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Fixed a bug where calling destroy and reinstantiating a clndr on the same element would not bind new click handlers. Added a performance optimization that should make rendering multiday events slightly faster in the case that some are <= one day long.
Reverting the previous DST code change, which introduced a bug for a large number of users. Fixed a bug related to DST in specific timezones that would cause duplicate dates to appear.

It's possible (but very unlikely) that this might have caused some weirdness when using multiple instances of CLNDR on the same page.
Underscore is no longer listed as a dependency in the Bower plugin, allowing you the flexibility of choosing the templating language you prefer.
You have to keep an eye on so many things, pay attention to the least elements of your design and its whole concept. It even seems that so many details make the process even harder than you have planned at first.Luckily, you are always welcome to check out our collection of professionally done free website templates and find the very solution you are looking for.

Today we are glad to present you this Free Website Template with jQuery Carousel in the Header – designed for a software company, and it's a ready-made solution that will help you to create the effective site of your own.As you have noticed, the latest freebies from our collection feature cool jQuery elements that bring life and dynamics to the homepage of the website and in such a way help increase interaction with the visitors.
This theme is not an exception and you can find jQuery carousel in its header – the attractive solution that helps to display a row of images in a simple and effective way.

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