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Karaoke is not necessarily a group activity – what about karaoke tracks you can listen to in the car, singing along to yourself?
The songs you create may end up sounding a little bit warped, but hey, no one’s coming to karaoke night for the quality of the music anyway. I’ve been seeing this method around for quite a while, but never believed it actually worked until I tried it. To create karaoke tracks using this method, the first thing you need to do is download Audacity.
Now that you have two separate tracks, double click on one of them (doesn’t matter which) to select all of it.
If the song you chose uses reverb, you might here a slight echo of the vocals, but this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
You can use the “Karaoke Effect” slider to control the vocals’ volume, in case you want to be able to hear it but still sing over it without it interfering.
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NOTE: How well one succeeds in fading out the vocal piece depends largely on the selected music piece.
Now you can burn your karaoke songs on CD’s using any burning software and have karaoke parties.
Whether you like singing or not, once you get over the initial embarrassment and start picturing yourself standing on stage and singing with a real band, it becomes a truly uplifting experience.
YouTube is full of vocal-free tracks, but it’s never the ones you really feel like singing. This method is the more satisfying of the two, and works with any audio format you can think of (I tried Mp3 and Ogg, both worked perfectly).
If the song you chose is different than most, and the vocals are not dead centered, this method might not work at all.
In general, both methods give similar results, although some songs may end up better using one method than the other. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items. For the longest time, this included keyboards not made by Apple, which meant constant jibes from Android fanboys about Apple's restricted system. Invariably, even expensive programs cannot completely remove voices without any loss of sound. I’ve always wished I could create my own karaoke tracks from my own favorite songs, but it always seemed like a really complicated task. In order to get rid of the vocals, your first step would be to split these tracks into two separate audio tracks which you can edit individually. There’s one step left, and this is the important one: Click on the black triangle for both tracks, and change both of them to Mono.

You can also export it into an audio file to create your custom karaoke playlist (you’ll need the LAME Mp3 encoder if you want to export to MP3). Without getting too technical, most songs are recorded on two stereo channels, with some instruments balanced more to the right, and some balanced more to the left. Note, however, that this app only works with audio CDs or Mp3 files, and you can’t load Mp3 playlists, only individual files. If you want to create your own vocal-free files, if you want to use anything other than Mp3s or CDs, or if you’re not using Windows, Audacity is the obvious choice. The registered shareware variant for 25 dollars offers more options for detailed con?guration. To do this, click on the small black triangle on the top left and choose “Split Stereo Track”. Otherwise, give Karaoke Anything a try, and you might be able to kick off the party in the time it takes you to download a 2.5MB installer. The advantage of Voicetrap is that there is comparatively less interference with the sound of the music piece and stereo signals and the depths are preserved. When we split the tracks and invert one of them, the vocals on the inverted track cancel out the vocals on the regular track. Using this freeware, you can remove the vocal piece from the songs centre of the stereo panorama and can make your karaoke music CD’s. Creating your own karaoke tracks is actually easy as pie, and takes about 5 to 60 seconds to accomplish, depending on the method you choose.

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