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It’s sure not looking that way, with the juggernaut cooking reality show taking out the top spot for another night.
With 1 544 000 viewers tuning in to watch feisty contestant Jess, My Kitchen Rules has continued to make that coveted number one spot its own.
Dating show First Dates, which features a restaurant full of singles looking for love was the second highest rating non-news program. Approximately  877,000 people tuned in to watch the cute and sometimes cringe-worthy dates. Also on Channel Seven, veteran Aussie drama Home And Away managed to pull an audience of 850,000.
Over on the Nine Network, The Big Bang Theory had 813,000 people watching while Network Ten’s I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!
In episode four of First Dates, we met nine new singles and caught up with Kate, who was unlucky in love last week (her date, Griff, was awesome, but just not her type). He starts telling her how he's lived around the world and now he's speaking different languages to her. Catherine makes the cutest little eyes at David, especially when he insists on paying for their dinner. She likes masculine guys, and the fact that her last boyfriend was in touch with her emotions was a turn off. She's straight in there with the party-girl talk and it doesn't give off hugely romantic vibes. She says she doesn't want marriage or babies, rather she wants someone she can be mates with and they only sleep with each other.

Then they start talking about Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner, randomly, and she subsequently reveals she's slept with around 40 people. She seems like she could not care less about him but we're not sure if it's a defence mechanism. She does her piece to camera and explains she was kicked out of home at 15, and has had to fend for herself since then.
He throws out an invite to Bali (after telling the camera she's his type) and she tells him she'll be there in a few weeks when he'll be there. Andrew likes confident women and says she can be the most beautiful person in the world but if she has a negative energy he will not be attracted to her. He's only had one or two serious relationships but believes the right one is out there for him. Cheyenne and Valery run off to the bathroom to exchange tales of their dates, and both women are so into their guys. Remy's an actor and Valery is a performer (she and her sisters perform on African drums and instruments) so they also should be able to get along pretty well. Remy tells the producer he wants to see Valery again and she reciprocates, so the twins were totally successful.
James tells Kate he had a blast and says, "I don't think it's really a question, it's more like, 'What are we doing next?'" Smooth move, James. Kiki wants someone who's playful and fun, but quickly realises she's describing what dating a puppy might be like.
After hitting on the barman, Bex is joined by Anthony, who's looking for a well-travelled woman with her own style and a bit of quirkiness to boot.

He looks like a softie but says he's very picky and refuses to settle for anything but the best. She seems more like someone who'd be a mate than a romantic partner but too early to judge.
They're talking about meeting people for a reason and all the rest of it, and they do seem compatible. He seems pleasant enough, but has an unhealthy obsession with Home And Away, which seems to affect all aspects of his life. He'd also like a talker, although both him and Bex seem to have trouble with the art of conversation, spending a confusing minute discussing how to say 'Ireland' properly.
And again a little surprisingly, despite the difference of opinion regarding kids, it's another match!
But in saying that, I've had sex with a lot of people on the first date," she says with a laugh.
But there's another one out there," she says tearfully, in a rare serious moment for this show.
At least that's what we think he said, we rewound it 100 times and still aren't totally sure.

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