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With over 200 unique features (such as wallpaper enhancement, smart stretching and tiling, Flickr mass download, automatic background color detection, dual monitor support, lock on folder) it is the most advanced wallpaper changer available.
This is a Mozilla Firefox Plugin that allowes the user to capture the whole page or just a portion of it. Checks if a picture has GPS data, shows GPS coordinates and picture details and renames pictures with GPS data. Word Extractor is a universal free hacking tool that converts binary (EXE applications, binary, DLL) files to text files. Your site will get better position in Google if you insert keywords in your images' ALT tag.
This freeware tool converts text to URL (HTML code) allowing you to quickly add links on your web site pages. This freeware tool downloads a file from internet and checks if the size of the downloaded file is correct or not.
Google Keywords Position Search is a SAFE tool designed to batch automatically search keywords position in Google. Do you have hundredths of files that you wan to upload on a web site and let other people download them?

Cute Web Album Builder is a really simple program that creates a HTML file containing links to all files found in the specified folder.
This program checks if your firewall can properly block a program from connecting to internet OR the opposite, if your firewall is configured properly to allow a program to connect to Internet.
Helps you to define not only in which order your programs should load at Windows' start up but also you can set a delay for each program. Isn't annoying when you accidentally disconnect the power adapter of your laptop and run on battery until it runs out of juice?
Tool to rename all files in a folder and all its sub-folders using a name pattern provided by user.
This program will automatically start and backup a set of folders every time is starts then it close itself. We offer used solvent extraction plant of capacity 300 TPD, Extractor having 60 feet length, 1800mm breadth x 13 sprays, 7 stage Desolventiser DT, Plant consisting elevator, redler conveyor, condensors miscella tank, hexane tanks, cooling tower, cooling pumps, steel structure, pipe lines valves etc.
Enter your details and you will be notified via email when new properties are added to our website. The best part is that you don't need a Flickr account to use Flickr Wallpaper Mass Downloader to download images.

You can measure de distance (in pixels) between to points or the length of a graphic item (window, button, etc) on the computer screen. The traffic counters will see the visits as real since the web page is loaded in a real browser, exactly as a normal user will do.
Some sites also claim that they can hack any one’s password for money (say $100 or 200$). In fact when I was a newbie in the field of Hacking, I have spent many sleepless nights in search of an Email hacking software.
So, never believe those scam sites and empty your pockets by spending on useless softwares.

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