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March 25, 2015 By admin I recently gave a talk to a group of awesome people at Mariner’s Church who were either recently divorced or in the middle of a divorce. The 1st Essential in ensuring lasting love post divorce is our ability to develop insight and awareness regarding some things about ourselves and our relational qualities (or lack thereof).
Many people, naturally, move through divorce in emotional pain and a need to see their ex as the “bad guy”.
Research confirms that our chances to remain married significantly decrease with our second and third marriages. Generally speaking, people typically end marriages in two dominant emotional states: Guilt ridden or Resentful. In our culture, divorce is still a dirty work with lots of negative stigma associated with it.
Getting a clear direction of what you’re looking for and what you’re trying to avoid will help you to develop a more clear and conscious picture in your mind of what it is you need in a relationship. If you find yourself in a rebound relationship, don’t judge it, just understand it for what it is and what it’s providing you.
Caution:  There are large amounts of oxytocin running through your brain and you’re not thinking clearly.
Being single after a recent divorce can be a wonderful opportunity to learn, or relearn all of the tools and skills necessary for a successful relationship. For some, going through a divorce will turn out to be the biggest blessing as you find and settle into a relationship that you’ve always dreamed of. In this ebook, you will learn techniques to help ease the pain of the death of a loved one, the end of a cherished relationship or the separation from a loved one due to distance.
Kim Olver is the award winning and bestselling author of Secrets of Happy Couples: Loving Yourself, Your Partner, and Your Life.
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By age 18, most of us have discovered that relationships can be a source of great joy, satisfaction and meaning when our needs for love, affection and companionship are met. Or a source of heartache and sorrow when they’re not. Few things in life are as uplifting as being in a loving relationship. Or as painful as losing someone we love. This means facing our fears, rather than letting them run us, fending off feelings of desperation and panic, allowing ourselves ample time to heal, finding constructive ways to express the anger and sorrow we may feel and keeping the faith that we’ll someday find love again. At the heart of all forward movement is good self-care. Some of us are struggling to keep our heads above water in a relationship that has suffered a betrayal, debilitating illness, injury, personal or financial crisis or a death.
The man at the center of the 2013 documentary "Bridegroom" is now dating "American Idol" alum Rayvon Owen. In a lengthy note posted to Facebook, Crone describes how the pair met while he was working as a production assistant on Idol the year Owen became a finalist, how their instant and deep connection eventually restored his faith in true love, and how Owen has helped him cope with and honor the death of his late partner Tom Bridegroom (below right). To anyone out there who feels like they are damaged from previous relationships, who haven’t met “the one” yet, or who have lost love as I did and feel like they’ll never find it again, I am here to tell you that it is possible. I was asked to talk to the group about what’s involved in finding love again after a divorce and how people can successfully navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of new relationships post divorce.

However, in nearly all divorces, with exceptions around abusive issues, we can attribute contributing factors to both parties for the ended relationship. Generally, the person who initiates the divorce (The Rejecter) tends to carry with them a heavy burden of guilty for “giving up”, or “walking away”.   This person’s journey toward growth is to shed this guilt, which is often implicitly casted upon us from cultural shame regarding divorce.
These are the one’s who got “left” in the marriage, and these people tend to carry with them an unhealthy level of hurt and distrust into their future relationships.
Developing self-compassion is coming to the realization that staying married isn’t always better than divorce, despite our culture’s tendency to see divorce versus staying married in such dualistic, win versus lose scenarios.
Many couples divorce not having these skills, and naturally move into future relationships with this skill deficit.  Without these basic skills, we will simply have no chance at having a successful marriage. Having this new relationship is not beyond reach, but it takes intentionality and a conscious decision to grow relationally, psychologically, and interpersonally. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. You will learn ways to articulate the loss, understand your anger and frustration, taking inventory of all you have lost, finding ways to memorialize your loved one as an inoculation to the depression and learning to reframe the experience. Whether we lose them as the result of death or a “living loss” like separation, divorce, infidelity, alcohol, drug addiction, illness, injury or something else, moving on can present some daunting challenges. Facing these challenges, taking the necessary time to get our footing and opening the doors to finding love again is best achieved when we balance patience with courage. Learning to love and care for yourself and lightening your stress load are at the core of everything good that is to come. We may feel like we’re dying, and battling terrible, insurmountable sorrow and despair, but we’re valiantly fighting to keep our hopes and relationships alive.
The parents of his late partner opposed their relationship, and wound up banning Crone from the funeral, threatening him with physical violence, and erasing his likeness from the memorial service.
It may not come in the packaging you expected, or at the moment you anticipated, but if you are patient and open to the possibility, amazing things can happen. In my experience as a therapist working with lots of people who have gone through a divorce, I’ve found there are “4 Essentials” that are necessary to finding lasting love post divorce, and if we work to ensure we have these “4 Essentials” integrated in our lives moving forward, our chances of getting everything we want in our next relationship is within our reach! To the degree that we can take an honest and objective appraisal of personalities, character, and relational qualities, will dictate our ability to be relationally successful in the future. This daunting statistic is the proof that most people do not diligently seek to develop awareness as described above. The Guilty Rejecter, may be more inclined to have loose boundaries in future relationships or “tolerate” more than they feel is right for them because of their sense of guilt. Because many Resentful Rejectee’s were caught off guard and felt abandoned when the relationship ended, they have a hard time trusting in future relationships. To achieve the relationship of your dreams, we have to first know what it is exactly we’re  looking for.
About the Rebound – I’m a bit of a contrarian when it comes to the rebound relationship and for many reasons, I think it can actually be a very valuable process, as long as we know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. And if you think you have these skills mastered, you can always ask your ex what he or she thinks of your skills set in this department. If you’re committed to growing and you find a mate with the same value to grow personally, you’ll have the makings of something special!

She is an international speaker, who addresses schools, counselors, therapists, social workers, coaches, couples, parents and businesses on her transformational ideas.
Learn to gently tell others you’re doing the best that you can and choose only energy givers for your support team. Explain in precise terms exactly what kind of support you need. I hope that by being public about my relationship with Rayvon, others will feel inspired to let themselves be vulnerable and take chances. I can’t predict the future, but if I’ve learned one thing from the past five years, it is that love and life are fleeting and I must live for the present. Instead, many people falsely believe that if they find “the right person”, their relational outcomes will be different.
The Guilty Rejecters need to be on the lookout for how their guilt may be influencing their future relationship. The Resentful Rejectee’s are defensive about relationships and many adopt a posture of “I don’t need anyone”.
As a couples therapist, I believe having a happy and successful marriage is difficult to achieve, but it’s doable. She is a licensed clinical professional counselor, certified in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy.
And when. This will save you and your team a lot of unnecessary stress, wasted effort and aggravation down the road. Don’t let antiquated defense mechanisms like withdrawing, avoiding, pouting, holding grudges, emotional dishonesty, the silent treatment or using sarcasm block you from finding love again. Develop the healthy, proactive coping and communication skills that make relationships into the equivalent of an open book test. Developing compassion for ourselves is acknowledging, but not judging or condemning, which of these two emotional states most likely represents our current situation and working toward making small changes in the other direction. Her personal mission is to help people get along better with the important people in their lives, including themselves, at home and at work.
Increased awareness allows us to make better conscious decisions going forward and to avoid unconscious decisions from our history. As a life coach, she developed the process of InsideOut Empowerment, which she employs with her clients and teaches to fellow coaches. I rarely, almost never, showed public displays of affection towards Tom because of my shame and paranoia about what others thought. I’ve learned, however, that even if it makes other people uncomfortable, it is not my job to make them feel better by withholding affection from the person I love. The more we prove to people we aren’t afraid of showing our love, the less they’ll have cause to fear it.

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