simply Hired is bringing this to life online and helping users tap into their social connections to personalize the job search process," he explained.
Use these for Christmas time and tell the children that Jesus can forgive all their sins and make them white as snow.
Our hearts turn black when we sin but when we ask for forgiveness then he washes our hearts clean and makes it white like snow.

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