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A Good Man is Hard to Find, written by Flannery O'Connor, is one of the most confusing short stories you may ever read. In A Good Man is Hard to Find we meet the grandmother, her son Bailey, his wife, their kids- June Star, John Wesley, and the baby.
Find a man who knows how to appreciate a woman as a gift to be received, & not some goal to be conquered.
One who does not act in accordance to the deep voice of his inner conscience can't be honest, truthful, trustworthy, loyal and faithful to anyone.
Imagine moving from a state of exhilaration (air guitar) to horror as you realize you've fallen out the window.
So while the grandmother tries to warn her son about leaving to Florida while he was on the loose.

He wants you to know why the character is the way he is and he wants to make the character seem like you and me.
While passing through Georgia the grandmother recalls a house that she knew of growing up that had "secret panels" (page 4). The story makes you reconsider the people that are around you and what they're actually like on the inside. Getting out and going to fix the tire, they found that the people from the car were coming towards them. When the people got to their car, the grandmother figured out that the leader of the group was 'The Misfit'. He humored her for a while, and as they talked her took her son, his wife, and their children into the woods and killed them.

I am never usually this sappy."Ms Fairbanks added that the groover's name is Sean and he is currently in Kiev but that he is free in a few weeks time for the party. But then he starts talking about himself and you find out just how cruel and imperfect he actually is.
The story ends there leaving the reader trying to put the pieces together and wondering what the heck had happened.

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