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28 Tasty Burger RecipesAmtrak operates intercity passenger trains including long-distance routes plus regional corridors in the Northeast, Illinois, Michigan, California, and Pacific Northwest. 10 Biggest Organizing MistakesThis page lists the latest 2012 Amtrak promotion codes, coupons, deals, and tips for purchasing discount train tickets. 5 Moves for Toned ArmsAlthough most Amtrak discounts are available to all passengers booking online at Amtrak.
Father's Day Brunch Ideascom and may not be reproduced in whole or in part on any website, message board, or other medium. Only trains selling at the lowest fare bucket receive the advance purchase discount, so book early for the widest selection of trains. Several discounts are available for frequent Amtrak travel nationwide, within California, and on specific regional routes. Long-distance Amtrak trips involving multiple stopovers will often benefit from a USA Rail Pass. However, stopovers of less than 24 hours are available without charge using the multi-city ticket option on Amtrak. Every Tuesday, a set of discount Amtrak route segments and dates are posted and announced via our Amtrak - Pioneer Square - Seattle, WA. To receive the weekly fare discount, you must book between Tuesday and Friday for travel 1-5 weeks in advance.
The weekly specials are non-refundable and can only be purchased online at 2008 Amtrak Promotions and Discounts - FlyerTalk Forums.

You must make your reservation via Amtrak Cascades - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia at least three (3) days prior to travel and present a student ID to pick-up your discount Amtrak tickets. Show your Amtrak ticket at the California Welcome Center and receive a free PIER 39 Fun Pack which includes special discounts at participating PIER 39 restaurants, shops and attractions. The California Welcome Center is open daily from 9am-7pm (except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day) and located on Level 2 by Fog Harbor Fish House. Each year, the residents of Laguna Niguel in southern California enjoy the ritual of baring their bottoms and exposing it to the passing trains. Although there is no authentic evidence supporting the history of this event, locals believe that it was a result of a casual bet that took place in a neighboring bar. In July 2010, the crowd celebrated 31st Annual Mooning Amtrak, in spite of several urges and warnings by the locals and police respectively. The event has its own website, which uploads pictures from last Mooning Amtrak, updates Amtrak schedule and has an FAQ section, where even questions like ā€˜Is colored butt okay?ā€™ are also answered. Whenever a train passes by on Amtrak routes, they drop the trousers and show their bottoms to the people traveling in the train. Around 30 years ago, a regular at Mugs Away Saloon that is located on the road just opposite the railway, promised to offer a free drink to anyone who would moon at the passing trains on Amtrak routes.
People have also started participating in night mooning, wherein participants bring flash lights and lanterns to lit the area where mooning takes place. Most participants believe that this is only a fun event, and it becomes indecent only when one exposes genitals.

Amtrak - Pioneer Square - Seattle, WA: Save 15% on all Amtrak tickets with a Student Advantage card for just $20. Amtrak Cascades - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: 15, 30, and 45-day rail passes for travel on any Amtrak route nationwide except Auto Train and Acela Express.
A customer, perhaps very drunk, took it seriously, and mooned at the train to win an extra drink for the night. No promotional activities are done to make the event popular, except for the word-of-mouth promotion. Each year, about 10,000 people join the show-your-bottom gang, while other California residents are encouraged to travel by train on this day, instead of traveling in cars.
Amtrak - Old Town - Chinatown - Portland, OR: Save 10% with National Association of Railroad Passengers membership. Discovering Portland the car-free way - The Seattle Times - NWsource: Disabled passengers, plus one companion, receive a 15% Amtrak ticket discount.
Thus, you'll usually save on Amtrak tickets by booking as early as possible, especially on long-distance routes and holiday travel.
6 ounces light yogurt sprinkled with 1 tablespoon slivered almondsLunch 1 cup tomato soupAdditionally, a 14-day advance purchase discount of 25% is offered on Northeast Regional train tickets between Boston, Springfield, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Richmond, Newport News, and intermediate stations.

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