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The Los Angeles Kings are supposedly an NHL hockey team, located out in Los Angeles, California. For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Los Angeles Kings.
In 1912 the idea of a hockey team was still a rumor, but was voted by the government "in" and the Ducks, "out". In 1914 the franchise won their first Stanley Cup after only 2 years in existince, and you could tell that Shark fans were pissed. In 1918 people started to realise that the Kings suck, and it came at a bad time because L.A.

In 1921 The Kings finally got up on their feet, stood up together as a whole, and said "f*** you" to the NHL and it's staff. The end of the penaly issued was ended, but the Kings were still sucking, so the Kings had to take crystal meth before each game to kill ATLEAST one player per game. Click Hockey League Central Division Name for Color Picture of Its Hockey Game Playing Colors. Click Hockey Western Conference League Name for Color Photograph of Its Hockey Uniform Colors.
The hardest part about this was that they needed an arena and they had no choice but to start their franchise at the forum.

The team would try to keep this secret, but since it's on here, I don't think it was very secret!!!

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