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Once you have done this click on apk file and system installer will install that apk for you. This method to download paid apps for free will be same for Samsung, Sony, htc, Micromax and all other android smartphones. NOTE: apk files that you are downloading from unknown sources could harm your device or cause threat to your personal information. Look for appdroid android app in Google play store: This app gives you extensive information about any type of app for android. Main limitation of this app is that it works in android version 4.0(ice cream sandwich) and above. After installation is finished you can install paid apps for free from Google play store by searching apps in apptoide. NOTE: by providing you techniques on how to download and install paid android apps for free from Google play store we are not supporting piracy or encouraging you to follow these steps.
Hope methods given above will be helpful for you to download and install paid android apps for free from Google play store. THANKS BRO, BUT I AM INSTALL DEAD SPACE THROUGH APPDROID , BUT IT NOT INSTALL AS IT ASK FOR DOWNLOADING MORE DATA THAT NOT DOWNLOADED THROUGH WI -FI. But it can be listed in google play after installing the apk, but I have to pay even it’s free. How can i download merck veterinary manual every time when i download the apk of this they want to know user name and password pls reply me on my email thnku…. Children can become the victims of internet predators or bullies, come across adult content on the internet or become involved in sending inappropriate images or texts. Not only can you help them avoid dangerous situations, but cell phone monitoring can also help you keep track of your children in other situations. Spy on your smartphone or tablet by iSpyoo app – The Best Free Android Spy Apps 2014. This is the era of technological development, it includes all type of technologies as software technology, mechanical technology etc.
Math Formulary : According to a plenty of students, math is considered as the most difficult subject among the other subject. Morning Routine: Sleeping is one of the pleasant part of our daily routine and the getting out of bed in morning is one of the toughest task.
WikiDroid for Wikipedia: Wikipedia is a name that has its own reputed identity in the internet world.
Merriam Webster Dictionary: All the topics, books changes according to course, syllabus but some books are all time useful.
My Student Budget Planner: Only intelligence can’t help a student to achieve   success, there is a great need of wisdom in students. Facebook for Android: More than 70% of youngsters in the whole world connect with Facebook. Loot: Loot is a very useful application for those students who want to note the records of their spendings, current bank balance notifications, recent transactions etc. Twitter has millions of followers and it has launched its own branded Android app in the Google Play Store. With the increasing demand of WordPress usage among millions of user, it has recently launched its simplified Android version in the Google market. Evernote lets you sync and stash all your important text notes, documents and voice memos on your smartphone and even access them directly from your laptop or desktop computer.
Use BBC iPlayer to listen, watch live and also catch up the last seven days of BBC Radio and TV. Do You Want Extra Inspiration?Get our weekly inspiring newsletter and creative stories gathered from around the web. Smartphones can do some amazing things these days, and the Android Market has quickly become a sandbox for some clever developers, as well as Google Inc. We've already touched on some popular Android apps for Twitter, some for news, and some great multiplayer games, but not all apps have a specific purpose. If you've lost your passion for Android's bare bones built-in photo gallery, check out the Floating Image app that will breathe new life into your snaps, as well as pull in some great shots from around the web. There's not a whole lot of utility here, but it's a really sharp looking way to show off your photos or discover some pretty ones from Flickr. We've certainly covered the release of Google Goggles before, but it's hard to over-stress just how cool this project is.
In testing, Goggles didn't recognize the Nike swoosh (one of the simplest and most well-known U.S.
Google is also hoping to implement text translation into Goggles, which is not available yet, but is expected in future updates.

Talk To Me is an impressive app that can translate your input text or speech between over 40 different languages, and in most cases, speak the translations back to you. The speed and ease of translation has a pretty big cool factor, but this is one app on the list that may also be very useful for tourists or those studying a new language. If you're out with friends and still on the fence about which flick to catch and where, gather 'round the old Nexus One and fire up the new MovieFone app, which is a great way to get film details without ever touching a mobile browser. If you simply must get your nerd on, the Android Lightsaber app, which is officially sanctioned by LucasArts, brings the power of the Force (or a Force-like substance) into the palm of your hand. BubbleBeats is brand new in the Market and injects some much-needed creativity into Android's music library. So we are giving some alternative methods to download apps with help of other applications.
You may think this won’t happen to your child or that your child is too smart to have these problems.
You can use GPS tracking to make sure your kids are in school instead of ditching, and make sure they are going to bed instead of texting friends or working on their homework instead of playing online games. Even if your children or employees delete data from their cell phones, it will still appear on your account.
These apps does not consider any appropriate course, these are designed for all type of courses.
But sometimes students are busy with their work and they don’t have a single minute to visit any hotel and take their meal. But this app not automatically connect with bank account, student have to note all the informations manually. But, you need to have a lot of patience to sort out the best one that satisfies your needs. With this tiny app you can manage or edit content, view stats, post a new content if required for your WordPress blog. Use this simple player on your Android device to watch live radio and TV shows, scroll through the popular programs and even add them to your favourite list. I am a blogger and now it’s easy to manage all my content via my android phone in collage, office and home. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Although there are many techniques to get paid apps free from Google play store but all of them are not safe.
Apk means application package file which contains setup of that particular android application. Definitely you are looking to get paid apps for free and for that you have to compromise somewhere. Basically all developers are contracting with appdroid app makers and number of apps that you can download free are increasing every day. However, this software is only legal to use on employees’ phones if the company provides the cellular devices and employees are fully aware that monitoring software is being used.
Laptops acquires the position of personal computers, smartphones replaces normal mobile phones. It’s a necessary book fnot only for a student it’s a book useful for everyone.Merriam Webmaster Dictionary is a perfect application to complete the need of a dictionary.
My Student Budget Planner is a app that helps a student to plan for the spendings and reduce the unnecessary expenses. But unfortunately sometimes official app stop working, hence students need other app to use facebook. The latest version of this app introduced quick action bar, introduced new interface for the dashboard and added a powerful WordPress editor to make it simple and easy for you to post or alter content on the go.
Apart from that, Evernote allows you to snap photos, take notes, prepare to-do list and record your own voice remainders. This wonderful app has simple options to snap photos and even edit them with a set of useful filters which makes your editing task very simple. Install the latest version of Adobe player to enjoy seamless playback of the BBC iPlayer application. Even if your child tries to stay away from unsafe situations, others who are proactively searching for targets may find them. Additionally, privacy laws may vary depending on your state, so check with an attorney on your rights before you install any such software. It’s a tiny Twitter app that provides support for multiple accounts including a home page widget displaying the latest tweets on the screen.
Key features offered on this tiny Android app are sync across multiple platforms, organise notes and prepare tags for easy access, save important tweets and email notes to your Evernote personal account.

Share your edited pictures with social buddies on Facebook and Twitter by uploading directly to your Flickr account. Seesmic has a professional design and looks incredibly nice giving a finest example of what the latest apps are offering to us today.
A smartphone not only helpful for students in entertaining themselves by providing the facility of gaming, internet facility and much more, it also helps students in their studies.
The latest version supports geotagging for messages, multiple Twitter accounts, URL shortener and Share pictures using Twitpic, Twitter, yFrog, Lockerz and MobyPicture. And, if the tweets are too messy for you to see, it allows you to group people on a list, keeping things orderly.You can also choose to speak your tweets, too.
Friendcaster for Facebook is not the official Facebook app for Android, but many users choose to download it because it has better features than the official Facebook app itself.
It can definitely give you the best Facebook experience on your Android device.The app has loads of features for an amazing mobile Facebook experience. It has a simple yet nice-looking interface (just like Facebook ) which you can customize to some degree. If you own accounts for several networking sites, you will find yourself unable to manage all of them, especially if you are a bit busy. However the app’s free version can only be used to manage your Twitter and Facebook account.
Google+ is another way to keep in touch with friends while you are using your mobile device. If that’s not enough for you, the app allows you to chat with all your friends at once!
You can save money with discounts from businesses and you can also ask your friends what the best places to go to are, whether it’s a hotel, restaurant or a store. Through this app, you can check in to movies, TV shows and music, allowing you to discover new things that you will love to watch. It’s also more of a social networking site for entertainment because you get to interact with friends and know what movies they like.
You can also share your favorite movies and shows with them.You can also check out what your friends are watching and even chat with them while you are watching your favorite shows. The app has over 700 shows for you to check out, including some of the most famous, such as American Idol, The Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead. You can also unlock stickers and discounts as you use the app, and what’s even more fun is that you can get the real stickers in the mail. Vlingo Virtual Assistant is the app which makes everything easy if, say, you are driving or cooking, or for when you just can’t hold your phone.
Just speak to it and it will take care of everything.There are a bunch of things that this app can do for you.
It can even tell you directions, find an establishment, buy a movie ticket, and even book a hotel room. Aside from that it can also update your Twitter or Facebook status for you, as well as check in with Foursquare. The highlight of this app is that it can find almost any song that you are looking for, even if you don’t know the title.
It’s one of the best security apps downloaded by many users to protect their devices from malicious contents or from anyone who wants to mess with their Android device. It’s an all-in-one security solution promising to protect your device from loss, theft, and even hackers.
Staying organized is an everyday struggle, especially for those of you who have a lot of things to do.
It’s impossible to remember every appointment or task that you have to do if you have a hectic schedule, except if you have a photographic memory.
Aside from the notepad function, you can save files, capture photos, and even record voice reminders. You can organize your notes by tags and notebooks to make sure that everything is in place. And, you can sync all these files across several devices so that your notes can guide you on what to do, whether you are at home or at work. You can even share your notes with your friends or officemates to remind them, as well.Evernote for Android on AppBrainThose are just some of the best free Android apps for 2012 (so far), but there are more not included in this list. This app list however is subjective and some of the apps included may not be one of your favorites.

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