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All of the discussion happens in the open on Facebook, and since the group is public, anyone can join the group and participate in the discussion. A couple of caveats — first, the designers are all Czech, so the responses are usually written in Czech. Second, if you just look at the Wall posts, you won’t see much beyond a few sentences about each design. You can see a full list of the members at A Digital Moleskine, where blogger Milan Cermak has posted links to NPPY’s Twitter feeds, and where I originally learned about the project.
The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. This image is a vector illustration and can be scaled to any size without loss of resolution. Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layouts are designed with help of PCB drawing software’s, commonly known as pcb layout design software. Free PCB– is an open source pcb design software released under GNU license, made specifically for Micrososft Windows. BSch3V – is a basic pcb schematic drawing software, which can carry out your basic needs only. ExpressPCB – is a pcb design tool for the professional which is easy to learn and simple to use. Kicad – is an open source schematic diagram drawing software and printed circuit board design tool.
Eagle (Light Edition) – Eagle is one of the most popular Circuit drawing and PCB layout software available in the market.
PCB Editor – This is an Editor software from Gpleda, useful for editing printed circuit boards.

This is a great service and really valuable… and I’m blocking out my time to put them all into effect.
Can you please tell me which circuit designing software has SMD component database, as I have used PCB Wizard, Express PCB, Free PCB, PCB 123, but it do not have SMD component database.
If your site is chosen, they’ll post a screenshot of your design to their Facebook page. Even better, everyone on the web can view the Not Pixel Perfect Yet critiques, making the group a valuable learning tool for budding web designers or anyone struggling with basic design challenges. The public flow of comments is nice, but you have to be a Facebook member to comment, and the tabbed interface is wonky.
Here we are listing you a collection of free pcb design softwares which are simple, easy to use and available for ready download. This free cad software comes with two divisions – ExpressSCH for drawing schematics and ExpressPCB for drawing circuit board layouts. This software is released under GPL license and is a combination 4 applications and a project management tool.
Most professionals,students and hobbyists find Eagle as an ideal choice for their PCB development needs. The different members of the group will all chip in and provide comments about your font choices, your use of CSS, the way you use images, your logo — anything you want to improve. For the critiques that are written in Czech, Google Translate does a decent enough job of getting the point across. Some folks on Twitter are asking the group members to move it somewhere other than Facebook, and NPPY leader Nikol Kokesova says she is considering starting a blog. PCB design tools fall into many categories based on their development platform, pricing strategies etc.

Though Free pcb seems like an easy, hobbyist type tool, it can be used for your basic professional works too. Though its so basic, we list this pcb software here because of its simple nature so that a lay person can use it very easily and efficiently.
Eagle in fact is an enterprise PCB designing software but they are offering a lighter version (with limitations compared to enterprise application) for free download.
They offer an API (Application Programming Interface) to add new functionality and features. SoloPCB is free and contains a 100K Digikey library with through hole, SMD, BGA, QFP, QFN parts. We aim to give you a mixed collection free download softwares, open source pcb design softwares, enterprise level softwares (which requires license). Drawing circuit diagram in ExpressPCB is as easy as placing components and connecting them.
Though there are many other good software’s available, we still stick on to PCB123 to maintain this unique style.
It facilitates schematics import, design rule checking, photo realistic design review images. All the softwares listed here contains links to download pages of software websites and you are free to download these tools based on their terms and conditions.

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