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But forcing someone to accept our terms or point of view, or giving in to superiors’ arguments, does not produce a satisfactory outcome - for one side at least. Negotiating is about reaching a point where both sides get what they want (or at least so close to it that they are prepared to accept that the outcome is satisfactory). For the side which gets its way through winning the argument, there will be a short-term gain.
Collaborative, or co-operative, negotiations, on the other hand, start with the under- standing that both parties are willing to negotiate.
Clearly the winning cannot always be equal, but the aim is to ensure that both sides are happy. Negotiation, then, can be defined as the process through which agreement between two parties is reached. In the example of Chris and Pat, it might appear that the objective is to park the car in that space. Before they can come to an agreement, they both need to find out information about the other party. Realistically, you will get a shop which costs the going rate where you want it; or one further out at a price you would find more acceptable. You would settle for a shop on the edge of the centre that needs refurbishing if the rent is low.

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Be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses in negotiating and to help develop an effective negotiating style. When we didn’t get our own way, we offered incentives to persuade our parents to let us stay up later, or go out, or have a particular pair of shoes.
Collaborative negotiation usually results in a quicker, more satisfactory conclusion because both sides willingly work towards a mutually beneficial goal. He suggests that Pat drives round the block a couple of times and that he (Chris) will hold the space when he returns to his car so that Pat can park.
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On the other hand, competitive negotiation can lead to conflict, with one side or the other feeling aggrieved because they bought their result at too high a price. But any future negotiation will be difficult because the loser will harbour strong feelings of resentment against the victorious side.

Just as he reaches it, Pat (approaching from the other direction) stops his car in the way, preventing Chris from parking. Both need to park to achieve their objectives and this is the item over which they can negotiate. But you may think that it is realistic to aim for one week in the middle of August, and either the first or fourth week in August. Our photographers provide royalty free stock photos, stock photographs, graphics, and pictures for as little as 1 dollar. You would settle for week one in August with either the last week in July or the first week in September.
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