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Create, track and manage QR codes and MS tags for mobile pages with a convenient QR code generator integrated inside the mobile website builder.
NFC Tags are an exciting new vehicle to attract mobile web interactions by tapping an NFC enabled device to a sticker.
Gain valuable insight into your mobile marketing efforts with robust analytics and a customized dashboard for both you and the clients that are set up through the White Label package. Mobile websites that are built on Tappinn can be accessed through any web-enabled mobile device. The mobile website builder features: mobile video embedding, social sharing, button designs, comments, vCards, sign up capture, text design, Twitter embedding, images, and much more.
Mobile Offers: Create exclusive mobile offers that can be delivered to customers through QR codes, SMS, NFC tags, mobile websites, mobile banner ads, and more.
SoundCloud: Using the audio publishing platform, SoundCloud, members can record and publish audio tracks, then integrate them into their mobile websites and landing pages. Image Slide Show: A dynamic way to exhibit up to 6 images that sequentially slide across the same window on the mobile page, letting audiences 'swipe to browse' rather than scrolling down, best utilizing the mobile screen size.
Twitter Feeds: Inject live conversation into your mobile experience by embedding twitter feeds into your pages. Business cards: Set up vCards and merge them with additional contact information for business card QR code applications.
DIY website builders are useful tools for people without any programming knowledge (like PHP and jQuery) and companies with a limited budget that want to be present on mobile phones.
They offer professional templates for business mobile websites, the ability to develop mobile marketing leads, designs with galleries, integrated videos and 3D models and the possibility to export mobile websites to iOS or Android apps.
This provider offers several packs with different prices (from $156 to $975 per year; free version available) and features.
Onbile offers a free version of its mobile website builder and a professional plan from $10 a month per site (discounts for yearly contracts are available).
Onbile has also recently launched its e-commerce feature, which allows users to buy using their mobile devices. Mofuse offers many different services to develop marketing strategies focused to mobile devices but design templates are not so good. The internet world is constantly evolving and especially the new trend of navigation on mobile devices. We’re looking forward to great success on the mobile web and your article has given us additional information to other mobile site builders that are out there. Any offline software you may be aware of that can generate a mobile site from an existing one?

Hi Julien, I think online apps are better for that kind of task as they are constantly updates and you can always get the last version without having to download anything. With a cloud based system, you’ve got the advantage of not having to download anything. Very interesting post, I’ll be sure to bear it in mind if I ever need to build a website. We have very easy to use templates that you can customize, and I think our yearly plans may be just what you’re looking for. Send text messages to remind subscribers of the rewards that are available inside their account.
All Tappinn subscribers can build, manage, and track targeted mobile websites especially intended for QR codes, SMS text messaging, and NFC mobile tagging campaigns. Hosted on Tappinn's secure servers, mobile pages automatically format to not only fit all smartphone web browsers, but tablets and even desktop computers.
Thats why we have given Tappinn subscribers have all of the tools they need to build professional mobile websites and landing pages for QR codes, SMS, and NFC tags. Allow shoppers to make secure purchases with PayPal by adding a "buy now" button for fast transactions. Keyword searches and profiles can instantly add conversational content that updates in real time.
Currently, there are many hosting providers that also include a website builder, which also offers creating mobile websites. All of them have several advantages and some weaknesses, but it depends on the point of view from which you analyze them and what are your needs and expectations. The editor allows to preview your mobile website at the same time you are editing it on a mobile screen simulator.
Its easy-to-use editor allows you to create a shop from where to sell your products, and to receive secure PayPal payments. Mobile sites have many market opportunities particularly in the design of mobile marketing strategies. And the hosting is provided by us too, which is something you’d still have to pay even if you just paid one time for your desktop solution.
Wouldn’t it be better in that case to build a cloud based website and pay for the minimum amount of time, than buying the whole desktop solution and never use it again? By the way it would be nice to get some more detailed review of mobile site builders oriented to individuals, not businesses. You may also be interested on becoming a reseller, so I’ll have our team send you more information about it.

Learn more about choosing effective buttons, Mobile Website Button Designs That Will Get Customers Clicking. This complements the service and allows users to have everything they need to publish their website, from buying domains names to choosing design templates. This will allow us to edit our projects anytime and anyplace have the software available with the latest update. It includes only one page, landing pages; a plan to create mobile websites with many pages, and other that includes the ability to export mobile websites to mobile applications. But they also have a service where you can hire their team to create your mobile website from scratch. Designs are adequate and their features are quite interesting for mobile marketing strategies (m-commerce and mobile advertising).
Also, it also offers mobile marketing features (templates, mobile forms, Google Analytics integration, etc.). Thank you very much for your articles, specially for this collections of mobile website builders. There are many good tools on the market, a good idea is compare them and choose the one that best suits you.
Usually such builders are free for users (supported by ads) and has much more features in comparison with professional ones. The main advantages of these builders are straightforwardness and speed with which you can create a website with a wide range of designs and seamless code management.
It is also recommended to make a preliminary analysis of our needs and requirements to choose the most appropriate builder: the type of URLs the builder creates, the number of pages that we can create in every website, the amount of available storage, the bandwidth allowed, the type of available galleries , e-commerce integration, payment methods, integrated security methods, RSS, etc. So I’m not agreeing with the idea that your mobile Website builder software should be cloud based. In addition, the most advantageous thing is that most of them are cloud-based tools so you do not have to download and download any software and there usually is a free version. Mobile Website Builder is a user friendly free program capable of creating dynamic looking mobile pages and mobile websites. No experience necessary, with Microsite Templates simply edit the color scheme, Copy & paste your text, save your images and upload your mobile website. VodaHost offers businesses a fast and easy way to create a mobile website specific to their business needs to grow traffic, convert leads and grow revenue.

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