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No matter how many first dates you have been on, choosing the perfect outfit always seems to bring up emotions of panic and uncertainty.
When choosing an outfit for a date that is comprised of separates keep in mind that opposites attract. Red Dresses are not as popular as the little black dress or little white dress even but red is a very well liked color by men and conveys passion, confidence and power. White Dresses are eye-catching and the color white implies innocence and purity which most men unconsciously think is sexy.
Unless we're in the middle of a heat wave you should always bring a jacket on your first date, for many reasons. Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Wear Crochet Swimsuits Crochet swimsuits are becoming more and more popular each year. This is something I enjoy talking about and I dress women all the time for this memorable occasion (we hope). One of the biggest mistakes woman make dressing for a first date is dressing way too revealing. Please ladies even if you’re a “brand name dropper,” nothing turns a man off more than when a woman boasts or brags about spending $1,000.00 on Christian Louboutin pumps. Don’t choose the first date to try out a new trend or pretend like you just studied the latest edition of Vogue, and try wearing something costume-like.
No matter what you wear there is one very important rule I tell everyone and that is that Confidence is the ultimate accessory. As opposed to last years mini length this summer maxi dress was on everyone's mind, both loved and hated. Inspired by the 60s and the 70s fashions, boho style (bohemian) has returned and looks more chic than ever.
Don't let the pressure of trying to figure out what to wear for a first date get you down, we've got you covered! By pairing black skinny jeans with back heels you are creating a long and lean silhouette which is very slimming and flattering.
You don't want to pair a baggy top with a loose skirt because your figure will be completely lost beneath all the extra fabric.
Red will also stand out in most settings which will ensure ample attention from your date and everyone else in the room. However, for good measure you'll want to add an edgy accessory so he doesn't think you're a goody-two-shoes. If the date is going well and you end up taking a stroll on the beach after dinner you could be super chilly and unlike in the movies men don't always have a sports coat to drape over your shoulders.

A smokey eye can be very sexy and glamorous but this can also be achieved without having to heavily saturate with black. Apply a long lasting lip color so that you don't have to worry about touch-ups during your first date. If you don't have time to fix your nails before he comes it is better to completely remove your nail polish than to have nail polish missing and chipped from half of your nails. The first impression is sometimes the most important part of the first date and finding your Mr.
You want to be classic, simple, but still unique, and being comfortable and dressing for the occasion is key. If you’re wearing a plunging neckline, or showing any cleavage, then make sure your bottom half is covered appropriately. Keep it simple, and wearing a pretty feminine dress, just above the knee, is a perfect first date option. If your first date is going to be outdoors or involving a sport activity, be sure to dress for that accordingly. Boho-chic style keeps main hippie features: ethnic influences, DIY looks (tie-dye and patchwork), raw fabrics and materials (canvas, straw, wood) mixing them with heirloom pieces like lace dresses, embroidered linen blouses and crochet shawls, vintage men's hats, shoes and belts but also with glam and modern accessories like the latest "it" bag or the ultimate pair of shoes, metallic sparkles or fancy jewelry.
I'm sure that, as a true fashionista, you know what fashion accessories can do to improve one's personal style. It's easy to go wrong, too; wearing a sporty-wrap sunglasses to a lady-like outfit is not good. This post features first date outfit ideas, tips on how to choose your first date outfit and even a few first date beauty tips as well! Likewise, showing up in a skin tight mini skirt and fitted crop top leaves very little to the imagination and conveys the wrong message. For maximum impact sweep all your hair to the shoulder furthest away from your date or wear your hair up, so he can see your sexy neckline. If your dress is extremely fitted stay away from v-necks or a dress that is so short you are tugging at it all night. With that being said, if you still can't make a decision on what color to wear then you may want to play it safe. Practicality aside, a jacket is great tool for first dates because it will keep him guessing about what you have going on underneath your layers. They say you can tell a lot about a person by their nails, so be sure you are telling something nice with your nails.
That should be reason enough to help you smile through the awkwardness that usually happens at some point even on every first date.
It’s ok to showcase your best assets, just not all together at once and especially on a first date.

If you both agree on jeans prior to your first date, choose a dark, clean wash and avoid wearing rips, holes and abrasions. Don’t wear a sequined dress to go hiking, or yoga pants just because you’re only meeting for coffee.
So go ahead and let your inner self shine through, have fun and I always say quite simply, “Life is too short to wear a bad outfit”! While a one-color dress looks too occasion wear or beachwear (if it's jersey), a printed maxi-dress is the easiest way to an elegant look for daywear. Just like the shoes and the handbag, a pair of sunglasses must be coordinated with the style of your outfit. It conveys confidence, sophistication and says that you care about your appearance but you're not high-maintenance.
Spice up your LBD with a fabulous handbag or make sure your black dress is unique and eye-catching, like the leather option or cut-out detailed dress above. Let him see you in your outfit complete with jacket first and then notice how he watches you take it off just before dinner. If you're not good with eye shadow then you can book a consultation at one of the makeup stores or counters in the mall the week before your first date. This lip gloss duo is available in several different shades and should stay put even through eating and a sweet kiss good night. Make sure you still make an effort, and don’t ever throw on sweats that have been lying around.
Since your legs are completely covered you can choose a top like this peplum top that accentuates your waist or flaunt a full chest with a V-neck, just be sure that you are not spilling out. By choosing one of these items you can mask problem areas and dictate where his eyes will be drawn to all night.
If you don’t have something super casual, or perhaps you’re on a budget, many discount department stores have great choices, and very affordable options.
If you absolutely love the way they did your make-up you can practice at home until you perfect it or inquire about how much it would be to have your makeup done for your date. Some better department stores offer personal stylists that can assist and help you with finding the perfect outfit for your date.
We recommend applying a small amount to your pulse points at least 20-30 minutes before your date arrives.

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