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Try some of the following ideas, but feel free to make changes to customize your date according to your interest. Romantic First Date Tip #2: A moonlight cruise is the epitome of romance as demonstrated by the gondola rides through the canals of Venice.
Romantic First Date Tip #5: Go to an amusement park and spend the day enjoying rides, thrills and togetherness. Romantic First Date Tip #6: Go horseback riding, bike riding or sailing if you both enjoy one of these activities. As a dude who has been on over 200 double dates, I'd like to think I know a thing or two about the art of the first encounter. Most importantly, with greater risk comes greater reward: the more you're able to wow a woman on a first date, the stronger your bond with her will be.
Instruct the chauffeur to remain as unobtrusive as possible and arrange your itinerary in advance so complicated instructions do not destroy the ambience of the date.

The activity should be of mutual interest to the two partners and will enhance conversation. Active first dates can be less awkward because they provide fun excursions that help break the ice.
This could also be coupled with visiting an out-of-the-way dining establishment or could be travel for a wine tasting excursion. Of course, work too far outside of your comfort zone, or overshoot your own abilities with a date too complex for you to handle, and you'll be spending all subsequent evenings with your forearm of preference. Tantra Master, Psalm Isadora, is going to give you the secrets to improve intimacy on a HUGE level. They do not involve crowds of people that you would encounter at a race or concert, but these may be great fun first date ideas. And a first date should allow partners to chat and get to know one another (so unless you're a mind reader, save movies and live performances for date number three or four).

Romance is enhanced by excluding the rest of the world, except as observed by two people together.
Everest may involve just the two of you, but would be far too physically demanding to promote romance. In a restaurant, if you can reserve a private booth or cozy corner away from the main bustle of the dining room, then this can be a romantic option. Watch Her Masterclass Here!PollsIn Your Life, How Many Women Have You Met Who Choose Jerks?

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