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Why do hundreds of National Companies rely on Memorable Vanity Numbers as their "front door" for new business? Your easy to remember vanity number will keep customers out of the phone book, off Google search, and away from your competitors' advertisements. Take these steps to improve your marketing: Find and Reserve your Great Vanity Number right now! Before, say about ten years ago, vanity 800 numbers were just a cushy add-on for businesses that wanted to brand themselves better.

Think of how many of these companies' vanity numbers you already have memorized: 800-Go Fed Ex, 800-Pick UPS, 800-Contacts, 800-DirecTV, 800-Progressive, 800-Pet Meds, 800-Dentist, 800-Flowers, 800-The Card, 800-ServPro, 800-Steemer, 800-Go Uhaul, 800-Sandals and 800-Got Junk to name just a few. When it’s easier for customers to contact you and remember your number, they will call you more often.
Securing Your Brand Name Forever Don’t forget that vanity 800 numbers are an important part of branding, too. You Have About Ten Seconds to Connect with Customers One of the indoctrinating factors about present day marketing concepts directly interludes with the influence of vanity 800 numbers.

That being: you have about ten seconds of precious time to connect with customers and help them remember who you are.
It’s a double-edged sword for helping to drive home your business name, an incremental facet during the present day and age of business.

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