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Previously we have compiled a list of 20+ websites you can download free background music under the creative commons license for your project. A unique and straight forward business style site that provides royalty-free music that you can download easily. Phlow-Magazine is a magazine-themed site that collects the finest songs all over the web from netlabels and musicians that release music under creative commons license. Shrecords is a simple platform to get distributed music that is uploaded under creative commons license.
DL Sounds is a site which caters to those who are looking for fresh tunes, loops or samples to be used in projects.
A large online library to download completely free music, that you can use for any personal or educational projects.
The Midnight Cassette System is a collection of music made using a portable music device MadPlayer. Get music specifically made to be used as background music for films and video productions, performed and recorded by Derek R.
Jimmy Gelhaar is a prolific writer who has composed a variety of music styles throughout his career. Here is a site that has one of the largest online royalty-free stock music including music clips, music loops, beat, bumpers and stingers and sound effects. FreePublicMusic is a site where you can download free music and sound effects without royalty fees, giving you high-quality music files for your personal or commercial use. Get pre-recorded musical composition or sound clips for projects such as advertisements, computer games, promotional videos, business presentations, etc. This is one of the easiest way for you to download background music for your videos given the fact that there are now around 150 tracks available for immediate use in YouTube audio libraries.
Free Stock Music wants to provide you with a platform where you can get the absolute best production music at not cost at all. There, you will be presented the list of available Halloween music tracks for that category. I am quite sure that on those sites you will find some great free Halloween music matching with your taste.  Here, I mark an end to this post on 5 free websites to download Halloween music.
The Internet is a treasure trove for legitimately free stuff like free sound effects, free stock videos, free vector images, or free 3D models, there are many sites that offer a variety of good resources if you have the time to look for them, and that includes music under creative commons license that you can use for your projects.

Just choose a song and add it to your cart, then pick your song license type (personal license is free) and proceed to checkout. In 2003, they collaborate with musicians all over the world leading Audio Portal to growth massive. They provide a wide range of genre such as techno, hip hop, house, pop, rock and a lot more. He has been writing music for a little over 10 years and have had his music featured in many projects before. This site has been around since 2009, where even now they are still providing high-quality music and royalty-free music to their customers. SonicsSquirrel is a platform for netlabel music distribution with the aim to promote free music and making the work of its artists available to the public easily.
Epitonic shut down previously due to financial constraints but is now back online due to help from many contributors. While their business deals with royalty-free music, you can also get a taste of some of their collections for free.
There are a variety of music genres available such as rock, smooth, jazz, funky, techno and etc.
YouTube users can use the royalty-free instrumental audio tracks both in and outside of YouTube. You can download and use music on their site for any kind of production even for commercial ones. Halloween is all about fun and craziness and it becomes crazier with a dose of nice Halloween Music. There, you will find hundreds of free online tracks placed in different categories like sound effects, kid music, music, ambient music, instrumental and more.
The collection is more classical in nature with short Halloween music tracks in MID format.
Many of those files might prove useful as voice in your homemade Halloween props & puppets. The idea for including it in our list was to remove the extreme fear-factor out of Halloween. You don’t even need to use any credit card if you are downloading it using a personal license.

You can get almost all kinds of audio genre on their site and they are mostly under common creative license.
His collection of royalty-free music can be downloaded from his site with the request of a credit if it is used for any project. Their purpose is to provide media creators with quality music, and push Machinimasound to be at the forefront of this industry. SoundShiva relies on community donation to keep going in return for promoting fresh tunes by new artists on one easily accessible platform. There are so far 55 hours’ worth of public domain music available for non-commercial and commercial use. It is not necessary to obtain his permission so long you give him proper credit (please do).
Sound Jig provides audio ranging from sound effects to music loops, in a variety of categories like animals, futuristic, ambient electro, hip hop and many others. All the music on his site is composed by him, and you can download and apply his music for your project for free but only for personal use.
The entire site is known as The Internet Archive, a non-profit internet library for everyone to access historical collections in digital format.
The websites below allow you to listen and download Halloween music free in just a few seconds.
You can download and use their free music for both personal and commercial use as long as you provide credit. In the community audio section you can download all kinds of audio files, ranging from the blues, country, electronic, experimental, hip hop, indie, jazz, rock and spoken word. A hint for you is to scroll down the iframe in the left and click on album links (by default those links will not be visible to you).
If you are the the one them, then DJ Monster’s Halloween Music collection of 13 non-scary songs is just for you. Now, the panel to the right with an embedded-audio-player can be utilized to play the track.

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